Month: June 2016

Novelty Rustic Lamps of the '40s & '50s

Home decor throughout the mid-20th century was inspired by distance era, nuclear themes and contemporary, cutting-edge designs predicated on functionality and natural types. However, some pastoral design elements still found popular favor, especially with the newest phenomenon that attracted moving images into the family home: television. Meanwhile, the “Golden Age” of Western-themed films and television took place throughout the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. (more…)

The way to Preserve Faux Finish Walls

A synthetic wall finish uses different paints, papers and other accents to provide your walls texture and also the expression of texture, texture, and design. Whether you employ simple parchment-like colour or add embossed features or metallic highlights, preserving the finish ensures the walls look their finest for a long time to come. Caring for a synthetic finished wall is comparable to caring for any painted surface, depending on the finish technique and materials. (more…)