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8 Colours for North-Facing Rooms

If you have ever painted a room that faces north, you might have noticed that the color didn’t quite look as if you expected, especially if you used a lighter colour. That is because north-facing rooms get very little direct sun, if any. Also, the organic light that does stream into the space is often a cool, bluer light –not the warm glowing type. This can have a massive impact on color and leave your paint job from the shadows. With all that, north-facing rooms may still be inviting and warm, if you’re willing to use colors that are more saturated and vibrant.

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4R Builders.

Using orange provides a warm and also a festive touch to a north-facing room. A crisp color of orange makes a fun and unexpected color choice for a mud room or laundry room.

Attempt: Knockout Orange 6885 by Sherwin-Williams

Heather Knight

A shaded room will never win against yellow in its saturated form. Start looking for a deep yellow that’s gold and green undertones for its biggest effect.

Attempt: Funky Yellow 6913 by Sherwin-Williams

Mark pinkerton – photography

Periwinkle is considered a color that was cool, but its purplish undertones add just enough heat to make it work in a space with sun. Additionally, it is a good idea to pair cooler hues with warm finishes, such as the hardwood floors in this space.

Attempt: Anemone 590B-4 by Behr

Walden Design Group – Cynthia Walden

With its warm, garden green wall color and sexy pink cloth, this woman’s room has excitement and energy. A punchy color combo is the best answer for a space that doesn’t have a direct hit from the sun’s yellow rays.

Attempt: Hidden Meadow 410B-5 by Behr

Shoshana Gosselin

Chartreuse is a bold color choice, but in a shadowy space, it is tempered enough to not look so overpowering.

Attempt: Nervy Hue 6917 by Sherwin-Williams

A cherry color echoes a beautiful sunrise and will add a natural warmth into your north-facing room.

Attempt: Funky Fruit 2015-50 by Benjamin Moore


Using fuchsia can be frightening, but if you like pink, then it is best to use a vibrant tone in chambers with hardly any sun. Pairing pink with white and black produces a very glam look.

Try: Hot Lips 2077-30 by Benjamin Moore

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

Imagine if your favorite color is blue? Can you still use it in a north-facing room saturated in cooler sunshine? Yes you can! Just remember that glowing, soft blues may turn out looking dull or gray. Choose a warm, mid-tone blue that is more vibrant than what you could possibly be accustomed to.

Attempt: Rocky Mountain Sky 2066-40 by Benjamin Moore

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8 Colors for South-Facing Rooms

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In the Runways Home: Pastels Spring Back

Among several trends coming up for Spring 2012 are the pastels that made a loud splash during Fashion Week. Big names in fashion, such as Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein and Diane von Furstenberg, are earning such pretty shades to substitute the loudly neons and prints that have been ruling the runways, making way for a more tranquil aesthetic.

Since there’s not any better place for tranquil than the house, let’s explore some approaches to translate this tendency into insides. Many of the ideas require only a bucket of paint or exchanging several knickknacks. If your house could use a light and airy spring refresher, keep reading to adopt a world of pastels.

Jeanette Lunde

Sometimes all a seating arrangement needs are a couple pastel pink accent chairs. Treat yourself to something fresh, or paint everything you presently have.

Sophie Azouaou

For a truly calming bedroom, pastels are the thing to do. Eliminate visual competition by focusing on just two shades, such as seafoam white and green. The softness of the pastel dominates the distance. Discuss soothing.

Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC

This is just another example of the idea, in pinks with a black accent. The black adds marginally more measurement, which makes the space feel equally relaxed and balanced.

Amoroso Design

Do not want to the pastel to feel to romantic or soft? Choose a color that feels crisp, such as this minty blue-green. When mixed with modern accessories and sisal runner that this stairwell feels anything but traditional.

Life in the Fun Lane

Take it a step further by refinishing a piece of furniture at a pastel. This dresser keeps its feel while appearing fresh in a shade of green. When paired with the ocean artwork, the whole vignette is your image of aesthetic serenity.

Design House

Give a side table a fresh character by covering it with a pastel tablecloth. Both feel and the colour will provide it an upgrade.

Layout Shop Interiors

Further contemporize that your pastels by punctuating them with bold colors; the contrast of soft shades against glowing neons is unexpected yet definitely chic. Try accenting the light using a brighter colour of the color: this pink bedroom feels stylish and young with accents of magenta throughout.

Zimina Inna

Another idea is picking a complementary colour to accent the pastel. In this bedroom, light purple takes centre stage when juxtaposed with orange.

Elad Gonen

Paint something unusual with pastels for a surprise twist on the fashion. It is not often you see closet doors painted with stripes in soft blues and yellows, but the look is whimsical and fun.

Elad Gonen

All you need is a dose of pastel to provide a fresh update. Consider your island : how much livelier will your kitchen feel if it obtained a color makeover?

Dreamy Whites

Swap out your bright or patterned bedding for a serene pastel set, whether it be a dust ruffle or merely of the sheets. Both the rest of night and your bedroom will look peaceful.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Soften your settee or couch with accents of pastel throw pillows. You can intermix them with bolder colors, or do an dab of pastel. In any event, updating your aesthetic in ways to can change again after and you are going to be embracing the tendency.

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