Month: September 2016

The way to Make Faux Tuscan Tile

Hand-painted tiles like those found in villas in Tuscany lend a one-of-a-kind artistic touch to a room when functioning as a backsplash at a kitchen or as design components elsewhere in your home. With scenes that depict the glowing Italian countryside, repeated floral and vine patterns, ornate geometric shapes or easy renderings of this villa’s courtyard chickens, initial hand-painted Tuscan tiles may be beyond your budget. (more…)

How to Remove the Carburetor on a Gas String Trimmer

The carburetor on a gas-powered string trimmer occasionally needs to be eliminated for cleaning or maybe to make adjustments. Problems with the carburetor become evident once the engine stops or sputters. Portions of it may become clogged with old fuel or residue, or the adjustment points may be out of sync. A carburetor may be removed, cleaned, adjusted or repaired with a kit. (more…)