If you have ever painted a room that faces north, you might have noticed that the color didn’t quite look as if you expected, especially if you used a lighter colour. That is because north-facing rooms get very little direct sun, if any. Also, the organic light that does stream into the space is often a cool, bluer light –not the warm glowing type. This can have a massive impact on color and leave your paint job from the shadows. With all that, north-facing rooms may still be inviting and warm, if you’re willing to use colors that are more saturated and vibrant.

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4R Builders.

Using orange provides a warm and also a festive touch to a north-facing room. A crisp color of orange makes a fun and unexpected color choice for a mud room or laundry room.

Attempt: Knockout Orange 6885 by Sherwin-Williams

Heather Knight

A shaded room will never win against yellow in its saturated form. Start looking for a deep yellow that’s gold and green undertones for its biggest effect.

Attempt: Funky Yellow 6913 by Sherwin-Williams

Mark pinkerton – photography

Periwinkle is considered a color that was cool, but its purplish undertones add just enough heat to make it work in a space with sun. Additionally, it is a good idea to pair cooler hues with warm finishes, such as the hardwood floors in this space.

Attempt: Anemone 590B-4 by Behr

Walden Design Group – Cynthia Walden

With its warm, garden green wall color and sexy pink cloth, this woman’s room has excitement and energy. A punchy color combo is the best answer for a space that doesn’t have a direct hit from the sun’s yellow rays.

Attempt: Hidden Meadow 410B-5 by Behr

Shoshana Gosselin

Chartreuse is a bold color choice, but in a shadowy space, it is tempered enough to not look so overpowering.

Attempt: Nervy Hue 6917 by Sherwin-Williams

A cherry color echoes a beautiful sunrise and will add a natural warmth into your north-facing room.

Attempt: Funky Fruit 2015-50 by Benjamin Moore


Using fuchsia can be frightening, but if you like pink, then it is best to use a vibrant tone in chambers with hardly any sun. Pairing pink with white and black produces a very glam look.

Try: Hot Lips 2077-30 by Benjamin Moore

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

Imagine if your favorite color is blue? Can you still use it in a north-facing room saturated in cooler sunshine? Yes you can! Just remember that glowing, soft blues may turn out looking dull or gray. Choose a warm, mid-tone blue that is more vibrant than what you could possibly be accustomed to.

Attempt: Rocky Mountain Sky 2066-40 by Benjamin Moore

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8 Colors for South-Facing Rooms

More about picking paint

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