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Plan Your Residence Remodel: The Construction Phase

It has been some time since we last looked in on our ranch house renovation project. As most projects do any delay was experienced by us. The good thing is that we are now actively engaged in the building phase of the project.

We started building in earnest right after Labor Day 2012. In the weeks since then, we have seen quite a little progress. Our builder, Steve Perry of J.S. Perry & Co., has worked on many renovation projects in Florida’s gulf coast. Perry’s experience working in this coastal zone has been a boon in getting our project moving. Actually, his Indian Rocks beach bungalow renovation convinced homeowners Mike and Leann Rowe and me that Perry was the builder we had.

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Before Photo

AIA, Bud Dietrich

The day that I anticipate in any renovation project is that the day that the Dumpster shows up. Demolition activities can not be too far behind using the Dumpster in place. Our builder made sure to line the region underneath with plywood to help distribute the weight, preventing damage to the driveway pavers. If you’re considering doing a renovation, be sure that you know where your builder is putting the Dumpster (in addition to portable toilets). The more you know up front, the less surprised you are going to be when the work occurs.

AIA, Bud Dietrich

Before we could begin building, we had to naturally get a building permit. The single largest issue that we have to deal with in coastal Florida, and much of the eastern seaboard, is still hurricanes. With high wind speeds, wind-driven debris and storm strikes, the impact that a hurricane could have on a building’s layout is very significant. In fact, if we were constructing a new residence in lieu of renovating an existing one, then we would have to raise the house on stilts to accommodate the inevitable flood that hurricanes cause.

11 Ways to Hurricane Proof Your House | 4 Matters a Hurricane Teaches You About Design

AIA, Bud Dietrich

Therefore the drawings used to receive our permit include details on how the structural components of the building will defy hurricane-force winds and wind-driven debris. The ways in which windows are anchored and the relations between components all have to be precisely detailed and spelled out.

Before Photo

AIA, Bud Dietrich

Perry’s team has indicated the areas to be eliminated. We always like doing a walk-through with the builder only before demolition starts so that all of us have a excellent understanding of what’s going to be eliminated and what’s going to remain, as well as everything will get stored and reused. Even though the drawings can be quite clear about all of this, nothing replaces a walk-through.

AIA, Bud Dietrich

1 task that had to be taken care of ancient was getting rid of all of the overgrown trees and bushes that surrounded the house. Sometimes trees and bushes could be saved and replanted, occasionally not. So it’s important to have a survey using a landscape architect or arborist before starting the project.

Before Photo

AIA, Bud Dietrich

Just about the first real bit of demolition work was removing the fast-food-restaurant-style storefront in the back of the house. Watch exactly what it looked like before here). The majority of the building work is going to be along this back wall, in which new glass doors and windows will replace the old storefront.

AIA, Bud Dietrich

Nothing blocked the view of the intercoastal waterway when the storefront was eliminated. However, the low ceiling and deep beam actually didn’t provide us the view we wanted.

AIA, Bud Dietrich

Altering the roofline and increasing the ceiling to catch this view was not something Mike and Leann originally conceived when they started the project, but using that grand view of blue skies and water, there’s no doubt that the excess expense will be worth it.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

Soon we will have the big sliding-glass doors and windows installed, and the house will return to become weathertight so we are able to concentrate on the interior.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

Something I truly enjoy is working with the builder to solve details in the field. We end up with details sketched on a piece of timber or something else. While this kind of sketch is not as probably needed when constructing a new residence, I find it to be standard operating procedure for renovation projects. There are simply too many unknowns to own that which completely resolved before the beginning of construction.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

We have also started to develop landscaping plans. Mike and Leann have engaged Ted Michel, a local landscape architect. Michel and I have started working on the deck layout, and he’s made a few recommendations on Mike and Leann about plantings. It is really nice when the owners, architect and landscape architect put their minds together to think of a program.

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Tour at Sydney Goes Glam

Designer-architect Greg Natale was thrilled when his clients asked him to decorate her apartment in the Astor construction in Sydney, Australia. Constructed in 1923, the Astor was Sydney’s first high-rise apartment construction and first residential co-op construction. “Many of Sydney’s famous have dwelt in this address. It used to be the tallest building in Sydney at one stage and still has an atmosphere of glamour that was sacred. I had to care for the area with respect and love,” says Natale.

Natale did just that and so much more: He restored and brought back every coved cornice and architrave with attachment. Natale also breathed new life to an apartment which reacts to the building’s classic without losing touch of the clients’ requirement to have a contemporary, fresh and lively home.

in a Glance
Who lives here: An expert bunch
Location: Sydney, Australia
Size: 1,200 square feet
That is interesting: The interior designer’s work in this unit earned him a commendation for residential decoration in the 2012 Australian Interior Designer’s celebrity.

Greg Natale

Natale’s attachment for strong geometric patterns and new regency design is evident throughout the area, specially from the master bedroom. Tufted upholstery and beddings in varying shades of gray coordinate with the draperies, developing a luxe yet elegant space.

Like most of his endeavors, the procedure has been a collaboration between Natale and his clientele. The chandelier and tufted headboard — an anchoring piece from the room — appeal the clients, for instance.

Rug: Pigeon Grey, Designer Cabinets; black lacquer and gold nightstands, Kindel; background, Hexagon, Cole & Son

Greg Natale

The decorative molding and trim from bright white heightens the contrasting effect of this wallpaper’s hexagonal pattern. Natale custom built floor-to-ceiling storage which retains to the style of the rest of the space.

Chandelier: clients’

Greg Natale

The female customer “had asked for more storage, internal laundry and his-and-her wardrobes [entry in previous picture]. We made the conscious decision to turn the third bedroom, the smallest among the three, to this new apparel glider,” states Natale.

Greg Natale

This bedroom corner is a piece of regency paradise: A bold background pattern, a neoclassical gilt headboard frame, a black lacquer nightstand along with whispers of Asian themes tie the space together with a boom.

Greg Natale

The mirror’s gilt frame draws out the gold trim and metal drawer pulls of this Dorothy Draper chest in the entryway.

Chandeliers and zebra hide: clients’

Greg Natale

Dining chairs reupholstered in Kelly Wearstler fabric echo the abstract artwork. A corner bar cabinet sings the maximum note in the dining room, with its eye-catching accessories.

Greg Natale

The fashion of the full area is right to a construction from the 1920s, but the green kitchen chimney feels very on trend. “I brought in small elements of modern details that help the space feel current despite its history and pedigree,” states Natale.

Greg Natale

The kitchen also adds to this unit’s drama. Black and white marble tiles placed in a diamond pattern line the floor, and brightly colored china and other porcelain pieces belonging to the clients peek out from in the cabinetry.

Greg Natale

A Laura Kincade hickory chair got a jazzed-up makeover with Kelly Wearstler cloth. Neoclassical decorative molding coexists harmoniously with the high-glam furnishings and metallic finishes.

“Any cornicing, skirting, doors and floorboards which were replaced in the Astor construction are given back to construction direction for future use,” states Natale.

Greg Natale

Here, brass ram’s head bases make a captivating coffee table base.

Greg Natale

This living room vignette reveals just how fearless Natale is in showcasing his love of new regency style. There is a lot to look at, yet no detail feels over the top: Gold cabinet trim, metallic pulls along with a gilded thing with reptilian details play crucial supporting roles to the star of this space, the sunburst mirror.

Supersleek Contemporary Home in Australia

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5 Homes Full of Far Eastern Influences

What do you think about when you think about Asian design? Obviously, many different countries make up the diverse continent and there’s a vast array of styles beneath the vast category of”Asian.” However, there’s a certain uncluttered simplicity, balance and serenity inherent across international boundaries, and the West can’t seem to get enough of it. Here’s a look at five spectacular homes that were heavily influenced by Asian strategies to style, each one mixing inspiration from the Far East in addition to its own region.

Maria Teresa Durr

An oversized pot from Thailand lets people know this Miami home has off-the-beaten path openings in store.

Maria Teresa Durr

Furniture and art brought back from Thailand mix with organic fibers on the floor and walls. The subtle colour palette keeps things comfy.

Maria Teresa Durr

Exotic materials include to a Thai-Miami tropical mixture texture.

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Webber + Studio

In Austin Texasthis home by Weber + Studio Architects combines the common regional modern components of limestone along with a metal roof with touches borrowed from Balinese architecture, like the dark siding and pavilion style.

Webber + Studio, Architects

On the second level, stair railings resemble shoji screens.

Webber + Studio, Architects

Cooling colors and substances continue inside, committing to the tropical and exotic feel of the home.

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Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

The magnificent views from this Malibu home look as though they stretch all of the way to Asia.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Interior designer Tracy Murdock incorporated many Japanese bits on the California coast. For example, this eating nook gets the Zen feel of a Japanese teahouse.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Calming affects from Japan extend into this restful bedroom, such as shoji screens and closely styled views of nature.

Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

Inspired by a hotel lobby in Thailand, Designer Supon Phornirunlit brought home the idea of a reflecting pool to his home in Washington D.C., furnishing most of it with smart inexpensive regional finds. By”neighborhood,” I mean that the closest IKEA and Pier 1 Imports.

Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

In addition, he brought back a gorgeous silk duvet, hand-painted Buddhas and temple doorways to provide this guest space.

Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

The ease of Asian style together with his keen graphic design eye and love of pop art is reflected in all of his baths.

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Jordan Cappella

When interior designer Jordan Cappella was tasked with designing the interior of this sleek and initially rather cold pre-fab in Venice Beach, he switched to Asian influences. A welcoming Buddha sets the tone in the front stoop.

Jordan Cappella

Inside, a mix of mid-century modern, contemporary and Asian accents and furniture warm up the interior. It’s a true mash-up; the stool is out of Bali, the front of this triangular pillow is covered in bits from a traditional Japanese obi, along with also the back of the pillow is covered in what Cappella calls”a very cheap Chinatown cloth”

Jordan Cappella

A Kirei wall (plywood made from reeds) gives a background for a Chinoiserie chest along with a hand-carved one-piece bit. Cappella loves to combine substances, metals, eras and styles, therefore earning art from Vietnam, fabric from Japan and furniture from Bali is all in a day’s work for him.

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Design Option: Japanese Shoji Screens
Global Icons: The Chinese Garden Stool

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Get the Scoop

Selecting a new paint is kind of like choosing out a fresh toothpaste — they look the exact same but may massively differ in price. How do you know which one is right for your residence? Although the least expensive option may seem appealing, costlier paints are high quality and also come in much more vibrant colors.

We spoke with three paint professionals to get the scoop on which is the greater value.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Why is some paints better than others?

Each paint has the following ingredients, says Karl Schmitt, vice president of advertising research and design at Sherwin-Williams:
Pigment: The more pigment a paint has, the more it’ll retain its true colour. Binders: These hold the paint together and allow it to stick to several surfaces. Binders help paint resist blistering cracking and peeling. Liquids: High-quality paints have a higher ratio of solids (pigments and binders) to fluids. “The more liquid a paint has, the more it will vanish during the drying procedure, finally producing the demand for additional coats,” says Schmitt. Additives: Different ingredients that give the paint special properties, for example extra durability or mildew resistance.The ingredients of a paint affect colour as well as quality. “Higher-priced paints can occasionally offer more exceptional colors,” states Philip Storey of Redhill Painting. Some lines offer colors that can not be seen in other manufacturers’ palettes or replicated without high quality materials.

Why is a high quality paint?

For those who have used both high quality and not as expensive paints, the gap between the two is apparent. “Some cheaper paints look chalky or even more plastic-like,” says Storey. “Also, how the paint feels, or the’hand’ of the paintcan make a big difference aesthetically.” More expensive paints can be a lot easier to apply, hide imperfections better, last longer, have more vibrant colors and make washing easier — all because of the higher-quality ingredients in each batch.

If you’re looking for a single kind of paint that’s”the top,” it depends on what you’re searching for. The Paint Quality Institute evaluates paint on different qualities according to manufacturer. Some manufacturers are better at concealing flaws, some on flow and leveling, and many others on adhesion. Each manufacturer has its own particular balance of characteristics. If you want to play it safe, pick the top-quality item from the brand you’re interested in.

Still hesitant about paying the extra cash? Purchase samples of several distinct types of paint and see if you can tell the difference. “While a gallon of Fine Paints of Europe paint may cost you $40 a gallon, the policy will be exceptional, and you might have the ability to pay the surface fewer coats and extend the time between expensive future repaints,” says Storey.

Buying a fantastic paint won’t solve all your issues, though. “A fantastic paint job is only as good as the preparation,” says painter Alex Davison. “That will be roughly 60 percent of the work. A quick prep with the ideal paint won’t continue.”

Erica George Dines Photography

Can low-VOC ingredients make a difference in price?

Today, Environmental Protection Agency regulations ensure that paint businesses produce the majority of their product with low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) content. Low-VOC paints used to cost more, but that’s not necessarily true now. Low VOC”is among the several elements in the formula of a paint product, and it’s the overall quality of ingredients and formula of these ingredients which affect the purchase price of the item,” says Schmitt.

Inform us: What would be your favourite paints to utilize? What’s your experience with different brands and price ranges?

How to Paint Interior Walls
How to Use a House Painter

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Oh Deer! Antler-Inspired Décor for your Holidays and More

Among my favourite things about living in the woods in the Pacific Northwest is the joy of spotting deer as I go to and from my home. There’s something relaxing for me in seeing their grace and beauty. As I am writing this, it is the holiday season, so reindeer images are creating their traditional contribution to vacation decorating everywhere. However, I think all-things-deer add a beautiful touch to your home any time of year. My personal taste is very anti-taxidermy, so I have found lots of ways that you can delight in the beauty of the beautiful creatures with no guns involved.

Grace Home Design

I will start with artwork as a wonderful way to bring deer in your home, without becoming all of their little hoof prints on your carpet. This home reminds me of a winter resort lodge with its massive wood beams. Rustic or mountain-lodge-style homes simply have to have some deer, in my opinion.

Momoko Morton

Is your location more contemporary than cabin? Not to worry! These hot-pink-and-white pictures offer you a contemporary spin on the bull.

Virginia Burney

Holiday décor just would not be complete for me without some reindeer. This group of classic reindeer in hot tones makes me think of my great-grandparents’ home, where we all gathered for Christmas.

These sleek silver decorations are fantastic for contemporary holiday decorating. They make me think of De-icing services Little Rock and snow removal rates Boston along with a snowy Christmas.

Cosmetic Outburst

This selection of little deer sculptures and birds has been arranged in a creative manner. The miniature herd beneath bird-filled branches seem to be wandering in the woods. It’s very fun, and it works all year.

Janell Beals – House of Fifty

If you adore the look of a deer head on the wall however, like me, you simply cried overly long and hard when Bambi’s mother got shot, then try a gorgeous wood or resin sculpture. All the attractiveness with none of the youth traumatic memories.

Judith Balis Interiors

I really like the arrangement of this circular frame round the deer-head sculpture in this eclectic living area. A cool idea!

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

The black stylized silhouette of the deer-head wall sculpture is a very strong visual in this black-and-white arrangement. Also having the artificial deer head alongside a human target is one of those things which cause you to say”hmmmm.”

Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

Each one the creatures on the wall are sculpture — maybe not taxidermy. Quite a crazy collection! If you can tear your eyes away from your artificial trophy head collection, you are going to realize the great throw cushions with bull pictures on them. They offer you a softer and more cuddly way to get antlers in your home.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Because deer antlers are shed naturally every year, you may use them without a second thought — well, unless you have them from your uncle Joe who can’t wait for hunting season. So, what I am saying this is that if cruelty-free items are important for you, then assess your origin to be sure they’re only using naturally shed antlers.

There are also excellent resin or metal castings of antlers available, so that you can invite all of your vegan friends over and not get any flack whatsoever. I own several resin deer antlers and utilize them shelves or on tablescapes. Their shape is so attractive that even just one completely”leaves” the arrangement on this fireplace mantel.

Nancy Clendaniel

I can’t get over how beautiful these baskets are using antlers due to their own handles. The baskets are created by an artist in the Pacific Northwest. These look lovely on this particular pine table and would be nice filled with nuts and fruits — or left bare as beautiful objects in their own right.

Nancy Clendaniel

Thought you’d enjoy a closeup. Locate them at O Deer Baskets.

Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

Place a single antler in addition to books for casual display on a coffee table. Nothing could be easier.

Dana Wolter

It just never ceases to amaze me how much just a single deer antler can add to an arrangement of accessories. This little one curves round the sculpture like a caress.


Single Naturally Shed Deer Antler – $30

Still another fantastic idea for using antlers in your decor. What a cool alternative to dried florals or branches!

Lawson Glass

42′ Crystal Antler Chandelier – Bone End

No Ideabook on using antlers in decoration would be complete with no antler chandelier. Hands down, this is the most stunning antler chandelier I have ever seen. It is created from bronze and glass. It’s a little hard to see in the photograph, but there’s also a wall mounted sconce in precisely the same style. I want a castle in the Bavarian Alps, and once I get one, this is actually the chandelier I am putting in the grand entrance hall.

Lawson Glass

Crystal Antler Chandelier – $27,500

This is a closeup… simply because I was not done looking at it however.

This white resin antler chandelier is perfect for this contemporary space. Producing the chandelier in most white provides the antlers a little of an abstract quality.


Superordinate Antler Chandelier – 12 Antlers – $6,100

Here is a product link to the headboard in the previous photo. I think I just may have to get one. This would work for your home I reside in now –no need to wait around for this Bavarian Castle.

Antique Building Materials, Inc..

A more traditional chandelier created from actual elk antlers is the perfect complement to the reclaimed wood beams. Both the headboard and the beams create a nice contrast with the contemporary windows.

Luck Stone Center

This is really a conversation piece! I don’t think I have ever seen a turquoise antler chandelier before. By the way, it’s simple to paint natural antlers, if you are so inclined. What color do you use?

Locati Architects

The distinctive form of deer antlers seems to have the ability to embellish an endless number of accessories. This mirror frame is perfect for the rustic design of the powder room.


Felt Stag’s Head Plaque from TwoBirdsTextiles on Etsy – $85

The whole deer theme is not just for grand entryways or castles. This fun fabric sculpture would be great for a kid’s room.

This simple cut-out from woodgrain-patterned decorative paper applied to a white board or canvas is a pretty cute idea for deer-themed artwork. Although I must say, this individual is much better using an exacto knife than I am!

Urrutia Design

I believe that you may include things like deer antlers in absolutely any décor. These cast aluminum antlers fit right in with this eclectic mix of mid-century modern, traditional and contemporary pieces.


Erich Ginder – Ghost Antler – $272

I will wrap up with some product links just if I have inspired you’re on the search for deer accessories. You can use this wall-mounted pair of antlers as a coat hook, or maybe even for hanging towels in your bathroom.

GI Designs

Aluminum Antler Lamp Bases With Wood Veneer Shades

The base on these table lamps actually creates a strong design statement. One idea that comes to mind is to utilize this in a man’s office to the desk or credenza.

Forma Living

Bronze Antler Candlesticks – $62

These are my favourite candle holders. They are available in dark silver or bronze and look great if a décor is contemporary, traditional, transitional, eclectic, lodge design, Western, Danish modern… okay you get the notion. Versatile!


Cardboard Animal Heads – $28

Cardboard trophy heads are fantastic for children or wherever you want a small amount of whimsy.

Rustic Home Decor – $249.95

One beautiful and graceful version of a pristine white stylized deer head. White lacquered resin is indeed thoroughly modern. I would put this mind on a deep charcoal wall in a home with pale all-natural wood floors — in other words, mine.

So what exactly do you think? Are you ready to go shopping to get an antler chandelier or take a stroll in the woods looking for shed antlers?

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