The Metropolitan Chair by B&B Italia has been a hit with architects and interior designers since its release in 1996. The seat is sophisticated and modern, yet its pliers and curves capability tap into nostalgia for midcentury modern design. The base foundation takes up small visual space, making the seat appear to float. Its curved form puts all the components (armrests, seat, back) in harmony; it’s the pleasing symmetry of a Pringles potato chip.

This really is a versatile seat — I’ve seen a caramel model concealed in the recesses of a masculine man cave and an elegant white one at a glamorous, blinged-out feminine bedroom. It had been important to designer Jeffrey Bernett it look great from every angle, so it can be set in the midst of an open space. An optional ottoman increases comfort and looks fantastic shared between a set of Metropolitan Chairs. Check out these photographs to decide if there’s a place on your house screaming for this sophisticated seat.

Blue Desert Interiors

This seat has a very solid presence without consuming a huge chunk of visual space.

Design Within Reach

Metropolitan Chair and Ottoman | DWR – $3,895

It comes in several colors, in both leather and cloth. The ottoman is offered individually.

The chair is perched atop a sleek cushioned base. You can spin from viewing the game over for your buddies for some at-home commentating.

A set of seats looks smashing side by side or separated by a coffee table.

Kevin Bauman

The back of the seat has pleasingly simple curves. This means you don’t have to put this baby in a corner or up against a wall. Bernett was very careful to be sure the chair looks great from every angle, together with the armrests flowing into the chair and back.

Shannon Malone

Magnets hold the neck rest in place and allow it to be flexible.

ras-a, inc..

Claudia Leccacorvi

The seat and ottoman look slick in a minimalist bedroom.

In a room for 2, a set of Metropolitan Chairs creates a nice place for a few to drink coffee, browse or lay another day’s clothing on. However, since this seat is an investment bit, I’ll not permit everyone to let laundry pile up on it.

This room features not just the B&B Italia Metropolitan Chair from the living area, but also B&B Italia Solo Dining Chairs at the dining room table.

alene workman interior design, inc

Note how the Metropolitan’s base, the ottoman’s bottom and the dining table seat bases all coordinate in this space.

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