We recently got hit with a heat wave in my region, which instantly made me long for the cooling impact of delicious ice cream. This year, my urge also happens to be among the strongest fashion trends of the season, with all the cold treat’s soft hues cropping up all over. Whether it’s warm or chilly where you’re, ice cream-inspired colors are sure to be a welcome treat. — Chedva from Rooms and Words

Michelle Armas

Elka Three Printing – $35

I’ve got a reserved place in my living space to get a Michelle Armas painting. I really like how she blends abstracts and florals, and the colors are almost always dreamy.


Caneel Bay Bar Cart , Turquoise – $800

A minty-fresh bar cart. What could be more ideal for summertime?


Aldo Pitcher – $268

This pitcher would look great on a mint bar cart, and the streamlined design keeps it from appearing overtly feminine.


Sunlit Stems Printing – $148

This still life painting, from Terrain, reminds me of one my parents had. It’s a classic for any season — if you’re enjoying longing or spring for it.

Serena & Lily

Classic Whites Collection In Berry – $68

If you’re uncertain about committing to a great deal of ice cream colour, here’s a great bedding set with just the ideal amount.

Society Social

The Cocktail Party – $995

I adore this peachy dining collection. Those intricate details that you see are the seats pushed in.

Live Like You

Antique Yellow Lamp – $420

A gorgeous banana-yellow updates a traditional table lamp shape. I’d certainly put two of them on a console behind a couch.

Design Darling

Quartz Bookends – $75

I always have had a thing for diamonds, particularly quartz. These bookends are so cool and soothing to the eye on a hot day, and they will work in almost any decor style.

Chic Shop

Orange Crush – $55

Doesn’t this finial seem like a cherry popsicle? I can’t help but fall in love with all the gemstone. It’s the perfect small twist for any lamp.

Niki Jones

Mother Of Pearl Butterfly Mirror – GBP 875

The Moorish shape and details of this mirror are stunning, and the subtle colour adds so much better.


Dino Martens Rainbow Swirl Vintage Murano Lamp

This beautiful rainbow swirl lamp dates back to the 1950s and is made of actual Murano glass!

Garnet Hill

Lilly of the Valley Shower Curtain – Garnet Hill – $88

Why should you forget your shower? A sunny shower curtain is the perfect mood boost in the daytime.


Massoud Montego Storage Cube – $779

What I love about this ottoman is that regardless of the elastic color, it is made from a fairly cold proper material, therefore it stays applicable year round. Additionally, it doubles as a storage block — ideal for apartment living!

Design Within Reach

Freedom Task Chair With Headrest, Sabrina Leather, Bamboo – $2,465

Who says all work seats have to be brown or black? Bringing a cheerful ice cream colour into the area where we spend a lot of our period is a brilliant thought.

Stray Dog Designs

Ferdinand – $275

Love the taxidermy trend but not so much that the act of taxidermy? A papier-mâché bull (at a cherry color) will take the stuffiness from the appearance.

Garnet Hill

Concentric Cutting Garden Chenille Rug – $78

I love using rugs to inject colour into a space. These rugs have many colors in them, yet they have a harmonious appearance that makes them a genuine find.


Classic Italian “Wicker Works” Bench With Les Toiles Du Soleil Uph.

I am able to see this 1970s Italian seat in an entryway, kitchen, playroom or on the porch — it would add instant oomph.

Artecnica Themis Mobile – $40.70

Contemporary design doesn’t have to be intense, it actually has a great deal of comedy in it, just enjoy this mobile from the MoMa store.

House & Hold

O&G Studio Atlantic Table Height Stool – $195

I really like stools since they serve so many functions. They are sometimes a side table, a storage solution, extra seating or a ladder. These fun ones would look great anywhere in the house.

Garnet Hill

Japanese Peony Candle With Scented Petals By Red Flower – $34

Doesn’t this look like? Well, it is actually a coral-scented candle.

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