I wouldn’t always use the word”tacky” to describe my handpicked choice of that is gift-able. Wait . Yes, I would. They are tacky. Delightfully tacky and tasteless and campy, and you also know someone whose home will be better . — Ellen from Nouveau Stitch

Mookie Gifts

‘A Christmas Story’ 40-Inch Leg Lamp

We’ve got these in our home. You ought to have seen the faces of those five exchange students we had here last week. They eventually relaxed once they understood that the leg wasn’t real. It is impossible to explain to those who don’t know a”major award” when they see one.

Fred Flare

Buddha Butter Dish – $26

You’ll no longer have to remind hubby it is time to hit the treadmill. Just set this butter dish in front of him and silently gaze back and forth between the him and dish. He’ll find the message.

Fred Flare

Fred & Friends Wine Monkey – $15

What greater way is there to introduce a bottle of the best 2-Buck Chuck than put in the hollowed stomach and brain cavity of a sock monkey? Both were made for one another.


The Jesus Toaster – $27

Perfect toast each time. Every time.


The OCD Cutting Board – $24.99

When Martha says to make those carrot strips two inches, by gosh, they had better not be 2.1 inches!

Fred Flare

Cardboard Buck Jr.. Trophy – $32

No live animals were hurt in the creation of the piece. Deer-cardboardery, while previously known as a lost art, is alive and well and kitsching it up from the den.

MoMA Store

Wine Glass Lampshades – $16

They’re glasses — no, they’re lamps! They’re glamps!


IPad two Cat Felt Sleeve by Boutique ID

Hissssss, I said it is my iPad. If your good arm means anything to you, I would suggest you move along.

Fred Flare

IMM-Living Aphrodite USB Hub – $46

Aphrodite, greek goddess of love, beauty, joy, procreation and the million digital gadgets in my desk.

Mookie Gifts

A Fragile Dog Funny Doormat – $18.99

Therefore it would behoove you to slowly back away from the door, unless you have something especially meaty in that present bag.


Hand-Embroidered Region Pillow – $149

Have you got a relative who won’t get with it and use a GPS? Bring them into the 19th Century for this GPS pillow. That is right, a global positioning system that not only gets them within 500 miles of the destination, but also supports the spine while they’re sleeping in the rest stop.

Mookie Gifts

High Heel Cake Server – $16.99

Shoes and pie — just two things I never believed should be used together. Better the kitten heel than the penny loafer.

Fishs Eddy

Rush in Grease Spoon Rest – $11.95

The squeaky wheel, or in this case the spoon rest, gets the grease.


Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag – $16.25

Why invest in Baccarat crystal when a faux-baggie is going to do?


Paper Pots – $39

These pots are for when the toilet paper absolutely, positively shouldn’t be viewed with the naked eye.


Face Mug – $18

Oh dear, Mrs. Fields was reading those cross-marketing books again. What’s next? Cookie dough antacids.

Fishs Eddy

Strip Tea Glasses 13.5ounce, Set of 4 – $22

I really don’t think this is what the Victorians had in mind when they talked bringing a Pole to tea.

MoMA Store

Tim Burton’s Playing Cards – $5

Add these to your weekly Texas Hold’Em marathons and introduce some melancholy into the mix. Your visitors will be too depressed to ante.

Fred Flare

Kit Kat Clock – $60

This is a funky and retro clock with cattitude. It was likely invented by cats whose caretakers had missed one a lot of 6 a.m. feedings.

Lamps Plus

Pinguino Black And Yellow Accent Lamp – $89.91

Penguins mate for life, meaning you’ll need a set of these lamps.

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