More frequently than not when a problem does occur using the washer the first thought is that you will be around the hook to get a device that is new. That’s not usually the case. Your issue is that you you probably need to replace the belt for the spin cycle when your device basically isn’t spinning. Replacing a belt is a task the average do-it-yourself-er can handle with no need of calling in a repair technician.

Remove any water which will be in the washtub utilizing a bowl and place it. Place any laundry that may be right into a laundry basket in the washtub. This makes the device more easy to pull from the wall.

Disconnect the cord in the outlet and pull the machine that is washing from the wall.

Remove the cover in the machine using a screw-driver. Set the back-cover a side from the way.

By searching on the side of the device locate the washer motor. The belt that is damaged is going to be lying nearby. Discard the belt and disconnect the water-pump in the motor assembly utilizing a socket and ratchet.

Loosen the bolts on the washer motor using ratchet and a socket. Don’t take out them. Simply loosen them enough that it is possible to to to slip the motor slightly.

Slide the belt that is new in to place across the transmission and motor pulleys. Pull straight back the motor in to its unique place and tighten the bolts utilizing a socket and ratchet.

Reconnect the pump and tighten the fasteners having ratchet and a socket.

Install the again protect on the washer and tighten the screws utilizing a Phillips screwdriver.

Plug the cord to the outlet and drive the device again in to spot contrary to the wall.

Set the time-on the washer to the spin cycle and change it on it to check the belt installation.

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