The Toro 20066 Recycler is. It is a mid-range mower compared to other versions in the Recycler lineup, and all of the Recycler versions are less fully featured compared to more expensive Super Recycler versions. Although discontinued, the 20066 Recycler may be available used or reconditioned from resellers.


The 20066 Recycler has a 190-cc Briggs & Stratton engine; it’s a four-cycle power plant that puts outside 6.75 foot-pounds of torque. The engine features recoil start, and it’s equipped with all the”Ready Start” system that eliminates the need for prestart priming and choke adjustment. Higher-end Toro Recycler versions are equipped with Honda engines, and more affordable versions are outfitted with smaller Kohler engines.

Cutting Deck

The 20066 includes a 22-inch stamped steel cutting deck rather than the milder cast aluminum deck featured on more expensive Super Recycler versions. The 20066’s total weight is 83 lbs. The deck on the 20066 can be configured to mulch grass clippings, throw them via a side-discharge chute or deposit them at a rear-mounted set bag. The deck also includes two cutting positions, which range from 1.25 to 4.25 inches, and a wash-out port that permits you to clean the blade and underside of the mower by simply joining a garden hose to the top side of the deck.

Drive System

The 20066 is outfitted with Toro’s premium”Personal Pace” propulsion system. The system transfers power from the engine to the rear wheels by way of a drive belt, and the machine automatically adjusts the quantity of power delivered to the wheels so the mower’s speed matches the operator’s walking pace. The mower’s highest speed is 4.8 miles per hour, which is a lively walking clip. Lower-end versions feature a more straightforward variable-speed system that does not adjust automatically.

2014 Model

As of 2014, the 20332 Recycler is the existing Toro model most like the 20066 Recycler. Its Briggs & Stratton engine is exactly the same dimension as that of the 20066, though the newer engine is rated at 7.25 foot-pounds of torque. The 20332 includes a comparable feature set, such as”Personal Pace,” 22-inch deck and wash-out port. At 80 lbs, though, the 20332 is slightly lighter compared to 20066.

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