A cross involving the snow removal prices Aurora pea Sugar-Daddy, as well as the green-pea is a pea having sweet pods and a bushy growth habit. Sugar Daddy is a pea that is stringless, and planning needs only elimination of calyx, or the conclusion of the pea. Sugar Daddy is a hardy, disease-resistant pea Zones that are right for for developing in all of the Environment of Sunset.

Planting Redding Time

In many climates, Sugardaddy peas are planted with other vegetables like radish, lettuce or spinach in March. In climates with moderate winters, the peas are planted as early as middle. In the event the soil is not at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit to a depth of 2″ germination is slow.

Planting Flagstaff Specifications

Sugar Daddy peas perform best when planted in full sunlight. The crops tolerate almost any kind of soil, provided that the soil drains properly. The floor is cultivated carefully using a spade, shovel or tiller since the seeds have have a problem sprouting through cloddy soil.

Water and Fertilizer

Sugar Daddy peas gain from regular watering and develop quickly. Blooms seem, provide peas and then boost to 1-inch of water per week. Water in the morning to avoid fungal illness and other dampness-related issues. Although fertilization generally is not needed for healthy development, Sugardaddy peas gain from an application of manure or compost worked into the soil. Application of a general purpose garden Flagstaff fertilizer is in order in the event the seedlings create a yellow tint or seem weak.

General Treatment

A 2 inch layer of organic mulch keeps the soil moist and decreases development of weeds. Remove weeds as quickly as they seem, both by scraping the soil cautiously using a hoe or by pulling. Weed control is particularly important the first six months, as moisture and soil nutrients are drawn by weeds away from your plants. Trellis or a stake saves area and retains the s Oil and off the plant Flagstaff up right.


Sugar Daddy peas are prepared to choose as so on as little peas commence to to make in the pods that are flat. During this period, the pods are sweet and crispy. You’ll be able to also wait before the peas are ready to shell after which remove the plump peas from your pod. As the peas shed sweetness quickly harvest only as numerous peas as it is possible to use that day. Harvest the peas everyday.

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