Inlet hoses are connected to dishwashers with neoprene gaskets and compression fittings. While it’s in use, water is fed by the inlet hose from your water supply lines to the dishwasher. When you discover puddles under the water drips in the kitchen or your dishwasher down to your own basement while your dishwasher is working, your inlet hose has sprung a leak and needs to be changed.

Turn off the shut-off valve underneath the drain that’s the two dishwasher hoses connected to it.

Set a little bucket underneath the shut-off valve. Unscrew the dishwasher inlet hose in the shutoff valve, utilizing an adjustable wrench.

Remove the bottom or kick-plate panel in the dishwasher by pulling it off and by eliminating the two screws. Get the water inlet valve as well as the hose on the underside of the dishwasher.

Place rag or a little bucket underneath the dishwasher to catch any water that could be in the hose. Unscrew the hose from the valve.

Screw the alternative inlet hose on the valve. Tighten the the bond by keeping the little nut before the nut is limited, and grasping and turning the big nut with a different wrench. Give still another quarter to the big nut turn to to make a watertight seal.

Screw the other end of the alternative inlet hose on the shut-off valve. Hold the nut that is little with one wrench while you change the big nut with all the other until it’s tight. Turn the nut that is big still another quarter-turn to completely tighten it.

Turn on the shut-off valve and look for for leaks. In the event the hose connections leak, use a wrench to to show the nut that is big 1 / 4 turn to tighten the the bond and type a watertight seal.

Replace the dishwasher panel and connect it.