Adding a vinyl runner to your own staircase that is carpeted gives added traction but safeguards your carpet or spills. Nevertheless, you will require to decide the best way to secure it when you get the ideal vinyl runner. Using staples or nails might offer the most secure fit, however there’s still another alternative in the event you are concerned about harming your staircase, poking holes in the runner or coming free.

Unroll one end of the runner and make sure even and the edge is cut straight. In case the edge is crooked, torn or frayed, use a craft knife along with a yardstick to slice the the edge to ensure it is straight.

Measure the width of the stair tread as well as the width of the runner. Subtract the measurement of the runner in the measurement of the stair. Divide the amount by two to decide just how much room is going to be on each aspect of the runner. As an example, in case your staircase measures 31 inches as well as the runner measures 27 inches, subtract the two numbers to get 4″. Dividing four leaves you meaning there’ll be 2″ of staircase. This assists you heart on the stairs.

Work up over the staircase, beginning in the underside. Measure of every step across the very top. Use a tiny bit of of chalk to mark the left-over measurement on each aspect of the measures from 2. This can make sure that you’re securing the vinyl runner in to spot as you work the staircase up.

Cut the strip of double-sided carpet tape to equal the width of the runner. You are going to need tape that is enough to create two strips for every single step on the staircase, including one-piece for the bottom edge, and the very best landing. Like, in the event that you’ve 1-2 stairs in your staircase, you will require 2 5 strips of tape, each measuring the precise width of the runner.

Turn the runner upsidedown to commence attaching the double- . Align the fringe of of the strip with all the bottom straightedge of the runner. Attach the facet of the tape and press into location.

Peel the backing in the double-sided tape and align the runnerup across the very front of the stair across the ground. Make certain the runner arranged together with your chalk markings and is at the center of the staircase. Press the tape on the carpet and wiggle it straight back and forth somewhat, enabling it to to seize the carpet fibers.

Cut two strips of tape from your roll and affix them on the carpet, directly to the most notable of the stair. Place one near the rear of the stair and one strip close to the entrance. Peel the adhesive from all the double-sided tape strips. Roll up the runner on the most effective of the stair and press it in to location within the two tape strips. Wiggle the runner somewhat, pressing the tape to the carpet.

Work the staircase up implementing tape to the very top of every stair. Each stair, for example, most notable landing, should possess a tape strip in straight back and the entrance. Wiggle the runner forth and back on each stage, permitting each strip of tape to to seize onto the carpet.

Rub your finger within the carpeted location on every step to eliminate any left-over chalk. If there’s any left-over chalk a clear, moist cloth might be utilized.