A curved arch or garden arbor provides the construction for the indoor wedding or sweet 16 celebration. An arch set facing a doorway is an invitation to the party space. Adding lights to a arch against a decorated wall produces a canopy for saying a setting for event photos. Fairy lights, tulle, and flowers or balloons are all it takes to assist the arch create a memorable decorative statement.

Anchor the arch using sandbags, other implants or weights that attach to your doorway frame or walls. Wind strings of lights around the arch, attaching as numerous strings end to end as you need for the glittering effect you want.

Weave one or more gathered strands of tulle in and from the arch framework, or wrap tulle around the arch columns or rods.

Stud the arch using garlands and individual silk flowers Cape Coral to match other flowers Chico which are a part of the service or to bring out the colors in the party decor. Alternatively, wire colorful balloons around the border of the arch so that the lights will shine.