Several models of two-cycle Craftsman trimmers use part number 753-05769, an original equipment manufacturer starter assembly. The assembly contains a pulley and spring system connected to your starter rope. The entire assembly could be replaced, or only the rope could be replaced while the assembly is otherwise in good condition.

Unplug the spark plug boot and cable from the spark plug in this Craftsman trimmer.Remove the screws holding the most important cover in place, and pull the cover from the machine.

Unscrew the clutch housing, clutch drum, vandalism and washers, demonstrating the starter assembly screws. Unscrew the four screws holding the starter assembly in place, and slide the meeting from its casing. Cut the grip from the starter string using scissors.

Turn above the starter assembly to observe the pulley and spring system. Hold the spring in place, and unscrew the pulley from the spring. Lift the pulley with the starter rope attached from the spring. Unwind the rope, cut it from the pulley and discard it.

Turn on a lighter, and use its own flame to heat the ends of a brand new nylon starter rope. Wait till the rope ends are still pliable but not hot. Twist the ends gently with your hands, making clean, fray-free ends.

Feed one end of this new starter string through the hole in the center of the starter assembly’s pulley. Tie a knot in the string finish to lock it in place. Set the rope in the station to bring it to the exterior of the pulley. Wind the rope round the pulley, leaving a few feet of rope out of the pulley. Expand the pulley back into the spring.

Insert the non-knotted finish of this rope during the starter assembly’s cover and to the grip. Tie a knot at the rope end to hold the grip in place. Permit the rope to end slowly back around the pulley, leaving about 1 foot of rope out of the pulley. Tug gently on the handle until you believe it tug back, which indicates the spring is filled.

Reattach the starter assembly into the trimmer, ensuring the meeting participates with the crankshaft. Screw from the clutch, washers, clutch drum and clutch housing. Expand the most important cover back into place. Reattach the spark plug boot and cable to the spark plug.