Natural light from the sun is important no doubt, but there are times when the light is just too much. However, you don’t want to close off the blinds because you still need some of it. This is why you must install window shades. Cellular window shades readily available in the market at the moment will give you greater control over the amount of light entering your home.

Installing the shades is easy and even if you are not a window cleaning, the simple tips below will help you.

Mark Bracket Positions

Not all windows are the same. They come in different sizes and designs. Before you start the installation of shades, you must measure the size of your window first. This will help you buy the right shades for the specific type of windows you have at home.

Mark the Screw-Hole Locations

You will need to attach the shades somewhere and this is where the screw holes come in. It’s important to make the holes before placing the shades. Some homeowners often make the mistake of fixing the shades and trying to screw them in place. This is just too much work. Make the screw holes first, place the shades, and then screw.

Attach Mounting Brackets

Each window shade you buy will come with mounting brackets. The brackets are like the foundation that will hold the shades into place. Once the screw holes are made, mount the brackets. Just hold the brackets carefully until they are aligned with the screw holes made on the head jamb. Use two or three pan head screws to fasten the brackets and move to the next step.

Clip the Shade into the Brackets

Before you clip the window shades into the brackets, make sure that the brackets are level. You don’t need to be an experienced window installation to know whether the brackets are level or not. If the brackets are not aligned, fix them before clipping the shades. You will notice at the bottom of the bracing brackets a few small screws called brace screws. Loosen the screws a bit. Attach the shades and tighten the screws.

Test the Shades

Once the window shades are in place it’s time to test them. Move the shades back and forth to see whether there are any issues. The shades should move with ease. Don’t move the shades too vigorously though. If there’s something wrong, moving the shades with a lot of force might damage them. Sometimes the shade may also look shorter than normal. Don’t worry about this. Give it a few days for the fabric to relax and soon enough it will cover the entire window. If you have a lot of windows at home, installing the shades might take a whole day. However, three or four windows will take a few hours.

Installing window shades allows you to control the amount of natural light that enters your home. The shades can also help you increase privacy. The simple window repair DIY guide above will help you make the required installation.