The idea of a perfect garden differs from one person to the next. While one favors well-kept lawns and an immaculate row of flowers, another may prefer to allow Mother Nature to take the reins through minimal interference and a bit of permaculture.

Finding and implementing a Palm Springs landscape design style that meets your preferences is a great way to create a garden that you can truly enjoy with your loved ones. And we’ve got some great landscaping ideas that you can implement to realize your dream garden without breaking the bank.

Grow a Healthy Lawn

Nothing says immaculate like a well-maintained lawn that’s vibrantly green and inviting. It’s the perfect place from which to enjoy tea with friends, an afternoon picnic, morning yoga, or just a sunset on a balmy summer’s evening. To grow your lawn you’ll have to feed it with organic lawn food and keep it neat with regular trimming.

Plant in Pairs

When planting, pair together only those plants that complement each other, such as cabbages with beets, or corn with pumpkin, marigold with tomatoes and chives with garlic. This sort of pairing encourages the plants to thrive and results in a very healthy and rich harvest.

Plant with a Purpose

While most plants only serve one purpose, some serve multiple. Like vibrant fruits and vegetables that provide both nourishment and beauty to a garden, or delicious herbs that also protect the plants around them by repelling pests. So consider multi-purpose plants when preparing your Palm Springs landscaping plan in order to create a garden that you can get the most out of.

Add Raised Garden Beds

Consider raised garden beds to keep your plants out of reach of insects, while creating a striking focal point in your landscaping design.

Mix it Up

Make your garden stand out by creating interest with flower color-blocking, or a stone walkway with pebbles that you’ve picked up from the beach for added texture.

Divide the Garden

A garden that’s organized into different sections is not only eye-catching and stimulating but very pleasing to be in too. You can achieve this by planting your flowers in equal lines that are bordered by hard succulents, with each section taking a life and style of its own.

Add Containers

Container gardens continue to grow in popularity, as they allow even those with limited space to enjoy the joys of owning a garden with plush and plentiful vitality.

Create Privacy

Tall trees and hedges are a great way to shut out the outside world and allow you to fully enjoy your garden in peaceful and quiet seclusion.

Party Time

Create entertainment zones in your Palm Springs landscape where you can entertain loved ones, through outdoor furniture and large shady trees.

Create a Kid Zone

Create a kid-friendly zone so that the little ones don’t feel left out when you’re entertaining outside. Try incorporating items like a wooden swing set, a kids’ swimming pool or even a sandbox.

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