Slate is a metamorphic stone created from levels of mud that is compressed. It can have several various colours and textures and is often cut into counters and tiles. Because slate has an absorption rate that was very low, it’s installed in high-traffic locations because any stains it acquires usually stick to the the top of stone. On the other hand, stone can be easily penetrated by spills.Spills like woodstain can often be be eliminated without injury from slate to the tile.

A stone cleaner to the wood use a scrub brush to work on the surface and stain on the slate. This can help eliminate any dust or dirt which will be on the very top of the stain and any loose particles.

Mix a 50-50 ratio of hydrogen peroxide to water and use it to Let it soak to the stain; remove and the combination must start to lighten the stain in the slate. Following several minutes, use the scrub brush to help loosen the stain and perform the hydrogen peroxide combination in.

Soak a paper towel and use it to any parts of of the stain which haven’t lightened or been eliminated. Leave the paper-towel then rinse.

Stone cleaner on the slate and clean away hydrogen peroxide combination and any remaining stain. Let the tiles dry.

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