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How to Replace a Toilet That Has Grout Around it

In most cases when a toilet is installed, the installer applies a bead of caulk around the base of the toilet to seal the joint and to make the transition from the porcelain toilet to the tile floor look smooth. However, in some cases, the installer may choose to grout the toilet to the tile floor to match the look of the grout between the tiles. You can replace a toilet that’s grout around it without needing to re-grout the newest toilet to the tile floor.

Switch off the supply valve behind the toilet by rotating the valve’s knob clockwise until it stops turning. Flush the toilet to eliminate as much water from the bowl and tank as you can. Sponge out any remaining water from both to your 5-gallon bucket.

Eliminate the coupler of the supply line from the nipple around the bottom of the toilet bowl having a large pair of slip-joint pliers.

Pop off the caps over the closet bolts on either side of the toilet base with a screwdriver. Loosen the nut on each bolt having an adjustable canopy. Rock the toilet side-to-side to loosen it from the grout around the underside of the toilet. If the toilet won’t move, chip out the grout from around the foundation using a cold chisel and hammer. Then lift the toilet assembly and place it aside.

Chip any remaining grout from the face of the shingles with a cold chisel and a hammer.

Scrape away any remaining wax ring from around the toilet flange using a putty knife. Unscrew the screws which mount the flange to the floor with a screwdriver, and remove the flange.

Install a new flange to the floor around the drain tube using the supplied screws. Place the head of a cabinet bolt into the slot on either side of the flange.

Position the tank of the brand new toilet over the hole in the rear of the bowl and affix the tank to the bowl using the two mounting bolts. Turn the meeting on its side and press a new wax ring set up around the drain hole.

Position the toilet the drain hole and align the closet bolts with the mounting holes. Press the toilet down onto the flange with a slight rocking motion to bench the wax ring.

Place a level over the brand new toilet bowl and slip toilet shims around the underside of the toilet until it is level in each direction. Place a washer over each cabinet bolt before threading a nut onto each bolt. Tighten the bolts using an adjustable wrench. Place a cabinet bolt cap over the tip of each bolt to hide the mounting bolts.

Combine the supply line coupler to the nipple on the bottom of the brand new toilet tank, and tighten the coupler with a large pair of slip-joint pliers. Turn on the water supply valve and test the toilet, checking for leaks.

Apply a bead of silicone caulk around the base of the toilet against the tile. Smooth the caulk with a wet finger to provide the caulk an even, consistent look.

Position the mounting bolts of a new toilet seat over the holes on the rear edge of the bowl, and tighten the mounting nuts to the bottom of the bolts to fasten the bench to the bowl.

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What Is the finest Hardwood Floor Surface?

Hardwood flooring choices aren’t only an issue of colour and plank size. Traffic patterns, household creatures, the base underneath the flooring, and also the size of your household has to be considered. Shop smart by drawing home samples before making a commitment, and lay them in strategic places to measure the amount of foot traffic they’ll get, the intensity of the sun striking them and whether the colors coordinate with your decor.

Determine Your Needs

Produce a list of your household traffic patterns, in which you would like to lay the floors and whether it is going over plywood or cement before considering the ideal hardwood finishes for your home. Not all laminated or wood products are versatile enough to cover all of your household needs. High-traffic entryways and infrequently used guest rooms differ in the kinds of hardwood finishes that are acceptable.

Solid Wood

Among the more expensive hardwood floors options is solid wood. Don’t think about this option if high heels, a heavy walker, dogs with scraping nails or intense sunlight are present. The planks dent, fade and scratch smoothly. They are also able to warp in a moist environment. Oak is considered the heartiest of their solid forest and can endure the toughest wear.

Engineered Wood

Engineered timber, which can be installed over cement slabs, frequently has a sound- or damp-proofing picture between the planks and the cement. Engineered wood is really a wood veneer that is embedded above a plywood base. As soon as it’s sturdy, the end dents from high-heel impressions and can scrape. Good for humid climates, the planks don’t warp in wet or moist conditions.

Laminate Flooring

When it first came on the market, laminate floors was an affordable appearance that mimicked hardwoodfloors It has evolved into a highly respected imitation, but it has drawbacks.Laminate is actually a photograph of timber, laminated to fiberboard and sealed with a transparent plastic layer. Resistance to scratching and fading are two of its advantages, but the repetitive patterning and linoleum feel when walking on it are giveaways.

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How to Install Vinyl Shutters on Stucco

Improving the curb appeal of your home can add value and make your home updated and more modern. A simple improvement like shutters draws attention to the windows and brings color to the front of the home. With the right tools it is a simple project which should only take you a brief amount of time, although many people think attaching dividers is difficult. The results are instantaneous.

Measure and drill holes that are 1/4-inch in your camera to your own shutter locks or screws. Space two locks equally at the top and bottom to get windows. Space two for shutters in the center. The ridges on the shaft are somewhat made to lock against the timber, very similar to a wall mounted and more pronounced, although A shutter lock looks like a twist. They don’t back out like rust or a twist. It’s possible to use an outside deck washer and screw instead of a camera lock however, you will need to paint the head of this screw to match the shutter.

Hold the shutter up near the window in the place you would like. It’s a fantastic idea to have one person hold the camera while a person stands back and guides him to find the place that is best. Mark guidelines around the camera perimeter. Mark the holes for your shutter locks.

Hurry through the stucco using a masonry carbide drill bit. Stucco and wire mesh are to 3/4 inch thick. Change into a standard wood drill bit once your bit keep drilling and hits wood.

Hold the shutter above your holes. Press the camera lock through the stucco deep to the wall and through the vinyl shutter. Use a small hammer to tap the lock until it’s snug. Do not overtighten and dimple the shutter. Repeat for every shutter lock. If you are using screws, use a wood screw which will be tight in your holes.

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What Does a IRS Tax Lien Affect?

The Internal Revenue Service is in charge of collecting taxes from customers. If it determines that someone owes taxes, then he is notified by it of this fact via a Notice and Demand for Payment. Once the debtor receives the notice, he’s got 10 days to fulfill his overdue tax debt prior to the IRS documents a federal tax lien against his or her assets. .


Most creditors must seek liens. After prevailing in a lawsuit against the debtor A private creditor can acquire a writ of execution. An effective court judgment for an outstanding credit card debt, by way of instance, gives the credit card company that the right to ask a writ of execution from a debtor’s real estate or from private property such as his vehicle. The IRS, however, isn’t limited by standard legal procedures and may get a writ of execution without ever suing an individual. Additionally, the IRS doesn’t have to file separate liens for each of the debtor’s assets. A single IRS tax lien mechanically attaches to all a debtor’s property.


A lien secures a debt, which makes it easier for a creditor to collect. For instance, if a creditor has a lien against an individual’s automobile, it reserves the right to repossess the car and sell it unless the vehicle’s owner pays the debt. Because the IRS holds a lien from all of an individual’s possessions and resources, it can seize property at any time to meet the debt.

Time Frame

An IRS tax lien impacts a debtor’s property for a limited time. Tax liens which aren’t valid aren’t enforceable by the IRS. The IRS notes that all federal tax liens have a 10 year life span. After 10 years, the lien expires and, though this doesn’t exonerate the consumer from the tax she owes, it does prevent the IRS from forcibly seizing some of her resources in lieu of payment.


Once the IRS places a tax lien from a consumer, a listing of this tax lien looks on his credit report. Tax liens damage credit scores and, unlike many credit report entrances, can stay on an customer’s report for at least a decade. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, that determines the legal reporting period for different varieties of debts, states that the credit reporting agencies have to delete the lien against someone’s document seven years after receiving payment in full. . Until that moment, however, future lenders and creditors can watch the outstanding tax lien whenever they pull the individual’s credit files. This can negatively affect the customer’s ability to qualify for funding, credit or insurance.


An IRS tax lien does not only alter the debtor, it impacts her other creditors as well. If, by way of instance, a customer’s mortgage lender forecloses on her house and the home includes a tax lien, the creditor must give the IRS 25 days’ notice that it intends to foreclosure before it can clear the tax lien and seize the property. The IRS’ security interest, nevertheless, does not clear for 120 days–giving it the best to pay back the mortgage and”recover” the property from either the creditor or the owner for 3 months. This makes foreclosed houses that carry federal tax liens more difficult for creditors to sell before the 120 day redemption period expires.

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The Way to Get Approved for a House Equity Loan

The visual appeal of your dwelling cans improve, but using a finance company to pay for the project might be more expensive than a home equity loan. Home equity loans typically offer lower interest rates and may save money each month. Obtaining funding for a new kitchen or to create a bathroom can provide the desire to get approved for a home equity loan to you.

Confirm your current credit standing. Order a free credit report from the Annual Credit Report service.

Contact the credit bureau to dispute any errors that appear in your credit report. Before approving your loan request, A home equity lender will see your credit history.

Prepare your home. Give your home the”white glove” treatment to ensure it is clean and shows nicely. An appraiser may take pictures of your house’s exterior, kitchen, baths, recreation cellar and room. Value may be added by A neat look to your home. Your loan acceptance could be influenced by Assessing the value of your home.

Find. Call your current lender to seek acceptance. Inquire with an online lending website that provides home equity loans to evaluate interest rates and terms.

Submit an application for a home equity loan that meets your requirements. Forward all things that are asked by your creditor. To get your home equity loan accepted, you’ll need to submit copies of two or more recent pay stubs, bank statements and tax returns.

Communicate with your home equity lender during the acceptance procedure. Contact or email your loan officer each week to get updates. Instantly return telephone calls and also submit items that are asked by your creditor.

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Things to Look for When Looking in a Used House

Buying a used home has its advantages. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, older houses may have reduced property taxes, be located in established neighborhoods and possess a specific charm a new home can’t offer. Additionally, purchasing a new home may entail a longer wait than purchasing an already established home. But there are a number of things to look for when considering secondhand houses that might not be of concern together with new properties.


Older houses may have structural issues that may be very costly. By way of example, make sure you inquire about the base. Have there been cracks or other issues with the base? Which kind of base can it be, what stuff is it and when was it built? According to Bank Rate, houses developed in the 1960s and before didn’t have sealed concrete, which might lead to leaks and cracks. A busted base might even induce radon buildup in the home. Staircases may also need to be remodeled to ensure adequate support.


Older homes can pose a variety of safety concerns. Make sure to have an old home tested for lead and asbestos, which were commonly found in paint, insulation and even flooring tiles. Mold may also collect in elderly houses, so inspect properties for almost any moisture damage in your walls, particularly in the basement. Some older houses were built before electric safety codes went into effect, so make sure all electric circuits are safely installed and grounded. A new electric box might also be necessary, because use of electricity has most likely increased since older houses were built.


According to Bank speed,”new-construction houses often employ more effective, innovative uses of square footage and property.” An older home may have unnecessary rooms, like formal dining rooms or sitting rooms, that are not quite as practical in modern times. On the other hand, for people who prefer a more formal atmosphere, this may actually be an advantage. Also bear in mind that bigger, older houses are likely somewhat less energy-efficient as new houses, which are inclined to be designed and built with cost-effectiveness in mind.

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Guest Groups: Thanksgiving Cooking and Entertaining

My second-most-treasured vacation of the whole year is Thanksgiving. Aside from the copious amounts of delicious food, I totally love the coziness and sense of home that this collecting boosts. Here are a couple staple pieces to add to your tablescape this year that will assist you and yours celebrate and give thanks. — Rhiannon from Beautiful Occasions


Staub Pumpkin Covered Casserole – $159.95

I am totally obsessed with this adorable pumpkin casserole dish. It would offer this kind of pop of color in my Thanksgiving tablescape.

West Elm

Greenpan Roaster With Rack – $89.95

Often it is underestimated how crucial a suitable pan is to ensuring a tasty bird. This West Elm roaster will make certain your Thanksgiving meat is cooked to perfection.

Fondant Marble Cake Stand – $128

Rustic, practical and chic, this is the best item to use to show your Thanksgiving pie.


Maple Leaf Place Cards by Timeless Paper – $1

I’ve used those at events before, and I just love how smart it is assigning guests to their seats from the edge of a wineglass.

West Elm

Laura Zindel Thanksgiving Dessert Plates – $8

I am a sucker for cute dessert plates with art on them for every vacation. All these Thanksgiving ones are just perfect for serving yummy pumpkin pie on.


Fall Mini Pie Cutters – $6.95

If you are game for tackling a homemade pie this year, don’t forget to snag up those sweet pie cutters to complete your baking off masterpiece.

Pottery Barn

Beaded Birch Pillar Candles – $12.50

There’s something really gorgeous about birch bark. The subtle sparkle and the beaded pattern on those candleholders measure them up a degree in elegance. They’re absolutely perfect for any holiday tablescape.

Pottery Barn

Sculpted Turkey Lidded Serve Bowl – $49.50

This lidded turkey dish is really adorable. Use it for stuffing, candy or perhaps a side of brussels sprouts.

West Elm

Twig Barware Kit – $39

If you are going to be mixing up some vacation drinks this year, consider using this Twig barware collection from West Elm.


Give Thanks Beverage Napkins – $3.95

The moment I saw these, I bought them. And I am fairly confident I’ll use them year-round. It is always a good time to give thanks.

West Elm

Terracotta Cast Cornucopia – $39

A cornucopia is one of the very first things that I remember learning about in school as it came to Thanksgiving classes. It would be really fun to display new rolls and croissants in and halfway from the terra-cotta version from West Elm.


Whiskey Stones – $19.95

For the dinner guest that loves whiskey on the rocks, these whiskey stones are certain to elicit a few smiles. Keep them available to delight even the most distinguished of growers.

West Elm

Slate Coaster Set – $16

I’ve seen the coaster done many ways before, but I love the way sleek and natural these black slate types look. They’d match any type of beverage holder.


Natural White Birch Poles Logs – $29

I’ve been on the search for birch logs for years, and I eventually discovered those 3-foot versions. I can not wait to decorate my mantel and fireplace with them and a couple of festive gourds and pumpkins.

West Elm

Organic Shaped Dinnerware, Metallic Rimmed, Sets of 4 – $24

My mother used to always put such a high degree of importance on having fine hamburger for special occasions. And as a homeowner, I do it. All these metallic-rimmed dishes from West Elm are so pretty and tasteful — they’d make my mother so joyful.


Artesia Charger – $14.95

I am not typically a fan of chargers, but I love the texture of those rattan ones from Crate & Barrel. They’d match every vacation plate.

Pottery Barn

Gold Pumpkin Vase Filler – $19.50

If you are trying to find a sweet and easy way to decorate your table for Thanksgiving, these mini gold pumpkins will do just the trick. They’re little pieces that pack a big punch.

Pottery Barn

Juliette Gravy Boat – $29.50

My brother and I used to make fun of our parents’ gravy boat. It is this odd thing to have! However, I loved that thing, and that I look forward to having my own sometime soon. This traditional variant in Pottery Barn is so gorgeous.

Ruffled Pie Dish – $19.95

This is the most perfect pie dish ever. It is a staple.

West Elm

Rustic Cast Aluminum Tapers – $29

These mid-century would be perfect to get a kitchen island set behind your hand-crafted dinner disperse. Consider using gold- or burnt orange–hued candles for a fun twist on a classic.

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Guest Groups: Banish the Dorm Room Doldrums

Standard-issue dorm room decoration will consist of cinder blocks, utilitarian furniture and perhaps a security window to the exterior world (if you’re lucky). It is depressing, to say the least. Banish those back-to-school decoration blues with these colorful essentials! — Capree from My Adventure is Your Advantage


Glass Magnetic Wipe Boards – $22.95

Make passive-aggressive notes more attractive for your roommates with a colorful memo board.


Stenklöver Duvet Cover and Pillowcases, White/Red – $19.99

Polka dots are a certain way to bring some cheer to your white-walled dorm room.

Nanda Home

Tocky Clock, Red – $58

This clock rolls off as soon as the alarm sounds, forcing you to get out of bed — and be on time to get this 7 a.m. course!

Kate’s Paperie

Paperthinks Recycled Leather Notebooks, Slim, Lined Page – $6.95

When you’re not actually studying or taking notes, these notebooks will look awesome simply sitting on a shelf. Hopefully, that’s not all that they do, naturally.

Marais A Side Chair, Yellow – $145

A bold yellow will surely keep your mind stimulated during late-night study sessions.


Malin Tråd Rug – $199

If you can’t paint your walls, then turn your floor into a canvas with a bold, graphic rug.


Dave Laptop Table, White – $19.99

This simple notebook desk may be white and dull, but some fun contact paper will liven up things in a jiff.


Hadley Mod Throw – $69.95

Whether you’re cuddling or studying, this blanket will keep everybody involved perfectly comfy.


Ikea PS 2012 Rug – $149

More polka dots — you can never have enough, I say.


Paper Pots – $39

One thing is sure: You may get a chilly during finals week. That’s just the way these things operate. Be prepared with an wonderful tissue dispenser.


Canvas Storage Bins – $36

Keep pens, pens and other odds and ends organized with a few sharp-looking canvas containers.


Lumi Source Woopsy Lamp, Yellow – $32.99

Who says job lighting has to be dull? I really like this lively spin on a dorm room essential.


Green Bullet 1.3-Gallon Trash Can – $16.95

This soothing hue will calm the sting of those seemingly endless term paper adjustments.


Sunnan Table Lamp – $19.99

As you’re in course, these lights are working hard for their energy: Solar panels charge throughout the day so that you may burn the midnight oil afterwards.


Lappljung Rand Duvet Cover and Pillowcases – $19.99

Color and routine, kids — that’s how you’re going to keep that dorm room from feeling like some kind of higher education prison. I guarantee, it is going to work.


Polka Dot Wall Vase – $22

I adore these wall scatter vases so much! They’ll bring the space.


Magenta Tape Dispenser – $12

This tape dispenser can be found in a whole group of colours, so select your favorite and begin taping a few things.


Fleet Hot Orange Chair – $149

Fact: This stones. Fact: Your dorm area will not be complete without a bold statement seat.


Room Essentials Fast Dry Stripe Towel Set – $15.99

Avoid embarrassing laundry mix-ups with bold stripes and strong colors. Plus, c’mon towels are dull.


Colored iPhone Alarm Docks – $30

A charger alarm clock that is smartphone? That’s right genius.

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Guest Picks: A Posy of Wildflower Designs

Wildflowers are among my favourite things. They’re universally beautiful and spread throughout the countryside worldwide, from the French areas of lavender to the California deserts scattered with wild poppies. Inspired by their beauty, designers produce all kinds of decorative items which enable you to integrate these fancy and free flowers in your interiors.

With August here, the days of summer will soon come to an end, but integrating a few wildflower-inspired items to the home will make certain you enjoy them yearlong. — Lauren from Fourth Floor Walk Up


Lavender Wreath – $52

Summertime wreaths include a welcoming flair to houses. This lavender wreath may also be displayed inside, releasing aromas of lavender.


Blooming Branch Hook – $24

How pretty is this hook? I want to find a use for one in every room of my flat.

Cost Plus World Market

Neutral Sketched Flower Indoor-Outdoor Rug – $49.99

Showing only the outlines of flowers, this neutral, indoor/outdoor flower rug would include just the correct amount of whimsy to a contemporary space.


Flight of Fancy Armchair – $2,800

This armchair with fanciful birds and flowers beckons to be placed in a reading nook with a good book.


Meadowsweet Dinner Plate – $12

The Meadowsweet dinnerware from Anthropologie is the best choice to get an outdoor dinner party.


Queen Anne’s Lace Round Ottoman, Butterscotch – $299.99

This playful ottoman is sprinkled with silhouettes of one of my favourite flowers, Queen Anne’s Lace.


Sewing Basket Apron – $38

Intricately patched together, this floral blouse with wildflower-like blooms inspires entertaining and summery cocktails.

Neiman Marcus

Massoud ‘Christina’ Chair – $2,499

The bergère chair is one of my favourite styles of chair, and the mixture of a traditional silhouette with a contemporary, colorful print is really enjoyable.

West Elm

Gemma Orkin Wild Flowers Silk Pillow Cover – $39

Add a pop of coral with this silk wildflower throw cushion.

Arcadian Home & Lighting

Star Flower Chandelier – $190

This chandelier entwined with flowers is charming and whimsical.

Urban Outfitters

Romantic Floral Scarf Shower Curtain – $44

The oversize fragrance of flowers with this floral shower curtain sets an energetic mood for your morning wash.


Wildflowers Calendar From Claire Nereim – $50

This candy calendar graphs the months in which the California wildflowers blossom.


Wilderness Background, Gold – $110

Cast in gold silhouettes, the Wilderness background is glamorous and suitable for female interiors.

Ballard Designs

Catana Floral Lavender Fabric – $20

This old-world flower grows publicly from southern Europe to southeast Asia and can be recreated inside this fabric by Ballard Designs.

Neiman Marcus

Floral Light Fixture – $525

This intriguing wildflower light fixture is begging to be hung over a vanity or used as a decorative sculpture over the mattress.

Schoolhouse Electric

Makelike Pointy Poster Wall Art – $30

Who says flowers have to grow in lush landscapes? This desert flowers print finely outlines some beautiful specimens.

Urban Outfitters

Fawn Tapestry – $49

Bambi never looked so great! I’m in love with this unique Fawn Tapestry that will be quite the conversation starter.

Cole & Son

Wind Flowers Wallpaper

This simple, breezy flower wallpaper by Cole & Son provides you the opportunity to reminisce about those long summer days yearlong.


Wildflower Pocket Jotter by Borealchick Designs – $6.50

Whether you are on long walks through areas or jotting down summertime recipes, this Wildflower Pocket Jotter is a lovely on-the-go journal.


Wildflower Basket – $38

Picking flowers on a day walk is just one of my favorite summer pastimes, and this basket is a great boat to assist me do so in style. I would use it during the off-seasons to display dried flower arrangements.

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Guest Groups: Color Is King This Summer

Without fail, after the temperature starts to rise, so does my penchant for colour. I love just adding a few bold, saturated pieces into a room for an instantaneous breath of clean air and summer touch. There are not many rules when it comes to colour — first and foremost find a few hues that go you, sprinkle in some complementary colors and let delight abound! — Kelly from Recycled Produced


Pieni Unikko Pillow Sham – $35

When I think of bold blooms and vivid hues, Finnish design home Marimekko is the first brand that comes to mind. An updated neon choose a classic design, this pillow will surely fit the bill for spring.

Schoolhouse Electric

Schoolhouse Electric Clock, Industrial Yellow – $275

This classic reproduction clock is modernized by the glowing yellow rim. Who doesn’t remember watching that red hand count down the seconds until school was out? I really like the large graphic numbers. Even though this is a classic clock, it seems really contemporary and refreshing, with a storied background.

Layla Grayce

Jamie Young Lighting Lamp Shade Washed Coral Drum Small – $104

Drum colors look great covered in almost any print, but this stunner at a glowing coral with batik floral print is really a beauty.


Suite One Studio Pastel Sorbet Cup Set – $78

These luscious pastel cups can be used for so many things, like ice cream, nuts, candies — the list goes on. I do know 1 thing, however, I’d make sure anything I stored inside didn’t conceal the pretty pastel hues.


Mixed Berries Old Fashioned Teaspoon Set – $35

All these vibrantly-hued acrylic strands are just really fun. They will spice up even the most “vanilla” of ice cream tastes, and are gorgeous to check at. These glowing, hot colours remind me of summer just around the corner.

Putting Fire From Kathranne Knight – $24

I am in love with all the abstract nature of this sunset photo, and the deliciously rich and lively coloring. The light yellow is indeed complementary to the fiery deep pink and darkened purples. It’s the perfect print to hang in a drab hallway in need of some life.

Design Public

Flowie Bouquet Cocktail Napkins – $28

Both the print and colour combinations of these cocktail napkins are attractive. The angular roses and strong piping lends a contemporary, funky advantage to a blossom print which can occasionally come across as stuffy or overdone.

Serena & Lily

Herringbone Throw – $250

Which of these gorgeous shades to choose? I’d really like to envelop myself in almost any one of these beautiful throws. Simply because the mercury rises, doesn’t mean that you won’t need to pay up on a lively summer night or fight the chill of an air conditioner.

Shanna Murray

You are Tops Tiding Decals – $20

Beloved decal queen Shanna Murray just updated her shop with new colours and designs for spring and summer. I’ve a few sprinkled throughout my house in gold and charcoal, but the brand new Neon Pink, Matte Fog and Mint are giving me a serious crush.

Scandinavian Made

Alvesta Rug – $450

This handwoven Scandinavian rug boasts such vibrant pinks and aquas. Sized as a runner, this could be great to brighten up a hallway or section a space.

Ferm Living Shop

Spear Bowl – $80

Granted, I could probably close my eyes and click on and end up with something I loved from Ferm Living’s site, but there is something about this exceptional mix of colours and the humble triangle that elevates this bowl into new heights. And of course, the dimensions and shape are likely among the most useful you’ll find.

Scandinavian Made

Serving Plate Medium – $115

These fairly porcelain serving dishes have a delicate, crackled glaze that lends such an ethereal quality. They also don’t quite sit and the motion that they exude to the dinner table gives a real feeling of natural fluidity.

Layla Grayce

Thomas Paul Reversible Banner Violet Cotton Pillow – $70

I am loving the colour mixture of lavender and coral onto this reversible pillow. Graphic prints and bold colours are surefire ways to welcome in the hot weather.

Jonathan Adler

Green And Natural Dog Bowl, Large – $78

Even Fido can usher in spring and summer for this elegant bowl. I’d sure be tempted to fill it with a few lemons and limes and call it a centerpiece.

purl soho

Tiny Forest Fabric By Kobayashi – $30

Can not locate off-the-shelf fabrics that fit your fancy? Get a yard or two of fabric and whip up you’re own, or find a seamstress to provide you a hand. This fabric only screams spring, with its vivid blooms and grassy background. I could see a few pillows, with the opposite side a glowing chartreuse, or a few super adventuresome and fun placemats.

Panik Design

Vipp – Vipp 15 Copenhagen Green Pedal Bin – GBP 235

Wow, what a statement a trashcan will create! This mint color is hot right now, and sure to make you smile each time you press on the smooth-as-butter pedal.


Quarter Color Curtain – $98

Color blocking? Check! Coral? Check! Cover your windows with these rich and stunning curtains. They are so contemporary, so new and so summer.


Opinel Knife Set – $88

How fun would it be to peel off your apple and filet your fish with these colorful knives? The interesting palette of vibrant hues will capture and delight your attention.

Bold & Noble

Ginkgo at Yellow Moss Print – GBP 43

This simple print in a bold shade gives the eye a peaceful spot to rest. Something about the circular wreath shape is calming and elegant.


Paule Marrot Pink Maze Artwork – $1,400

The simple white on pink colour and whimsical design could be a terrific addition to add some charm and drama to a room. This bit has a young feel, without appearing juvenile.

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