Month: July 2015

The best way to Install Molding on Arched Windows

Transoms or windows needs to be trimmed out like every other window. The trim is nailed straight to the window jamb. In the event the molding isn’t customized to the window, the molding should be mitered several degrees on each and every end and butted together so that it follows the arch 4 inch expose involving the window jamb as well as the molding. Test parts of the molding are cut until the right angle is available, and after that the same angle is used by every one of the parts. (more…)

The best way to Finish Edges of Flooring Tiles

You may run into some small problems as you near the partitions, although tiling your ground Fresno saves big dollars if you are remodeling a kitchen or Designer Bathroom Concepts Milwaukee. Of tiling a ground Flagstaff the most challenging portion is installing the edges precisely because perhaps not all tile matches completely in a space. You will probably need to trim the tile to dimension when you get to the edges. (more…)