A flat roof is flat and has a minimum amount of slope to permit for drainage. Flat roofs have trouble bearing the burden of Commercial Snow Removal Boise, have been supported by ceiling joists and don’t have any rafters.

Hanrahan Meyers Architects

Flat roofs require a small slope to keep water from pooling, along with a waterproof membrane and extra flashing to keep them from leaking.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

No pets or kids will tramp through this rooftop garden, made possible by the horizontal roof.

Bernard Andre Photography

A flat roof actually contrasts and showcases the landscape around it.

Dumican Mosey Architects

There are no eaves on this apartment roof. Roofs work best in ponds with rain. Though called”flat”, technically they need a slope of 1 inch each 8 feet.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Rooftop gardens give many energy efficiencies They shop rainwater in their foliage and also have sound-dampening and thermal properties.

Vanguard Studio Inc..

The reduced surface area of a horizontal roof restricts how much a home will heat up throughout the daytime, also reflects the sun’s beams.

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