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The way to Fix a Loose Oven Handle to a Frigidaire FES367ABG

A loose oven handle can be both annoying and potentially dangerous when it prevents you from functioning the door reliably. The handle in your Frigidaire FES367ABG oven is attached to the door via a pair of screws located on the interior of the unit. In order to access and tighten the screws you have to get rid of the door and take off its interior panel.

Turn off power to the Frigidaire oven at your house’s circuit breaker panel. If you’re unsure which breaker controls your oven, turn off power to your whole home. When power is off, unplug the oven in the wall outlet to which it is linked.

Open the oven’s door to reveal its hinges. Support the doorway with a seat or your elbow, if needed, then slide the hinge locks outward to unlock them. Each hinge has its own lock.

Lift up the door and off in the oven and then lay it face-down on a flat, level surface. A table or the ground will suffice. Think about having a friend help you lift the doorway if you find it too heavy to transfer safely on your own.

Unfasten the screws around the inside edge of the doorway and place them apart. When all the screws are removed, gently lift the internal panel out of the doorway.

Examine the two door-handle screws located in the upper edge of the doorway. Look for corrosion, rust and other damage and, even if present, remove the screws and then replace them. If there is absolutely no damage, tighten the screws by turning them clockwise with a screwdriver until the handle is no longer loose.

Reseat the internal panel in the doorway and refasten the screws before the panel is tight. Lift the door back into position, refasten the hinges and then slide the hinge locks back into position.

Test the handle to make sure it is still tight, verify that the door opens and closes properly and then plug the oven back into the wall outlet and turn the power back on at the circuit breaker.

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What kind of Paint Can I Utilize Bathroom Wainscoting?

If you’re planning on lining bathroom walls using wainscoting, you need to protect it from moisture. You don’t have to utilize oil-based or exterior paint, though; inside latex paint works well while aiding the paneling look its best.

Mildewcide and Primer

The walls in a bathroom, especially those around the tub and tub, are subjected to condensation and humidity, and many semi-gloss latex paints can defy that. They will better withstand the mold that can grow in such circumstances, however, if you include a mildewcide into the top coat. Since wainscoting is made from wood or fiberboard, you can’t get away with a self-priming paint. A shellac- or latex-based wood tip is critical to seal the grain and improve adhesion. Tinting the primer can help avoid the need for multiple top coats.

Finish With Latex Paint or Polyurethane

Generally, semi-gloss wall paint is durable enough to handle the requirements in a regular bathroom, however not all bathrooms are average. If yours has poor ventilation or you have had previous difficulties with peeling paint and mold, your wainscoting may require a coat of full-gloss latex enamel to correctly protect it. You may prefer to stain the wainscoting as opposed to painting it. If so, safeguard the stain with clear polyurethane; water- and solvent-based products are equally acceptable.

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Sustainable Living in 196 Square Feet

Chris and Malissa Tack did not believe they had been living in surplus. Content in their 800-square-foot apartment they had everything that they wanted. However, a spontaneous crash course in small living changed their minds. Turns out, they could want less.

Following weeks of planning and more than 800 hours of building, the couple had a new residence, with 133 square feet of living area plus a 63-square-foot sleeping loft above the kitchen. Set to a 20- by 81/2-foot trailer, the house feels comfy, comfortable and anything but cramped. “We believe that small living boosts living within your means,” says Chris. “That may be a great option for many men and women.”

in a Glance
Who lives here: Chris and Malissa Tack
Location: Snohomish, Washington
Size: 133 square feet of living area plus a 63-square-foot sleeping attic

The Very Small Tack House

The Tacks installed solar panels to power the home, although they can connect into the local grid if necessary. As a result of the panels along with the couple’s low electricity requirements, the solar array meets most (if not all) of the couple’s power needs during the summer. In the winter they spend only $1 per day on electricity.

The home sits on a 5-acre home with a different home and a studio apartment. The couple pays the owner of this parcel to the right to park their home here and also to utilize the washer, dryer and a nearby toilet.

The Very Small Tack House

Since the few employs another toilet on the property, the only water that leaves their home is graywater in the sink and shower. “We are very conscientious of these goods we use for cleaning and bathing,” says Chris. “That which we use is biodegradable”

The Very Small Tack House

The front door opens to a joint live-work space. Malissa, who works in 3-D design, planned the entire home herself. “When building such a small area, particularly on a trailer where you have fairly set measurements, you’ve got a certain amount of creative freedom,” says Chris.

The Tacks did everything they could to decrease power use and help save space. Each the lights use LED bulbs. Malissa’s computer monitor doubles as a television, cutting back on accessories, power and unnecessary space. Her desk folds down when not being used.

The Very Small Tack House

A 9- by 7-foot sleeping attic sits above the kitchen and bathroom on the other side of the home. The attic fits the couple’s queen mattress perfectly, using a floor-to-ceiling height of just 41 inches in the peak. Dormers provide a little extra headroom on the sides.

The Very Small Tack House

The residence is filled with smart storage options, such as this storage seat in the living room. Chris designed it so it may be taken away entirely, if necessary. “Since we had never lived in such a small space before, we didn’t know what unforeseen factors could prompt us need to utilize the space differently,” he says.

The Very Small Tack House

Natural materials keep the home safe and ecofriendly. Wool insulation in the walls and subfloor keep a consistent temperature, while a tung oil coating protects the pine walls without the risk of off-gassing.

The Very Small Tack House

Of course, moving from an 800-square-foot apartment to less than 200 square feet meant the Tacks had to radically decrease their possessions. “It was not as hard as we thought it would be,” Chris says. “There were books and magazines of mine that we’d moved into Michigan, to New York City and then across the nation to Washington. It seemed quite silly, if you consider it.”

The few hung on to their favorites and must-haves, and then donated nearly everything else to Goodwill, simply selling a few bigger items on Craigslist.

The Very Small Tack House

The kitchen was the toughest part of the home to design. Initially the couple wanted to fit an oven to the space, however they installed a simple two-burner propane cooktop, very similar to what is used on ships, rather.

The Very Small Tack House

Because the kitchen is really near the toilet, the Tacks installed only one sink in the kitchen to the entire home.

The Very Small Tack House

The owner of the property is a licensed plumber and electrician; he also helped Chris and Malissa determine the installation for their own kitchen and toilet. They built a special spot for their cat’s litter box to the left of this composting toilet.

The Very Small Tack House

The shower is a classic oak wine barrel, sawed in half. After each shower, they carefully rinse it out with fresh water and remove any extra water using a sponge to keep the unsealed wood in good shape.

The tiny house gets its water supply in the habit 38-gallon steel water tank. An electric water heater can be wired into a switch, so the few can turn it on just when they need hot water.

The Very Small Tack House

An integrated cabinet retains all their hanging clothes and Chris’ camera gear.

The Very Small Tack House

The couple left a very simple but enchanting outdoor dining set from pallets.

Know more about making furniture out of pallets

The Very Small Tack House

Chris and Malissa would be the first to admit that living in a tiny house is not for everybody, but they are pleased to dedicate to their living situation for the time being. They plan to stay in the tiny home for at least another three to five decades and then will build something a little larger — around 300 square feet.

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12 Fun Backyard Forts Grown-Ups Could Love

While any kind of system in a tree or a cardboard box clubhouse will make a kid happy, it is an excellent bonus if this permanent structure is appealing for adults. Even better if it’s a location we prefer to escape from time to time.

With the most up-to-date in kiddo fort designs, children get the advantages of climbing walls, fire sticks and suspended bridges, while the grown-ups get to gaze out on small structures that seem like an architect’s design or a Mondrian cube. Who knows, after the kids grow up, possibly the adults will take these over as offices, potting sheds, studios or money-making rentals. Here’s a glimpse at 12 favorites.

Sometimes I think designing and building tree houses brings architects back for their woodshop times in design school. This fabulous fort resembles an architectural design to me, with thoughtful overhangs to mitigate direct sun and an assemblage of reclaimed wood. Additionally, it resembles a lot of pleasure with its ladders and ropes, which is the point after all.

Aitken and Associates

This floral fort wins the Best Use of an Old Tree Stump award. While I wouldn’t recommend this wisteria-draped getaway for anybody allergic to any type of stings, it may be a great area to perform scenes from Romeo and Juliet or even Cyrano de Bergerac.

Verner Architects

This slatted elevated fort is enjoyable to climb up to hang out in and descend from, while its modern architecture is not anywhere near the eyesore most tree houses are for Mom and Dad.

Verner Architects

Keith Willig Landscape Services, Inc..

This fort makes the most of the lawn’s change in altitude. From front one sees the tempting pleasure of the nets and fire rod, while around back there is a rod, a slide and a swing set.

Keith Willig Landscape Services, Inc..

Bjon Pankratz

The ordered yet ramshackle style of the two-story fort provides it architectural interest while still attracting children. Its mixture of materials is quite Austin, Texas, keepin’ it fashionable and weird.

Bjon Pankratz

When it’s lit up at night, you can observe how the home was built right around a tree.

This is another of those easy-on-the-eyes structures. The tall, Jenga-like tower has peekaboo slats in addition to its own deck and roof deck (complete with sail shade).

In addition a climbing wall alternative is up a balcony, in addition to the side.

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Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc

This cool little cube is certainly easy on a modern artwork fan’s eyes and may even function as a sculpture in the backyard.

Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc

It has a great playspace interior which carries a chalkboard wall, bookshelves, a window seat and even a peekaboo clear panel in the ground which may sit beneath a koi pond.

Know more about the playhouse

Hugh Lofting Timber Framing, Inc..

A suspended bridge is currently the most recent craze in garden forts and tree houses. Maybe it’s due to the rising popularity of Costa Rica as a vacation destination? I am not certain what brought this on, but it is in most of the cool backyards at this time.

Hugh Lofting Timber Framing, Inc..

Another attic inside gives a fort within a fort.

Alex Amend Photography

The whole family pitched in to build this wonderful tree home overlooking the San Francisco Bay. They used as many reclaimed and vintage items as you can, including stained glass windows.

Alex Amend Photography

Now the kids are all grown up, the household rents the appealing and cozy tree home to visitors (you can stay here too).

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Lobalzo Design Associates, Ltd

These homeowners built a playhouse which matches with their particular home, right down to the planter urns, for their toddler, Birdie.

Lobalzo Design Associates, Ltd

The family are big fans of Beatrix Potter and MacKenzie-Childs. The interiors are inspired by both and also are built to stand up to adults that are visiting for tea parties and story hour.

Watch more of Birdie’s nest

Grant Davis Thompson, INC..

This big garden in Brooklyn, New York, was crying out for a bug-free area for all ages to enjoy.

Grant Davis Thompson, INC..

New York architecture firm Palmer Thompson-Moss produced a 200-square-foot screened-in space complete with a ice chest, outlets for speakers, salvaged light, built-in benches and even a sandbox.

Know more about the playhouse

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

OK, my fellow nerds, we’re never going to top this one, however hard we try! It’s a fort for grown-ups … grown-ups who love J.R.R. Tolkien.

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

The owner is a significant collector of J.R.R. Tolkien novels, manuscripts and artifacts, and The Hobbit House is the greatest spot for preserving and appreciating his collection.

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

The Hobbit House even has a rounded door crafted of Spanish cedar. Bam! Top that — I dare you!

Know more about The Hobbit House

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Dream Ceilings: Groin Vaults Inspire Overarching Awe

For very good reasons, builders and architects have been creating vaulted ceilings for millennia. It all starts with the desire to cover a space. In smaller chambers a flat ceiling is easily and easily constructed. But in a large room or collection of chambers, a flat ceiling has many constraints. Thus domes and vaults were invented that may span the spaces between walls and make lovely and spacious rooms to gather in.

My Villa Austin

After two curved vaults combine. There are numerous sorts of vaulting systems. The easiest vaults are both linear systems: the simple V-shape vault, which happens on the shape of a sloping roof, and the barrel vault, which takes about a curved, half-pipe shape to span between walls. Both highlight the rectangular proportions of a space and indicate that the distance can just keep going.

The groin vault is nothing more than just two barrel vaults laid perpendicular to one another. Unlike a barrel vault, which is based on two walls for assistance, a groin vault relies on four corners for assistance. Arching gently or at a steeper, more pointed fashion, the four ribs (or arrises) help to define and manage the distance, creating a focus at the center of every vault.

Creating an inward focus. When used to cover one space, a groin vault creates a strong visual center. The ribs springing up from the walls and then intersecting at the top have the impact of making a space which is very inwardly focused, even when there are large expanses of glass which let outward views.

While groin vaults aren’t very common, particularly in residential design, they are wonderful ways of covering a space or set of rooms. I tend to consider the design impact as every room’s being covered and formed by a tent structure. The overall lightness and tensile quality of the groin vault make it look much like a sheet of fabric stretched over a frame. The result can be astonishing, provided these vaults are traditionally made of stone and other masonry.

Studio William Hefner

A joyous lightness. When groin vaults are used in series — state, since the ceiling on a linear flow distance — the arrises make a joyous rhythmic pattern. Each individual groin vault also creates a location for a large expanse of glass which allows an abundance of natural light into the space.

Vanguard Studio Inc..

A groin vault is also a nice way of layering the distance of a space. By providing a strong, central focus and the possibility of arched openings at each of the four sides, it can enable the creation of alcoves, niches, recesses and the like that can be wonderful spaces along the periphery.

Pitsou Kedem Architect

While groin vaults tend to get a more traditional architectural appeal, they can be quite successfully used for a contemporary aesthetic. Modern, machine-made accessories and furniture locate themselves comfortably in the home in an older building where we view that the stone-by-cut-stone structure of a groin vault.

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Find Patio Party Style

When the weather is fine, it is time to take the party outside. Whether you love planning elaborate menus and decor, or prefer simple last-minute cocktails with friends, the important thing is finding the fete to suit your style. Get inspired by these eight outdoor party ideas, from beachy cocktails into just desserts.

McGuire Furniture Company

1. Chill in an outdoor living area. Make your patio cozier by attracting a few home comforts outside. Roll out a rug, plump up the sofa with additional pillows and maintain a gentle toss within reach.

If you’re short on outdoor furniture, then haul a few pieces out from your living room briefly — sitting real furniture outside feels luxurious.

Molly Wood Garden Design

2. Sun bleached and beachy. Conjure a summery mood with pale tones of sand and white. Hang white drapes or suspend fabric overhead to give coverage from sunlight. Decorate the table with white shells, hurricanes filled with sand and miniature tea lights.

Scot Eckley, Inc..

3. Italian or French style, outdoor dining. Draw inspiration in the Italian and French customs for long, leisurely lunches al fresco. Set out large platters of simple, seasonal foods household fashion, along with wine from glass carafes.

Maintaining a basket of essentials (shades, straw hats, sunscreen) available for guests to grab as required is a thoughtful touch.

The Cousins

Tip: Make the celebration budget friendly. Hit budget-friendly stores such as Ikea and Target to stock up on party supplies in goes-with-everything white. Paper lanterns, string lights and candles set the mood, along with an inexpensive set of dishes and unbreakable cups will see you through several parties. Give a basic picnic table a DIY upgrade by stenciling words onto the surface.

APLD, Susan Cohan

4. Tropical takeout. Who says you have to cook to throw an awesome party? Purchase from your favorite neighborhood restaurant instead and concentrate your effort on the decoration.

A coffee table placed on vibrant outdoor mats and surrounded with floor cushions creates a fun spot for a small dinner party to congregate at. Set out brilliant parasols, lanterns, potted succulents and sculptures or other artwork borrowed from inside.

Margie Grace – Grace Design Associates

5. Homegrown-edibles swap. Get with garden-loving friends for a party that celebrates the bounty of the year. Invite guests to bring something they’ve grown, picked or made from scratch — by a basket of ideal juicy tomatoes from their garden to jars of homemade jam or pickles, or even home-brewed beer.

MTLA- Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture

6. Australian cinema. With a small projector (either bought or leased) and a notebook, it is possible to display a movie right on your backyard. For a classy evening, set up tables outdoors and show a foreign movie along with dinner.

For a twist spin, show an independent children’ picture and also follow up with s’mores around the fire pit. Check out the DVD listing in the New York International Children’s Film Festival for ideas.

7. Just desserts. When you’d really prefer to have people over, but dinner sounds like a lot of, host a dinner party instead. Invite friends to appear after dinner and then surprise them with an elegant dessert table set up on the terrace.

A few desserts, perhaps a cheese plate, plus tea and coffee are all you want. Finish off the day with a unique dessert wine if you like.

Katie Leede & Company Studio

Tip: Create mood lighting. Beautiful lighting is the key to hosting an outdoor party that really wows guests. And the wonderful thing is, it doesn’t need to be expensive! Line up hurricane lamps or tiki torches across a route, scatter tea lights on tables and hang lanterns and series lights overhead. If you’re worried about fire, stick with battery-powered candles rather than the real thing.

Spinnaker Development

8. Cocktails at dusk. Ask guests to arrive just as the sun is beginning to set for cocktails and small bites on the terrace. Since the sun dips lower, turn on the landscape clusters and lighting of candles on every surface.

Tell us What was the very best outdoor party you have ever had?

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A Single-Wall Kitchen Might Be the Single Best Choice

Kitchens are normally laid out with their counters, cabinets, appliances and fixtures in a few shapes; the designs are typically U shapes, L shapes and galleys. Less popular, but no less functional, are single-wall kitchens, in which the three elements of the semisacred work triangle — refrigerator, sink, stove — are aligned on one wall.

The efficacy of single-wall kitchens occurs through the spacing and place of these three elements, the sizing and articulation of their countertops, and the usage (if any) of a nearby kitchen table or island. These examples illustrate these efficiencies, but also how the single-wall kitchen is related to the rest of the home, particularly the adjacent living and dining spaces.

Fotograf Lisbet Spörndly

The idea to write about single-wall kitchens came to me when writing about the Dialogue House in Arizona. In that minimalist house, the usage of a single-wall kitchen followed by the place of storage along with other service areas in the perimeter, so as to free the center to get an expansive view of downtown Phoenix.

This kitchen Sweden functions according to some similar logic; it’s pushed along a wall to maintain the dining area spacious and never block the big windows. This kitchen is more generously sized than most we’ll see, however, it comes with an arrangement that we’ll see repeatedly: refrigerator on the far right or left, followed by the sink, and then the stove. The simplicity and clean lines of their walls and cabinets tiles make the kitchen work very well covering one wall of the space.

Dyna Contracting

Frequently a single-wall kitchen can be utilized for the efficacy of distance within the whole home, rather than only for the efficacy of the kitchen. This houseboat is a good example of a house where the footprint of the kitchen required to be lessened. Like the preceding case, it’s a handsome design that fits well on one side of their living space.

Also, this layout illustrates one change since the days of the center of the 20th century, once the work triangle has been developed: The oven and stove are not just one appliance. Here a double oven sits next to the refrigerator at appropriate, while the stove is located between the refrigerator and the sink on the far left.

Space Kit

Here’s a very carefully designed single-wall kitchen, in the cabinets and integration of appliances to the framing of their work surfaces and spacious shelves. The kitchen is part of a gut renovation in Manhattan’s West Village, a locale pressed for space.

The intentional design of the kitchen in this Portland, Oregon, condo could be seen in the balance of the refrigerator on the right together with all the cabinets on the left, along with the way the tile and shelves work together with the hood over the stove. As this and the preceding examples show, it’s important to get an attractive layout when one wall of a spacious living space is characterized by the whole kitchen.

These kitchens also exemplify another change in the middle of last century: The kitchen now is a social hub within the home, be it to get daily activities or entertaining. Single-wall kitchens offer you the openness that goes along with this socializing, yet without consuming as much room as island or galley kitchens.

Sandrin Leung Architecture

The distance constraints in this Vancouver home’s living/dining area are apparent. The single-wall kitchen is a clear choice, provided the width of the room. As in the previous case, tall cabinets bookend the kitchen, with the refrigerator on the left, then the stove and then the sink. This kitchen occupies the order of the stove and sink out of earlier cases, but it’s less important now that people’s activities progress from the kitchen in the refrigerator (getting out the meat, legumes and veggies ) to the sink (cleaning them) and to the stove (cooking them); more significant today is having a zone or place to function in. Single-wall kitchens may have less room for this than other shapes, so every piece of surface is significant and should be utilized to its utmost capacity.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This 540-square-foot home in Portland, Oregon, is served by a kitchen that suits into one conclusion under the gable. A hutch takes over for the lack of top cabinets, however, the reclaimed timber is well worth highlighting; its usage on the stove hood is particularly wonderful.

mango design co

Help can also come in the form of a island work surface, space permitting. This kitchen goes from the refrigerator (from frame only to the right) to the sink in the front of the window, then to the stove on the leftside. The integrated design of the upper and lower windows, lower cabinets and upper shelves, and paint color is quite attractive.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc..

So when can it be good to have a single-wall kitchen? This restricted room is a great example of when it’s ideal. A galley kitchen could make the floor area too little and eat into the window opening.

Rad Design Inc

Urban lofts are great areas for single-wall kitchens. This miniature kitchen is tucked partially below a stair, by which some secondary storage comes in handy.

LUX Design

Here is another loft area, one with room for a determined eating island. This island provides an extra work place, even as the three chief elements are located along one wall.

mango design co

City condos will also be good areas for single-wall kitchens, since many new high-rises have large expanses of glass. If a kitchen is near the exterior, rather than put back toward the hallway and core of the building, this layout allows for more light coming into the flat.

Design Matters

This last example is just another condo apartment with a small kitchen along one wall. I like how even in this restricted area, the top cabinets provide the kitchen a rhythm that works together with the stove and sink.

Single-Wall Galley Kitchens Grab the’I’

10 Reasons to Bring Back the Humble Kitchen Table

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11 Elements of the Fantastic Sunroom

Sunrooms encourage leisurely living and boost square footage — often with reduced construction costs than a completely completed room. If you’re considering adding a sunroom or turning an existing space into a sunny retreat, here are some features to consider. And if you’re not, your thoughts wills change.

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Lucy Interior Design

1. Comfortable seating. The ultimate sunroom functions as a second living room. It shouldn’t scream wicker. You may bring in upholstered seats, plush cushions and throws, indoor-outdoor rugs and occasional tables that you would think to use indoors. A appropriate sunroom has electric outlets to support table and floor lamps also.

Fraerman Associates Architecture

2. Multiple functions. Ideally a sunroom could accommodate both a seating arrangement and a dining table, therefore it can be used as frequently as you can.

Balodemas Architects

3. Environmental controls. Many sunrooms are constructed without heating and air conditioning systems.But it’s still nice to have the ability to cool down with a ceiling fan if the atmosphere becomes too stifling, and to warm up with a fireplace on chilly nights.

Tom Stringer Design Partners

4. Privacy sunglasses. Sunrooms get glowing, of course. They tend to boast floor-to-ceiling insulated glass doors and windows. Even in the event that you have high-quality doors and windows, the space may still get overheated. Curtains or shades are must-haves to make certain you don’t overheat because you browse home design photographs and drink iced tea on a lazy day.

Town and Country Conservatories

5. Greenery. A vertical space between the indoors and outside begs for flourishing potted plants as the connecting element.


6. A home office. When you have a table on your sunroom, then you can use the area as a home office involving foods. A supportive seat, a Wi-Fi connection and a view to a own backyard will make for a productive morning.

Crisp Architects

7. A setup for entertaining. When you have a large group dinner on the calendar or some particular event, consider the sunroom the ideal place to set up your celebratory meal. Ample dining room, light and atmosphere circulation, plus proximity to the kitchen, will make for a memorable event.

LLC, Penguin Random House

8. Decorations. If your sunroom has sealed windows and French doors, then there is no reason to hold back from decorating it with your favourite home accessories. Framed prints, books, candles, mirrors, vases etc. will really kick it up a notch.

Frank Shirley Architects

9. Whimsy. It’s possible to use this space as an chance to be lively with thrifted locates and salvaged pieces you do not deem proper to display on your formal spaces. Find new applications for a classic sewing table or fruit crates, as an example.

KohlMark Architects and Builders

10. Rugs. Insert plushness and texture on a hard, moisture-resistant flooring — like tile, sealed or stone concrete — with a rug. Jute and cowhides will hold up.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

11. Simplicity. Don’t overthink or overaccessorize your sunroom. A fairly and simple plot is all that’s needed, such as in this slightly nautical blue sunroom. Notice the framed artwork, hurricane lamps and flower arrangement added to make it seem homey.

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A Kit Greenhouse Becomes a Creative Private Office

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