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Jet-Setting Style Lands Smoothly at Portland

Zoe Krislock’s furniture pieces have an global pedigree. Due to her job at Nike, Krislock has lived in Shanghai, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Southern California, Boston, New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C., and the bits she’s picked up along the way create a big influence in her property. “That, to me, actually gives style to a home,” states Krislock, who currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

The leafy Hoyt Arboretum wraps around her flat-roofed modern house, affecting a minimalist inner vibe which mostly channels her time spent in Asian cities. Krislock’s former jet-setting life seems to permeate every square inch, developing a style like that of a well-packed suitcase — everything carefully picked and nothing that’s not needed.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Zoe Krislock
Location: Arlington Heights neighborhood of Portland, Oregon
Size: 2,400square feet; 3 bedrooms, 21/2 baths
Year built: 1994

Whitney Lyons

Krislock’s interior is retained lean to allow the beachfront environment steal the series. She purchased the lace kimono shown here in a store while residing in Japan. “Japanese girls have different kimonos for various pieces of their wedding,” she states. “The color and the type of print imply something to the family, and these special flowers symbolize longevity and happiness. I like my house to be an extension of who I am. It is a showcase for where I have been, things that I’ve done and friends that I’ve made.”

She brought back the living room carpet from Amsterdam because of its distinctive style and texture.

Sectional: Moda, Crate & Barrel

Whitney Lyons

Custom maple wood shelving and floors paired with a grey accent wall create a sophisticated first impression for guests entering the home.

Armchair: Quinn, Room & Board

Whitney Lyons

Krislock purchased the handwoven dining room rug on a trip to Turkey.

Table: Paloma II, Crate & Barrel; chairs: Lowe Khaki, Crate & Barrel

Whitney Lyons

The previous homeowners renovated the kitchen with tile and granite countertops. The ceramic artwork is from Spin Ceramics from Shanghai, and the division is out of a Shanghai riverbed and is mounted on a ceramic base. Its swoosh shape is what caught Krislock’s eye. “As a Nike worker, everyone always loved this piece, but no one was willing to ship it,” she states. “Because I lived there, I thought, ‘I will purchase it.'” The branch has survived being shipped three times.

Whitney Lyons

The main bedroom features big floor-to-ceiling windows that capture more perspectives of the Arboretum.

Krislock discovered the 7-foot lamp with a 36-inch lampshade at Amsterdam. “When I travel or reside someplace, I bypass the small trinkets and I go for the big stuff,” she states. She purchased the Louis Vuitton trunk in Shanghai.

Whitney Lyons

Krislock purchased her custom bedding in Amsterdam from Mrs. Me. She worked together with the creator and designer, Lianne Ernst, to create the collection from French cloth. “Lianne believes that a variety of textures should be combined together,” Krislock states. “Secondly, she believes that the end of the mattress is the ugliest thing on the planet. She created a mattress throw to go over the borders and finish the appearance.” The accent pillows are made from silk, horsehair, jute and sequins.

Bed: Room & Board

Whitney Lyons

Slate tile and maple hardwood floors run through. Krislock purchased the two koa wood paddles while visiting Maui, where she spends each Christmas with her loved ones. She discovered that the wooden bowl on the left while visiting Costa Rica along with her dad.

Credenza: Paloma, Crate & Barrel

Whitney Lyons

Krislock surfed while growing up in Newport Beach, California. The experience inspired her to decorate her home office with boards purchased in Orange County surf shops she had been frequent. Among the boards is signed by Dick Dale, a founder of surf music.

Chair: Folio Oyster Leather, Crate & Barrel

Whitney Lyons

The previous owners remodeled the bathrooms with inset tiles and glass shower doors. “It was a wonderful surprise, because I thought I was planning to move to Portland and have to do a fixer-upper,” she states.

Whitney Lyons

California Closets helped Krislock create her dream walk-in cupboard out of a small bedroom. Customized furniture and wood keep in line with the modern decor of the home. “There were also many years of traveling when items were in and out of boxes. I wanted everything in 1 place. This was an indulgence I given myself. The room was very small, and I did not need it with the office area upstairs,” explains Krislock.

Whitney Lyons

The backyard balcony overlooks the Arboretum. The table and chairs are from Newport Beach and have been in Krislock’s family for 30 decades. “It sounds silly, but they are a piece of me,” she states.

She plans to sand the wood deck and powder coat the metal railings in grey to eliminate the rust and moss which have accumulated from the clogs. “I’m learning that residing in Oregon is a whole new exercise in taking care of things,” she states.

Whitney Lyons

The previous owners added that the curved accent metal siding. Future plans for the exterior include additional landscaping. “I love the idea of being from the trees, however I think the surrounding region may have more of the Asian sense to meld together with the ambiance and modern type of the house,” Krislock states.

Whitney Lyons

“Moving back to the States after being gone for five years was an interesting adventure,” states Krislock, revealed here. “This is a wonderful house that has made the transition easy. It’s comfortable; it was created well and cared for.”

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A Montreal Townhouse Profits Graphic Appeal

Four decades back, when interior designer Rebecca Mitchell’s business was picking up and she could not keep up with her cottage house on a large lot, she decided to proceed with her two kids to a more straightforward, easy-to-manage townhouse. Even though the space is 200 square feet smaller than her previous house, the vaulted ceilings and vertical split-level open layout make it feel even larger.

Mitchell’s busy design provider puts her facing bright colors and chaotic patterns daily, therefore she decorated her space using a fuss-free black and white color scheme and simple patterns to make a relaxing vibe. Another key to making her soothing refuge was redoing the olive-walled and yellow-tiled kitchen using a clean and crisp modern style; this space quickly became the family’s favorite spot in the house.

at a Glance
Who lives here:
Rebecca Mitchell, son Sam (age 16), daughter Emma (12) and kitty Chloe
Location: West Island area of Montreal
Size: 1,400square feet; 3 bedrooms, two baths

Esther Hershcovich

Mitchell’s playfulness with simple patterns and neutral colors — using just a drop of yellow — adds drama into the family’s living room. The pine torso from Saguenay was her first antique order; the snowy Wedgwood vase is a heirloom from her grandma.

Esther Hershcovich

Esther Hershcovich

Framed photographs from her family’s time living in England hang over a Bauhaus-style sofa. “I love to have all of the memories of our own lives encompassing us,” she says.

A brick wall over the fireplace extends into the cathedral ceilings. Previous owners had upgraded the mantel and marble base. Mitchell enjoys this is a focal point of the house.

Esther Hershcovich

White paint and new hardware refreshed this pine chiffonier.

Esther Hershcovich

A slim window brings light into a dining room.

Esther Hershcovich

Mitchell uses a second entry for a mudroom, which is particularly helpful in the Canadian winters.

She found these chairs in an alleyway prior to preparing to host a large family dinner for which she needed more seating. She painted and reupholstered the seats.

Esther Hershcovich

Symmetrically arranged family photographs adorn a foyer wall. Mitchell spent about $20 Canadian (about U.S.$19) about the frames to complete the budget-friendly installation.

Esther Hershcovich

The tables and chairs in the dining area are from Mad Dogs & Englishmen in England. Mitchell painted the black lamp, which used to be pink. It joins other significant things on the buffet, including a painting by a literary performer.

Bar stools: Pier 1 Imports; buffet: Winners

Esther Hershcovich

Vintage photographs printed on maps hang nearby.

Before Photo

Esther Hershcovich

BEFORE: When Mitchell purchased the house, she removed the cupboard doors and backs in the kitchen to make an open shelving unit between both rooms. But this wasn’t enough. Throughout the recent kitchen renovation, she removed the chimney completely to make more open space.

Esther Hershcovich

AFTER: Drama defines the new kitchen. Mitchell saved money by visiting 3/4-inch-thick quartz countertops rather than the standard 1 1/4 inch. She then splurged on glitzy hardware for those cabinets along with a higher-end faucet.

The backsplash is made from oversize black subway tiles with beveled edges.

Contractor: Gary Sharkey, GKS; backsplash tiles: Importations D’Amico; granite countertops, sink: Stone Co.; hardware: Zone; ceiling fixture: Union Lighting; faucet: Plomberium Pierrefonds; fabric: Shorts Fabric Centre; draperies: custom, Ian Maxwell; cabinets: Ikea

Before Photo

Esther Hershcovich

BEFORE: Mitchell refers to the kitchen design as cottage-y, with olive partitions, fake hardwood laminate flooring and yellow ceramic counters.

Esther Hershcovich

AFTER: “I love that it’s a bit of glamour and works well with the rest of the house,” she says.

Floors: Importation D’Amico

Esther Hershcovich

In Britain it’s common to have the laundry area off the kitchen. Mitchell brought this concept residence. Bifold doors painted the exact same color as the kitchen cabinets hide the washer-dryer units.

Esther Hershcovich

Mitchell gave her daughter carte blanche to decorate her bedroom, which now has posters of her favorite group, 1 Direction.

Esther Hershcovich

Mitchell created the headboard in her bedroom and purchased both side tables at a garage sale for $20 Canadian (about U.S.$19) each.

Esther Hershcovich

Previous owners had transformed two bedrooms into a single, divided by a partition wall. 1 side is currently a home office.

Esther Hershcovich

Mitchell had intended to turn the basement into a family room, but instead let her son have it as a man cave.

Esther Hershcovich

From left, Emma, Rebecca and Sam split for tea into their favorite spot in the house: on the bar stools facing the kitchen.

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A Chicago Automobile Shop Revs As Much as Some Cool Home

An automobile mechanic built in 1905 does not seem like something which may anchor a bright and fun home. But designer Nicholas Moriarty tapped into the reinforced concrete floors, thick brick walls and 16-foot ceilings to make an industrial area that is filled with comfy color. “It was hard adding in a great deal of character without making the room feel like a scene in Willy Wonka,” Moriarty says. “By that I mean we wanted the room to feel sophisticated and refined, but playful.”

in a Glance
Who lives here:
An early-30s guy in finance
Location: Wicker Park area of Chicago
Size: 2,000 square feet using a 600-square-foot terrace; two bedrooms, two1/2 bathrooms

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Clean lines run through the open-floor layout. “The loft had good bones, but it lacked character,” says Moriarty. “The overall goal was for each piece to create a statement yet still work harmoniously with everything else in the area.”

Pendant: Le Soleil Suspension

Cynthia Lynn Photography

After the homeowner isn’t working at his finance job, he spends all his time working at a music studio. Moriarty embraced his client’s love of music by drawing on inspiration from the British alt-rock and punk rock era. He then added thickness, colour and texture with eye-catching art.

“To balance, I looked toward traditional British tailoring and made certain every bit we placed at the house was well considered and perfectly proportioned,” he says.

Sofa: Brooks Sectional; chairs: Zinc Chair, Room & Board; ottoman: custom design by Michael Richman; ottoman seat: custom design by Bladon Conner

Cynthia Lynn Photography

In winter the homeowner feels comfortable in his living room. Large windows that face west and north allow lots of natural light into the space, a huge help during lengthy Chicago winters.

Pillows: Maharam, Design Within Reach

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Chairs: Dub Dining Chair by Florense, upholstery: Paul Smith for Maharam, Bespoke Stripe in charcoal; dining table: solid walnut, tradition,Bladon Conner Design and NM Interiors

Cynthia Lynn Photography

“Bubbles,” an art piece by Polish artist Krzysztof Wladyka, hangs above a credenza at the dining room. Moriarty sourced the photos in Castell Photographic Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina, and had them custom framed by Wall to Wall Framing.

Credenza: Square sideboard by Florense, Arctic Gray Oak; table lighting: Steven Haulenbeek; sculpture: Richard X. Zawitz

Cynthia Lynn Photography

With a desire to go big with colours, Moriarty bought this wall installation from Chicago artist Connie Noyes. The picture piece spans the entire wall near the entry of this unit.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

In another foyer, Moriarty comprised multiple bits from Chicago’s Las Manos Gallery. The double art pieces, titled “Plate Etchings” by Mark Pease, are laser-cut etchings and aquatint on paper.

Ceramic sculpture (bottom corner): “Metropolis #4” by Mieke Zuiderweg; photographic transfer on salvaged wood: “Brooklyn Bridge” by Bladon Conner

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Moriarty worked with longtime friend Bladon Conner to make this custom seat near the foyer. It’s made from brushed steel and upholstered with a picture fabric designed by Sarah Morris.

Fabric: The Business Unique, Maharam; background: Belgrade at Glacier, Innovations

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Moriarty framed 18 records and hung them on a wall that leads to a guest bedroom.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

The guest bedroom also serves as an office and a music studio.

Shelves: Volani from Bo Concept

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Bryan Morrison out of Nest Construction set up a space-saving Murphy wall bed and habit cupboard. The customized configuration was made by Jesse Furniture at Chicago for the sofa.

Rug: custom design by NM Interiors

Cynthia Lynn Photography

After the automobile repair shop was converted into condos in 2007, a second-floor main bedroom was added to this unit. The distance is also attached to some wraparound outdoor terrace.

Simple roller shades and custom oatmeal-colored curtains help diffuse the ample light which floods into the area.

Bed: Abbyson Living Hamptons,; nightstands: Abbyson Living Hamptons, Overstock; curtains: The Shade Store

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Sofa: Jane Bi-Sectional, Gus Modern; ottomans: reupholstered at Reverberating Stripes by Paul Smith, Maharam; rug: West Elm; flooring lamp: Big Dipper Arc, CB2

Cynthia Lynn Photography

The main bedroom has a split layout that contains a seating area. The next floor is wired for multizone (indoor and outdoor) music, because of the help of Tom Burns of all Hookup Solutions.

The homeowner and Chicago native appreciates his Wicker Park area for its nature and young, entrepreneurial, free-spirited vibe. Residing in Chicago that the vast majority of his lifetime, he welcomes the diversity, culture and quality of life, including summers at Lake Michigan.

Rocking chair: GT Rocking Chair, Gus Modern; art by homeowner

Your turn: Show us your trendy converted residence!

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Colour and Sets for Crafty San Francisco Parents

Finding an affordable apartment in San Francisco these days is stressful enough, let alone with a baby on the way. That’s what San Francisco couple Matthew and Sandy Lynn Davis, who together run the diverse arts and crafts company Treatzone, were facing as they scoured the city in search of a house. However, as luck would have it, only one month ahead of his son’s due date, they found a gorgeous Victorian-style flat in the Mission District with just the ideal amount of space. “It is gigantic by San Francisco standards; it’d storage space and a garage,” Sandy says. After they added their colorful artwork and diverse collections, it was the ideal place to start their new family. “It really begun to feel like home when we brought Dylan house from the hospital,” she states.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Matthew and Sandy Lynn Davis, 1-year-old son Dylan and cat Bella
Location: Mission District of San Francisco
Size: 1,500 square feet; 1 bedroom, studio-office

Shannon Malone

The parents’ decorating philosophy is both practical and lively. “Our style is fun, but we try to avoid sacrificing substance for fashion,” Sandy says. “We like things to work equally like they look.”

To pay up an unpleasant-looking fireplace, the couple strategically hung a piece of artwork. “We attempted to figure out ways to pay for the opening which wouldn’t entail covering up the great tilework, and strangely enough that painting seems to function in there,” Sandy says.

The assortment of cat-related items on the mantel initially began with the two figurines on the right. “I have noticed that a few of these resemble our cat, Bella,” she states. Matthew painted the blue painting which is based on a friend’s toy .

Shannon Malone

Both Matthew and Sandy are avid fans, and the living area features a number of their favourite prints by creative friends mixed in with some original artwork. “The living area is one of our family’s favorite places to spend some time, with its abundance of sun and a great deal of room to interact and playwith,” says Sandy. “Dylan likes to stand by the window and watch the cars go by.”

Couch: CB2; ottoman: Missoni Pentagonal Pouf, Goal; coffee table: property sale

Shannon Malone

This lively corner of the living area is devoted to Dylan.

Rug: Goal; armchair: Tullsta, Ikea

Shannon Malone

The living area flows to the couple’s newly completed studio-office through a pocket door, first to the flat.

Shannon Malone

Expedit bookshelves are utilized to corral the couple’s extensive collections across the home, such as their vinyl record set in the workplace.

Both work together in your home on different creative projects and operate their Etsy shop and Treatzone together with the flexibility to watch Dylan play nearby.

Shannon Malone

These 1930s and’40s classic silhouettes hanging in the hall are just another among those couple’s collections, sourced from eBay and flea markets through recent years.

Shannon Malone

They recently splurged on a new dining table and chairs. Behind, the other Expedit shelf arranges keeps books organized.

Dining table: Dylan, CB2; chairs: Baxton Studio

Shannon Malone

“Our main design dilemma has probably been our increasingly mobile son,” says Sandy. “It feels like we are constantly making adjustments to keep him safe and be sure that he has some distances which are only for him” Place between some initial millwork is a cozy reading nook for Dylan.

“We’ve been trying to incorporate his items together with ours,” says Sandy. “We’ve found that Dylan is not as inclined to get into things which are off limits — such as Mom and Dad’s books — he has a lot of his own items at his own level near”

Shannon Malone

The couple babyproofed the table by putting protective corners onto it.

Rug: Ikea

Shannon Malone

When they moved in, the kitchen had dark blue walls, which made an area which already obtained minimal all-natural light darker. They painted the walls a soft yellow to brighten everything up.

Paint: Haystack Yellow, Benjamin Moore

Shannon Malone

In the hallway,the couple creatively hung photographs of Dylan in their classic Eames rocker, shot every month since arrival. He recently celebrated his birthday.

“We’re probably most motivated by famous performers Ray and Charles Eames,” Sandy says. “How their work permeated every part of their lives, along with the playful and thoughtful aspect they attracted to everything they touched. I think Charles Eames previously said,’Take your enjoyment seriously.'”

Shannon Malone

The couple shares the apartment’s only bedroom with Dylan. It is located directly off the kitchen, and large windows let in plenty of sun.

The artwork over the mattress is an original photograph by Sandy. The couple had it blown up and printed on canvas in Photoworks in San Francisco.

Shannon Malone

The homeowners gave Dylan’s corner a lively character with decals from Target. The flat walls came painted a soft purple, and also the couple maintained.

Shannon Malone

Sandy obtained this bedroom batter from a buddy. The mirror is among her favourite recent thrift store finds; it’s from the local Salvation Army.

Shannon Malone

Along with a mix of handmade pieces purchased from eBay and Etsy.

“Always” letters: Goal;”It is OK” wood carving: Curiosity Shoppe (now closed); ceramic keys: Rare Apparatus; blue box: Ikea; nightlights: Bed Bath & Beyond

Shannon Malone

The couple scored this classic Eames rocker on eBay. Dylan already has his very own collections started on the wall shelves.

The couple’s next big project is to set Dylan upward in his own room. “We’re not yet sure if we’ll convert the studio-office to his bedroom or if we’ll move into that room and make the current bedroom all his,” says Sandy. “Either way, we’ll have lots of rearranging to do.”

Dresser, shelving unit: Malm and Expedit, Ikea

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Display Your Resourceful Side With Vintage Coastal Style

Soft pastels, bleached wood, faded linens, gauzy muslins, found objects and distressed paint finishes specify the classic coastal appearance. This fashion is resourceful — nothing is lost. Instead, new ways are found to use worn or mismatched items. An old piece of rope can be reused as a tieback, as a trim around a table or to hang a painting.

Most significant, this appearance should not feel contrived. There’s beauty in imperfection, and the allure of timeworn objects is a lasting one. Vintage coastal style looks best when it evolves — the things you find and collect over time will look kitsch.

Woodmeister Master Builders

Window Treatments

Believe muslin, voile or gentle linen for your own window treatments. Old sheets, whether cotton or linen, can make great curtains. Add a DIY shell trimming for a more defined coastal appearance.

Muslin is actually affordable, so use loads of it to find the soft, opulent look which works so well in a classic coastal home.

Woodmeister Master Builders

It’s simple to find this look even in the event that you can’t sew. Get the local fabric shop to cut muslin or voile to the lengths you want. Add an excess half meter over the length so that it puddles on the ground. Clip some curtain rings on the surface of your cloth lengths at regular intervals and attach them to your curtain rod — or maybe use an old oar for a rod instead.

Darci Goodman Design


Shades need to stay soft with this classic look — cream, white, soft corals, aquas and gentle blues work superbly with this particular style. Consider keeping everything one colour for a fresh texture. By accessorizing with bursts that are bright or go for more of an eclectic appearance.

Bosworth Hoedemaker


Adding colour with striped bed linens, cushions and a throw generates a different classic feel. In this case, the appearance is more fisherman’s cabin than beach shack.

Kelley & Company Home

Furniture and Accessories

Painted furniture is perfect for the classic coastal appearance. Modern pine chests, tables and desks often need just a quick coat of paint to fit to a coastal house.

Glass jars like these are perfect for a group of beach shells. I use glass vases for my set of sea glass and mussel shells.

Hint: Give your piece a couple of coats of paint. Try using a darker shade first, then a lighter color, and gently sand the edges for a distressed look.

Rough Linen

Vintage coastal style is all about shooting found items and turning them into something different. What a fantastic idea for a headboard! Start looking for pieces of old pallets washed up on the shore or a single piece of driftwood you could use for a shelf. When you are fed up with it, turn it into something different.

A Beach Cottage

Take something really simple, like this deck chair, and bring it into your house for an instant and unexpected beach vibe. Some of my favourite items to use in a classic coastal house are hurricane lamps — there are lots of different ones available, but with this appearance I like those with silver frames.

Molly Frey Design


A big part of the classic coastal appearance is all about making things look like they’ve been around forever. Using architectural moldings and paneling, such as tongue and groove, board and batten or just wide boards, you may create interesting features in an otherwise characterless room.

Hint: Fix 2-by-4 foot lengths of timber to your ceiling in intervals. To make them seem older, I like to have the edges chamfered, or you can resolve a round bead molding (available at many wood or craft stores) to the borders. Line the remaining ceiling with groove and tongue or wide boards. Paint all of it, including the walls, in soft whites.

Zhush LLC

Do not be fearful of painted floors! There are some wonderful hard-wearing floor paints available. And if you are using white, which really does look beautiful, these paints won’t yellow.

Liz Williams Interiors

Wall Art

Use Engineered wood to make easy frames to your beach finds. You could be fortunate enough to find some wood that’s been washed up on the beach, but should not, make use of scrap wood from the local lumber yard.

Hint: Try painting the frames using a dragging technique. Have plenty of paper towels ready and paint the wood a section at a time. As you paint every segment, use another brush to drag off the paint. Wipe the excess paint off on the paper towels.

This technique is generally used with a darker paint beneath a milder one, but it looks great with just one color over the bare wood.

Kelley & Company Home

Weather-worn signs actually embrace the classic coastal appearance. Keep a look out at auctions or secondhand shops, or make your own using pieces of old wood.

Vintage coastal is about an eclectic mix of items and styles. These old ice cream–making buckets are made into lamps — a great case of upcycling.

Pottery Barn

Weathered Painted Oars – $29

Think outside the box when it comes to decorating your walls. Different, quirky items may look really great grouped together as part of a collection.

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Vintage School Desks Visit the Head of Design Class

During my elementary school days, the last thing on my head was how adorable our classroom desks were. I had more important things to contemplate, like who would have the maximum tradable lunch daily. Not until the ink was dry in my school diploma did it happen to me that the furniture I’d ignored throughout my childhood would earn a great-looking object of decor. It’s the playground version of industrial chic.

Take a look at the photographs below, and simply try not to get nostalgic for the days of eraser clapping and spelling bees.

Mignonne handmade

If your not-so-little one has outgrown their magnetic letter set, do not give it away just yet. Use the letters to personalize a classic metal desk and seat for a prep station in a kitchen or living space.

A word of caution: Before you use old painted bits in a kids’ area, have them tested to be sure the paint contains no lead.

A sweet classic wooden desk and folding seat give this boy’s bedroom a touch of cottage comfort. The toolbox that forms school provides tops it off perfectly.

Chango & Co..

The teacher may not have been amused, but the layers of graffiti within this college desk drawer add an endearingly nostalgic note.

Rough Linen

This bench seat-and-desk unit makes smart use of a tight corner in which a standard-size desk may not fit.

Erika Everett Design

A retro-chic nursery receives a midcentury spin with this mod desk and seat. The tot can utilize it for finger painting during the toddler years and also for homework when it’s time for regular school.

Who’d have considered including a school desk? If you consider it, it makes total sense: School furniture has been built to be practically indestructible, so it can withstand the elements fairly nicely.

In the hinge-top desk to the map wall therapy and old-fashioned globe, this bedroom radiates a gentle scholarly charm.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

A brightly colored school desk gets high marks in this bright, cheerful area.

Looking for schoolhouse-inspired furniture? Begin with the item picks below.

Herman Miller

Nelson Swag Leg Desk – $1,849

Assuming that the eye-popping price does not faze you, this desk evokes the taste of school yesteryear.


Child’s Chair by AMradio – $67

Who understood industrial furniture could seem so sculptural? The proportions and lines of this one really stick out in a very simple setting.


StudioDesk – $599.95

All these adult-size desks are similar to overgrown versions of their kid counterparts.

Pottery Barn

Swivel Desk Chairs and Cushion – $399

Old-school swivel chairs combine retro style and contemporary comfort.

Inform us Nostalgic for school-desk style? Inform us about it in the Comments section below!

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Contemporary Style at Idaho

There’s a fine line between a house that’s been designed to match with its own locale and one that veers off into theme territory. This may be especially true for homes located in resort towns like Sun Valley, Idaho.

Much to the relief of designers James Dolenc and Thomas Riker of all jamesthomas, the couple who commisioned this 12,000-square-foot residence was dead set on not using a Western-theme house. “But that didn’t mean we couldn’t reference the West without being literal about it,” says Riker. “We brought nature and a lot of pure elements into the plan, but in a more modern manner.”

Additionally they capitalized on the striking work of Ketchum, Idaho, architect Michael Blash of Michael Blash and Associates. “The architecture is indeed strong, and the views of Bald Mountain are magnificent,” says Riker. “Our aim with the insides was to be quiet and impartial, which we realized using a lot of earth tones.” But as these beautiful photographs illustrate, quiet and impartial does not translate into dull and neutral.

jamesthomas Interiors

The living room has a dramatic view of Bald Mountain, one of Sun Valley’s greatest ski destinations. Riker and Dolenc produced a small seating group by the bay window using two Holly Hunt seats and floor lamps from Boyd Lighting. “The seats are upholstered in a light blue wool, and there is a very subtle effect where you’re looking at them and the sky at the exact same time,” says Riker. A Troscan Leigh Chaise joins the two seating areas in the big 16-by-24-foot entertaining area and allows people to confront in either direction, or toward the wood-burning fireplace designed by Blash.

jamesthomas Interiors

Still another view of the living space highlights the versatility of the furniture choices. The Troscan Weekend Bench in the foreground has a timber table that slides and may be placed anywhere along the bench, or placed elsewhere in the room. The stools from Chista and coffee tables from Bradley Hughes are also easily transferred to accommodate guests.

“We kept the colours fairly neutral — beiges and browns — and made sure the furniture would be comfortable for a family that includes three children and a dog,” says Riker. The Donghia couch sits on a carpet from Tufenkian. The floors throughout the house are walnut.

jamesthomas Interiors

“We felt it was significant that when you walked into the house, you were presented using a mixture of contemporary and Western components,” says Riker. “We needed something that felt appropriate for Sun Valley and immediately conveyed this house is all about.” The designers had noticed artist Ashley Collins’ paintings at a gallery in Napa, California. Her work hangs above a games console by John Houshmand. All the pieces is individually handmade — this one is composed of an elm tree trunk that sits on a steel foundation.

The lattice light fixture has been designed by Blash to feel as if you’re walking though organic light. In addition, he chose the habit pivot glass doorway.

jamesthomas Interiors

An imposing spiral staircase joins the 3 levels of the home’s north wing. The reduced level of the wing includes a wine room and a home theater, while the entry level (shown in the last photograph ) includes a guest bedroom and a work out room. On the next floor, there is access to the major living spaces as well as the children’s bedrooms plus a powder room.

The south wing is entered on its lower level, in which there is a mudroom, the children’s playroom and a bathroom. The second floor comprises the wife’s office, a lanai and added entrance to the main living areas. The next level includes the master suite. This wing of the house is also serviced by an elevator.

The 20-foot hanging chandelier was designed from the Kirkland, Washington, firm Charles Loomis. Riker notes “it feels rustic but functions in a modern environment.” At the very base of the stairwell, the designers installed a water feature using a column of rock at its center. “It points up into the obelisk-shape light fixture so the contour of each one imitates the other.”

jamesthomas Interiors

The fireplace wall divides the living room from the family room (revealed in the next photograph ), and both spaces are available to the dining and kitchen locations. The white sculpture a part of the owners’ art set.

jamesthomas Interiors

The family room is a somewhat compact 12-by-16-foot area where everybody hangs out and watches television. The custom-made couch is covered in a wide-wool corduroy. Riker says that the Ellipse Chair from Modernica”provides a fun, poppy element. It’s a statement piece that stands by itself.” The glass piece on the huge ottoman from Doma Home Furnishings slides so you can push it away to put your feet up or deliver it close when it is holding food or beverages. The carpet is a wall-to-wall carpet that has been cut and jumped. “We do this a lot as it saves money when you need a very specific size,” says Riker.

jamesthomas Interiors

“The kitchen is very open, so it was significant that all work together and the colours and materials remained in the exact same household as the ones in the adjoining chambers,” says Riker. “We didn’t need you to be jarred as you seemed from room to room.” The large L-shape pub, which can be surrounded by pub stools from Berman Rosetti, includes a raised countertop so you can not see directly into the kitchen. “We had the White Beauty granite waterfall down the front so that it feels like a monolithic piece of rock,” notes Riker. “It’s very architectural and performs the feeling of the home’s environment and the mountains.”

The center island and backsplash have been performed in quieter tones of mocha granite so they would fade into the background a little. The cabinets will be the exact same mahogany that’s in the living space, yet to create a subtle distinction they had been stained slightly darker. The stainless steel hood has been custom developed for the oversize Wolf cooktop.

Beyond the kitchen, a step up and a twist to the ideal lead to an outdoor entertaining area. The floor is a Gaston beige limestone. Bamboo planters soften the rock wall.

jamesthomas Interiors

The owners needed to be able to host small and large gatherings in the dining room. Riker and Dolenc designed two square tables that seat , when pushed together as revealed here, eight. There’s an additional leaf that expands the dining table, which has been fabricated from the Chicago firm EuroCraft, so it can accommodate 12 people.

The seats are from Holly Hunt, and the custom light fixture is from Pagani Studio. An Atelier Credenza from Morlen Sinoway and candlesticks from Baker sit under art chosen by the owners. Knoll fabric drapes open to reveal views of the nearby foothills.

jamesthomas Interiors

“We constantly look at powder rooms as an chance to do something more fun and push the envelope just a little bit,” says Riker. A custom made concrete spout is surrounded with a floating walnut dressing table and marble backsplash. The sconces from Fuse Lighting are made up of a metal sword with black crystal beads that wrap around the bulbs. “It’s kind of sparkly and surprising, and we enjoyed how the rock and metal use everything else that’s going on in the house,” Riker explains. A glass top protects the dressing table from water damage.

jamesthomas Interiors

The designers wanted the guest room to feel like an all-inclusive hotel space. The desk from Niba Home is the perfect spot to use a laptop, but in addition, it serves as a vanity (the mirror is from Arteriors) and a nightstand. “The adjoining bathroom has a limestone floor called Seagrass, so we moved with a slight green and gold color scheme,” says Riker. The Berman Rosetti bed is on a platform that incorporates a bench. Crate and Barrel lamps flank the bed.

jamesthomas Interiors

The guest area’s en suite features wall tile from Walker Zanger that”provides a modern spin on a rustic part,” says Riker. “We designed the floating dressing table, the sconces and the walnut millwork to coordinate with the hotel-like surroundings of the bedroom. It feels a whole lot more habit than simply slapping a mirror up on the wall.” The sconces are from Boyd Lighting, the sink and taps are Lacava, and the tub is by Kohler.

jamesthomas Interiors

The hallway leading to the children’s bedrooms is awarded architectural interest with small built-in benches and markets that highlight the owners’ art set. The carpet is from Odegard. “I had been going through the sample rugs the showroom gifts in a striped arrangement,” explains Riker,”and that I loved the way they appeared, so I had them create a rug that mimicked the sample. I also like that it’s a more playful feel as it is outside the kids’ bedrooms.”

jamesthomas Interiors

The whole back wall of the master bedroom has been coated in a panelized Ultrasuede headboard that goes all of the way to the ceiling. “The bed feels like it is floating up to it,” says Riker. “The metal tables on each side of the bed are rather big, and we actually wanted to center the Baker lamps in the window. They are really more decorative, whereas the sconces are all for reading.” The owners enjoyed the expression of the bare floors and only wanted something underneath their feet once they got in and out of bed, so the designers used runners. “We do this a lot in bedrooms in which you don’t need a major rug since a lot of the floor is coated by the bed,” says Riker.

The Nankin Bench at the foot of the bed is by Christian Liaigre. The metal bedside tables and storage cubes are jamesthomas layouts that were fabricated, respectively, by Gentner Fabrication and EuroCraft, both in Chicago. The seating area in the foreground features the Stop Club Chair and Ottoman from John Hutton for Holly Hunt.

jamesthomas Interiors

It’s an overused expression, but there is no getting round the reality that this toilet is spalike. Architect Blash came up with the idea for its latticework ceiling, while Riker and Dolenc designed the dressing table and chose the finishes. “We love the striation in the classic vein-cut travertine floor,” says Riker. They also used big pieces on the wall to maintain the space feeling clean. “The sink is just one enormous concrete trough that has an earthy feel but is modern and modern, such as many other components throughout the house.” Stones include a textural element and have been placed around the perimeter of the whole toilet. Glass transoms provide ventilation for the walk in cupboard and the water cupboard.

jamesthomas Interiors

A patio off the master bathroom wraps round to a corner in which a Waterworks bath has a view of the nearby nature preserve. The light fixture is by jGoodDesign.

jamesthomas Interiors

The 200-square-foot dressing room is located off the master bathroom. The cabinets’ walnut end is the same as the one that’s used throughout the remainder of the house. Massive ottomans covered in Ultrasuede — a jamesthomas layout that has been fabricated by Eurocraft — provide a cozy spot to consider the”What should I wear today?” dilemma. The drum light fixture is from Stonegate Designs.

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Mediterranean-Italian Mansion at California

About 15 decades back, using their two boys starting to outgrow their house, Marilyn and Steven Gutsche ventured out to search for a larger place. When they saw a beautiful Don Nolte ranch in the sunny hills of Santa Barbara, California, it was clear that they had discovered their new house. They promptly repainted the exterior and inside from stark, contemporary white to considerably calmer, soothing tones and transformed the home into a Mediterranean-Italian ranch.

The inside colour palette and decorations had been closely chosen to accommodate Steven’s big assortment of antique Persian carpets. Carpets are draped on the ground in nearly every area and even on the wall in the first vaulted Palladian entranceway, among the few areas of the home kept in its original condition.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Marilyn and Steven Gutsche and their two sons
Location: Santa Barbara, California
Size: 6,500 square feet; 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths
That is interesting:
The few have hosted a number of weddings.

Evan Travels Photography

A gorgeous colonnade connects the classic-style living area to a gazebo surrounded by a colorful array of fruit trees.

Evan Travels Photography

Marilyn was motivated by the orange trees from the backyard to bring the gazebo.

Evan Travels Photography

The Gutsches desired more space for those boys and their friends. They expanded the kitchen, attached a family room complete with big TV and pool table, and also added a pool home from the back. Santa Barbara architect Ketzel and Goodman designed all the new spaces.

Evan Travels Photography

The pool home, here and next photo, is reminiscent of a Greek beach cabin, with soothing blues and whites, straw shades and a lot of natural light coming through big windows along one side. It’s the ideal spot for children and guests to relax or get a little noisy without bothering anyone in the main property.

Evan Travels Photography

Evan Travels Photography

Steven’s study is a tribute to the Napoleonic age. The space includes original busts, a first French cavalry saber collection along with a museum replica of a famous painting of the man himself.

Evan Travels Photography

This bookshelf from the library houses first leather-bound history novels from the Napoleonic era in addition to art pieces commemorating Napoleon.

Evan Travels Photography

The family room layout is based in part on the Four Seasons Biltmore, with as many big windows as you can.

Evan Travels Photography

Apollo, the Gutsches’ Lutino cockatiel, lives in a gorgeous Indonesian antique wooden birdcage found in an antiques shop. With all the big windows, it may be harmful for Apollo to be flying around the home, but he’s still a happy clip-winged member of the household, often hitching a ride across the ranch around the shoulders of Steven or Marilyn.

Among the owners’ preferred areas for antiques shopping nowadays is nearby Summerland, a small beach town just 1 mile long containing no fewer than many antiques shops.

Evan Travels Photography

As Marilyn tells it, she had been “bitten by the chicken germ” only a couple of short years back. She has her very own coop, “Chez Poulet.” The theme of birds and chickens runs through much of the home, especially the kitchen.

Evan Travels Photography

French limestone floor tiles extend across the remodeled kitchen and family room. The tiles were imported directly from France by ship, requiring months to get there. The wait was worthwhile, though, since the high quality flooring show very little wear after many decades.

Evan Travels Photography

“Once you begin a chicken coop, everyone buys you poultry gifts,” Marilyn says, explaining her stovetop accessories.

Evan Travels Photography

This dark wood kitchen island cabinetry by William Oh was installed years ago, before it had been in fashion. The windows show real beans held in the front of each drawer.

Evan Travels Photography

A close-up of this kitchen.

Evan Travels Photography

A crystal chandelier imported from Italy hangs from the classic-style dining area. It reflects direct sunlight over the smooth surfaces and mirrors which cover the space.

Evan Travels Photography

These finches were purchased to match the lamp from Maison K in Montecito.

Evan Travels Photography

This brass music rack is a gorgeous original piece found at one of Santa Barbara’s many antique stores. It serves function and form standing beside a rosewood piano. The living room’s large windows allow sunlight to pervade the room and bounce into each nook and cranny.

Evan Travels Photography

This rosewood grand piano, Marilyn’s pride and pleasure, is still in perfect shape after 32 decades.

Evan Travels Photography

An Aphrodite torso in the entranceway is a first-century Roman bit that introduces the Italian-style design and architecture seen throughout the home.

Evan Travels Photography

The Gutsche house at night.

Seaside Italian Escape
Escape: A Trip to Tuscany

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Country Mode Soothes the Soul

Among the signs that your country style has been done is the feeling that it enables your spirit. Wide-open spaces, comfy nooks with outside views and crisp colors combine for a feeling of being down residence in the nation.

The problem with true country living is that property is expensive, those views are expensive, houses can be expensive to keep up, and money isn’t growing on magnolia trees. Lucky for us we can capture a bit of country flavor without buying a full size estate. From ski country to the riverside and everything in between, your own wills inspire.

Slater Associates Landscape Architects

Country Luxurious: Land

When we were searching for a house, we had difficulty finding the right one within our small budget (sound familiar?) . We’d go to house after house, and nothing seemed right. Then 1 afternoon we randomly stopped by a vacant home available and decided to take a look without our Realtor. The home was nice and we sort of liked it, but the actual defining moment was when I walked round the rear corner. I saw a lawn, woods and gardens — similiar to the picture — and instantly took a deep breath of contentment.

John Maniscalco Architecture

Connect with all the property. Add huge windows wherever you can to get a glimpse of blue sky and green open spaces. If you live in a tiny urban home, look up: Skylights would be the perfect windows into the spacious expanse above.

Kelly and Abramson Architecture

Country Classic: Beams

if you would like your house to shout nation, try exposing present beams and leaving them naturally finished for a classic look.

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

Even one solid beam sometimes takes a space from the suburbs into the nation.

DOWN into Earth Architects

Create the sense of beams. If you don’t have captivating beams to expose, try adding trusses for country fashion. If you lease, add unfinished wood tones through accessories and furnishings.

Country Classic: White

White is a classic country base that gives your eyes and mind a rest. Maintain your distance from becoming too bland by minding life through furnishings and artwork.

Work whites in. You don’t need to have a country estate to bring that fresh feel to your property. Tiny kitchens and living areas will burst with mild when given a fresh coat of nation white paint.

tumbleweed and

Decorate your white kitchen with shots of classic red decor for a classic take on blank country fashion.

Whitten Architects

Country Classic: Wood Flooring

If you are updating your flooring, go for hardwoods or even tile, but bypass the wall-to-wall carpeting. Although it feels fantastic in your toes, it does not evoke the same country style as rustic tile or wood.

Jeanette Lunde

If you have ancient wood floors that can not be refinished, try pairing two nation classics and paint the older flooring a crisp white.

Get the feel of timber for less. If you’re trying to save your pennies, there are now laminate versions of timber flooring that have a rougher matte finish. You no longer need to settle for glossy laminate if you want a nation look at a reduce price.

Geschke Group Architecture

Country Luxurious: Indoor/Outdoor Living

You can have a country life and style without succumbing to chicken cupboard pulls and rooster cookie jars. The essence of country living is all about the indoor-outdoor way of life. Farmers live off the land, and the property flourishes under their care. By experiencing character pay homage to this manner of life.

Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects

Blend outdoor living using a modern area. Fling open those French doors, slide broad the walls and unshutter the walls. You don’t even need to have a patio to acquire an outdoor feel indoors — open your apartment’s windows and drink in the sunshine.

tumbleweed and

Country Luxurious: Neighborly Front Porches

Country people have always been great at soaking in summer breezes on the front porch with a glass of sweet tea with their sides.


Create neighborly links for your area. You may not be able to add a porch, but you can bring the outside in to make relationships with neighbors. Maintain your windows open, and make it a priority to meet with the woman from the apartment next door or the household in the home down the road. Have them over for a glass of something cold and some fantastic conversation.

Crisp Architects

Wherever you live, it’s always possible to add a bit of country. Bring the outside in, open up views and select stuff that reflect the nation classic way of life. Do not be afraid to mix country with contemporary spaces and revel in its laid-back ease.


Get the Look: Sophisticated Country Mode

Country Modern: A Balancing Act

Home Design: Contemporary Country Living

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Guest Groups: Whites and Woods

Although I’m a fan of colour, I have been drawn to a lot of woods and whites — particularly white ceramics. There is something relaxing about the mix of the two. If you are in need of a couple of well-designed items that calm the soul, look no further. — Jennifer from I Art U


Ferm Living Stem Vases – $50.25

These log bowls are equally versatile and beautiful. I’d use them as candle holders, as newspaper clip organizers, for floral arrangements (as shown) or as a key holder so I would not have to look about for them before I leave the house. The choices are limitless, really.

Pigeon Toe

Pleated String Lights – $225

I am floored by these handmade Pleated String Lights. They work both inside and out, you choose! I can see it now: a charming backyard party with these lights lined up and shining.


Ash and Porcelain Desk Catchall by Fashioned By – $65

I’m a nut when it has been organized around my workspace. A pad of paper and a sweet bowl to hold gold paper clips? Yes, please!


Set of 3 Porcelain and Leather Hanging Containers by Fashioned By – $120

I feel like these beauties do not need any excuse. I thrive and operate when there are live greens round. Additionally, the white porcelain, natural leather and reside greens make perfection to me. I’d hang these babies in my studio.

Architectural Pottery

Walnut Wooden Stand – $190

I love everything about this planter: the shape, the colors and the timber and white combination, of course. This would move perfectly in my living room next to the TV, and it might add an enjoyable pop of texture and green.


Scan Birdhouse by Pigeon Toe – $120

This would seem perfect with the string lights near. I love wildlife, and when this pleasant-looking birdhouse would bring birdies to my backyard, then I’m game. I’m all about design and practicality.


Faceted Votives 2-Candle Gift Set by Pigeon Toe – $58

Candles are one of my vices, particularly during the winter months when there is less light throughout the day. The manner candlelight brightens a room can not be replicated, in my opinion. I’m a fan of the comfy, warm glow, how about you?


Little Ash Wood Cutting Board – $18

I can say this cutting board is a stone. I had been gifted this attractiveness for Christmas, and now it’s hard to utilize my other plain plastic cutting boards. I exhibit this one from the kitchen as it’s artwork; it’s so pretty and earthy.

Clayton Gray Home

Sabine Floor Lamp – $880

How awesome is this quilt? Unique lighting hits home for me, which would be great next to my couch to offer light for reading. I wouldn’t ever wish to turn off it.


Wooden Mountain Range Stacker by Imagination Kids – $25

That can be on my wish list for the upcoming kid’s bedroom. I love the natural wood grain and the separate pieces that make 3-D decor. I would like my children to grow up enjoying nature, which would be a fantastic start by instructing them about mountains.


Records by Andrew Le – $26

This would be a fun print to hang over my record player. I love the juxtaposition of this skies and the earth, and this reminds me of just that.


Small Domed Cloche Screen by AMradio

I have seen quite a few of these around, but I have never seen one such as this. I love the miniature factor! I’d use it exactly as imagined to keep a fairly air plant. I could envision this attractiveness leaping around from room to room in my home.


Place of 4 Eucalyptus Wooded Slice Coasters Wood – $14.99

Coasters always come in handy in my location. I love using a range of them in the living area for visiting guests. It is always a bonus when they are conversation starters, and that I feel these could strike up some of them.


Vu de L’ext√©rieur Printing by Fieldguided – $30

I adore the notion of supporting independent musicians. This print is by Anabela of Fieldguided, and it’s the best print for the bedroom. It is calming and beautiful, and I love the typography.


Ash and Brass Pencil Cup by Fashioned By – $80

Here is some more tasty desk organization. These remind me of these old fashioned straw or comb holders in traditional barber shops. They’re so mod and great looking. I’d store my pencils and pens in these beauties.

West Elm

Shane Powers Ceramic Wall Planters – $19

I can not have enough green inside (or outside) of my house. I love the flexibility of these planters, and I am a major fan of dwelling walls. The various shapes and sizes in addition to the textures of different plants would result in great artwork on my walls.

West Elm

White Ceramic Juicer – $9

This is another gorgeous example of practical and pretty. I use lemon juice often in recipes, which might look great in my kitchen on an open shelf.


You & Me Pencils – $14

Surround yourself with beauty. I take that saying to heart, particularly in my studio. The ease and uniqueness of these pencils is enchanting. I love writing with pens, and these would be great in my desk.


Wood Grain Pitcher – $58

This pitcher combines the beauty of forests and whites — the subject of this ideabook! I am a large fan of faux bois, and that I envision myself with this pitcher filled with lemons and water in a dinner party.


Tube Birdhouse – $28

I could not have too many bird feeders in my yard; I love seeing wildlife beyond the kitchen window. This bird feeder is particularly cool as it might blend in with the trees outside. It would be awesome to observe birds build their homes within this attractiveness.

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