Month: January 2016

The way to Cut a Regular Shower Curtain Into a Stall Curtain

A standard shower curtain is 72 inches by 72 inches, with a few small variations. If you would like to cut a shower curtain to match a narrower shower stall, then you might actually have to add cloth for it; shower stall sizes fluctuate, with average lengths measuring 84 or 96 inches. A very simple method to personalize a re-purposed curtain is to put in a panel of contrasting material at the bottom. (more…)

A lousy Sprocket at a McCulloch Chain Saw

The sprocket will be the part of a string saw that connects the string to the engine crankshaft, and when it overlooks, the saw loses electricity and also won’t cut effectively. McCulloch chain saws can have a rim or wax sprocket, and based on the design, replacing it might involve removal of this clutch. In some cases, a shiny or worn clutch could possibly be the reason why the sprocket is malfunctioning in the first location. (more…)

How to Appraise Rugs

If appraising carpets were an easy task, professionals wouldn’t be able to charge hundreds of dollars for the service, which they often do. The worth of a rug isn’t necessarily an intrinsic quality; it’s only an estimate of just how much an interested person might pay for it. The value depends on the materials from which the rug is made and its requirement, but in addition, it depends on more subjective qualities, like design, colour and collectibility. (more…)