Month: October 2016

The way to Remove Stains and Tarnish From Regular Kitchen Silverware

Stained and tarnished silverware can ruin the overall look of any table setting. Get rid of unsightly spots and discolorations from all types of flatware when you use the appropriate cleaning solutions. Mix your own earth-friendly cleansers and polishes to make your silverware sparkle without using any toxic chemicals. You may also keep your shining flatware place- and tarnish-free by properly washing, drying and keeping the pieces. (more…)

The Instructions for Utilizing a Wen Electric Chain Saw

While the most common method of power to get chain saws is gasoline, WEN Products produces and sells two versions of chain saws that are powered by power. Free from dangerous fuel emissions, the following chain saws come in 14-inch and also 16-inch versions. If you have never used an electric chain saw before, there are several important tips you should know before you plug in and start cutting. (more…)

DIY Chain Saw Gas Leak Repair

If you notice that your chain saw is dripping gasoline, shut it off immediately, and do not use it until you have found the source of the leak and then repaired it. Gas that drips on your own clothing or onto the wood you are cutting can easily ignite from the spark required to start the chain saw. Avoid a dangerous situation by ensuring that all gasoline stays contained in the tank, fuel and engine lines of this chain saw. (more…)