When the weather begins to cool down, most homeowners believe that they will need to shut down their pool until summer begins to warm up. But today’s pool products and accessories may push your swimming season from early spring through the autumn — and place energy savings in your pocketbook through the summer too.

Consider the investment you have made in your outdoor living area. Products that allow you to enjoy your pool a month or two more every year may provide you a greater return on it.

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Snow-melting cable systems may be set up fairly easily underneath patio areas to stay outdoor areas warm and free from frost and cleaning snow Little Rock. Pricing begins at $10 per square foot for materials only.


Automatic freeze protection may keep your water flowing in freezing temperatures. A Jandy AquaLinks System automatically turns on the water features in your pool when the temperature drops below a certain preset stage.

iAquaLink Smart-Phone App – $1,628.13

Cooler temperatures do mean you are going to need to heat your pool if you want to keep swimming — unless you adore a fantastic icy swim. Smart-phone apps like the iAquaLink allow you to control all elements of your pool and outdoor living room — such as spa and outside lighting — anytime and from anyplace.

If there’s a danger of falling temperatures, you can turn pool gear off or on with a flick of the finger. It is also possible to check the air and pool temperatures.

Jandy Guru Series EE-TI Heat Pump – $8,496.91

This Jandy Guru Series EE-TI heat pump can save as much as 80 percent of the energy that alternate heating systems require in order to heat your pool, extending your swimming season by at least a month or two. These heat pumps only absorb free heat in the air and move it to the water, making the heating procedure efficient and ecofriendly, with lower energy bills as a outcome. While an upfront cost of greater than $8,000 can provide you sticker shock, this may be a worthy investment in the long run if you love to swim and reside at a four-season climate.

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An inexpensive out-of-pool alternative is an outdoor heater, which may heat a swim-up pub or other gathering space, or just the region where swimmers get out of the pool. Look into wall-mounted options as well as freestanding units. One alternative, a Danville wall-mounted heater, will run you $260.

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If you’re still in the process of planning your pool, consider including a fire component for all those chillier autumn nights. This fire pit incorporated with the pool design provides not just another entertainment area for the guests and homeowner, however, a warm reprieve for sailors during cooler weather.

Prideaux Design

This customized fire attribute is an ideal example of how to incorporate a fire component close to the pool within an outdoor living room. Putting it between the pool and the outside seating area enables it to benefit equally spaces.

Platinum Poolcare

Fire components like these bowls by Fire By Design are a excellent ready-made alternative for outdoor pool attributes.


Pricing varies, and some of these units may be expensive, so be aware prior to adding one to your wish list. Complete units with electronic ignition, like this one from Fireside Expressions, start at $2,500.

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