For London wallpaper designer Tracy Kendall, virtually anything can inspire a new layout. Plants, found items, people, puzzle pieces, embroidered words, buttons and pockets filled with vintage playing cards have all been discovered on her wall coverings. Two new prints made an appearance at the 2012 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York, such as a drapery-inspired wallpaper created by stitching custom fringe to newspaper.

Another, an advanced outdoor background, was made for backyard designer Can Quarmby and the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show. “It survived the rain and wind of an English summer flower series,” Kendall says. “I hope the U.S. marketplace will love it too.”

We caught up with Kendall at the ICFF to find out more about the inspiration behind her unique designs.

Tracy Kendall Wallpaper

Q. What is the largest priority in your layouts?

A. To make something which is beautiful but that may also be utilized as a merchandise, as background, pasted to the wall by a entire stranger — it’s not art.

Afterward, also something that increases the space it’s in, doesn’t take it over so there is no visual space for some other things. I love it when customers hang paintings or mirrors in addition to my background; it adds to it.

I like a flexible layout, one that the client can ask to be made in another color so it fits in with their inside, that I can change again so it fits to your client rather than simply being a layout within a colorway. And that is it. I love change.

Tracy Kendall Wallpaper

From old playing cards to puzzle pieces, Kendall uses just about every material possible within her work. For this customized newspaper, she put small puzzle pieces on the roll using the same plastic ties that attach price tags to clothing.

Tracy Kendall Wallpaper

Two new backgrounds were all the decoration Kendall needed inside her booth this season. On the left is your new drapery-inspired newspaper, also on the right is your new outdoor background.

Q. What iconic designer would you love to utilize?

A. Easy — Ingo Maurer. He is just such a genius. He’s actually just developed an LED background with a German company, which seems amazing.

Q. Your go-to location for inspiration?

A. I don’t have one go-to location, but I’ll often visit flea markets, antique shows and just pick up things. I simply brought an remarkable ledger from the 1930s with page after page of their weekly payroll all neatly hand-written out and added up. I have but it ticks all my boxes. It’s variants when people have sick days, leave the job, get a pay rise — the things of daily life. I love it!

Tracy Kendall Wallpaper

This outdoor background is intended to be durable. The waterproof, fadeproof and mildewproof paper is securely sewn on a durable foundation paper that may be nailed or stapled onto an outside surface.

Q. Do you have a favourite piece of furniture?

A. Most of mine is outdated and secondhand and doesn’t have a name tag, but I really do have a lovely office desk created by my friend Jennifer Newman. It’s plain, thick walnut for the top with glowing yellow metal legs, and it’s teamed with a vintage Eames office chair — the only one I can manage to sit all day in.

Tracy Kendall Wallpaper

Some of Kendall’s popular papers feature various sayings and quotes, painstakingly stitched into a sturdy base paper.

Q. What person’s house do your goods belong in?

A. This has been a hotly debated question. I kept coming up with areas: Versailles, 10 Downing Street, the White House. Then the discussion moved on to films: High Society and most of the James Bond films. Then it moved on to appearances: William Morris’ home and Karl Lagerfeld.

I Really like a challenge. I really like the concept of stepping outside my comfort zone and seeing if I can live up to these kinds of areas and people.

So, I’ve settled on the current James Bond — either the fictional one or Daniel Craig. I’m sure a home call or two will be required for that background!

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