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Cabinets With Character, Raised in a Barn

The origin of sliding barn doors is surely no puzzle; they have been mounted to actual barns, which often demanded large openings. Whether reclaimed, replicated or generated from scratch, barn doors as an inside element have made quite a splash in recent decades. Similar to pocket doors, indoor sunroom doors offer a decorative yet practical alternative to conventional swing doors, which makes them perfect for small spaces and statement-makers in grand spaces. Barn doors also make great room dividers, providing ample flexibility and multi-function to spaces — a crucial function for keeping precious square footage from smaller rooms.

As they are installed on hardware outside door frames, barn door preparation and construction costs are lower compared to those required to make pocket doors. They can come in any dimension — replacing a traditional door or occupying an whole wall for a stunning effect.

Webber + Studio, Architects

Framed boards used to hide a bedroom add decorative element for this open hallway.

Su Casa Designs

A glass transom with this barn door helps to ensure that light flows from 1 area to another, linking the spaces.

Rodriguez Studio Architecture PC

This immense door might have felt dark and heavy, especially because the distance looks like it could be somewhat underlit, however, the translucent paned glass provides a textural component that brightens the general texture.

Sharon McCormick Design

The Engineered timber paned door is 1 thing, but the designer took it a step further by mounting a full-length mirror to the the same hardware at the background — a wonderful touch.

crown-industrial. com

This flat slat layout looks like it may not quite fill the whole door opening, which is a great idea since when closed it would make a perfect room divider or screen. Light may still pass , but guests don’t need to find out what is happening in the kitchen when sitting at the dining room table.

Carey Dodson

Doors can serve several purposes, also. Why not make them interactive and fun with a flair of chalkboard paint?

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

This giant, white lacquered barn door gives what at one time may have been a fairly traditional home a spacious, airy, loft-like feel.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Perfect for a kitchen, in which distance is nearly always at a premium, this duplex door slides open to reveal a bookcase without obstructing any valuable floor space.

Another repurposed door, this one looking like it had been rescued in the old school, is utilised to good effect.

Loadingdock5 Architecture PLLC

These floor-to-ceiling high-lacquer doors flanking a relatively small opening from 1 room to the next make a stunning statement. The oversize scale and hardware make these contemporary barn doors a gorgeous architectural component.

Scheer & Co..

I had the barn door that came with the loft I redesigned a few years back cleaned up a bit, but not too much — I wanted to retain the beat up industrial texture of the metal-clad door. In cases like this, the opening that the door contributed to’d long-since been closed up, so it was purely a decorative component.

Scheer & Co..

I loved the effect so much that I found another similar door in the construction and reused it as a swing door to the bedroom!

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Bungalows: National Design in the Start of the Automobile Age

Since the Great War came to the end and the Roaring Twenties began, America became ever increasingly an automobile dominated society. Automobiles, cheap gas and the availability of inexpensive land created a housing boom in the suburbs and outlying areas around the cities. A new home style, the bungalow, came about as the result.

Although the details varied from location to location (a Chicago bungalow is very different from the Southern California cousin), the bungalow was generally little, with its living spaces on one floor. The homes typically had five or six rooms, with a few bedrooms and one bath.

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As much as these homes were brought about by the rising popularity of the car, it would take a subsequent generation of domestic design (ranches, split-levels, 1970s Colonials) and larger lots to fully integrate the garage with your home. Back in bungalows, the garage has been typically detached and accessed by way of a back alley or, if the lot was broad enough, a side driveway.

Expanded, renovated and upgraded, bungalows have a lasting quality which make them enviable homes for the family. Many cities across the country have actively encouraged the preservation and renovation of bungalows. Chicago, in reality, has a citywide initiative, the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association, to promote and strengthen the many bungalow areas in the city.

An interesting side note is that the term”bungalow” originated in India and has Hindi roots. It had been used to describe modest lodgings and later came to imply a one-story, detached home with a veranda.

CG&S Design-Build

Bungalows from the South and Southeastern parts of the United States are typically built of timber and heavily affected by the Craftsmen style. The massive front porch extends the living room out, and spacious, the elephant columns help the low sloping roof.

Groundwork, Ltd..

In the Chicago area and upper Midwest generally, bungalows were built long and narrow to fit long, narrow lots. Second-floor living spaces have been created beneath the roofs, with dormers added for natural light and air. The Chicago bungalow is mostly a brick construction with a solidity that befits the”city of the big shoulders.”

Madson Design

Whether a century old, West Coast bungalows are typically built of timber and determined by the Arts and Crafts and Craftsmen styles. All these bungalows have front porches supplying outdoor living room for the milder climate.

Paul Moon Design

Another West Coast bungalow affected by the Craftsman style is, like the Chicago bungalow we observed before, long and thin to fit a narrow lot. The tiny front porch roof is supported by elephant columns.

Lisa Lucas Design

Bungalows integrated the open floor plan which was becoming popular early in the 20th century. The living and dining rooms, traditionally divided by a complete wall, were beginning to be combined with only a lot of woodwork between the two.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

Though initially meant to be modest homes, it wasn’t long until bungalows became quite large. Even at a larger scale, bungalows more frequently than not rely on Arts and Crafts and Craftsman aesthetics.

Harvest Architecture, LLC

Bungalow living rooms are generally anchored by a large fireplace teeming with built-in shelving and cabinetry. These fireplaces could be brick, stone or faced with a decorative tile to add colour and interest to the living room. In the early days, these fireplaces supplied heat, hearth and entertainment center all in one. They were the genuine center of their bungalow home.

Goforth Gill Architects

Original bungalow kitchens were usually plain and small. Subsequent renovation and remodeling has created kitchens which accommodate today’s lifestyles. Craftsman details, stained wood trim and cabinetry with the look and texture of furniture keeps the classic quality of the home.

Maughan Design & Remodel

Bungalows are about using space effectively. So breakfast nooks would be the norm.

Morava Glass Studio

Bungalows frequently have a richness of detail though, for the most part, a bungalow started as a home for people of small means. Art glass windows are a staple in several bungalows.

Goforth Gill Architects

The normal one-bath bungalow has been, like everything else in a bungalow, little and consisted of bathtub, sink and toilet. Today these bathrooms, even when kept to their original footprint, can be made special with built-ins and tasteful finishes.

Kitchen & Bath Design Center

The reduced ceiling, canted walls and chance for built-ins creates the upstairs (attic) rooms in a bungalow quite appealing.

Do you Reside in a bungalow? Tell us about it below!

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Guest Groups: 20 Unique Hostess Gifts

You’re led to a delightful dinner or have recently stayed over at a buddy’s place — what do you get them to thank them for their hospitality? I’ve always liked to give exceptional gifts to my hostesses. Have a look at my 20 favorites, in the easy treats into the major splurges, here. — Maria Fe out of Layers of Meaning


The Bloom Collection Vase by Aedriel Originals – $15.99

The unique curve of this vase imitates a flower leaning toward the heat of the sun. This vase is just one of my favorites.


Pair of Sphere Vases by RouDesigns – $38

I really like to keep flowers throughout my home all year round, and these vases are ideal for a little flower arrangement. Just be certain you include the flowers when you devote your hostess her gift!


Eucalyptus Mint Organic Foaming Soap by Mirasol Farm – $7.75

One of my favorite scents is a combination of fresh eucalyptus and mint. Any hostess will love this soft and slick organic foaming soap. The jar is ideal for a powder room or kitchen sink.


La Bamba Dancing Bear mug by Corduroy – $25

Personally, I like to drink chamomile tea every morning. Whether you’re a coffee or tea drinker, this adorable coffee mug is guaranteed to lively up your day!


6 Herb Markers by AntoArts – $18

I’ve recently gotten into gardening myself and those cable wrapped markers would be the ideal way to bring some fun into my backyard. Whether your hostess has an indoor or outdoor garden, the mark will help her identify all of the herbs and spices immediately.


Kiss and Hug Small Needlepoint Kits by Emily Peacock Tapestry – $160

If your hostess is a bit more crafty, then those needlepoint kits are ideal for her! Easy-to-follow color graphs are included. This is a project I’d really like to try and also the end product is priceless.


Porcelain Lace CupHideminy Lace Series by Hideminy – $35

I’d personally use this ceramic lace cup as a jewelry dish. Whether your hostess uses it in the kitchen or in her bedroom, then the delicate lace detail makes this the perfect chic gift.


Handmade Leather Journal from Peaseblossom Studio – $33

I am loving the indigo colour of this handmade leather journal. Great for jotting down daily reminders. I’d buy a couple of as a hostess gift. They would look perfect at a bookshelf too.


Worlds Away Kit by Augury – $28

Not certain if your hostess has a green thumb? This terrarium kit is ideal for anybody free of gardening abilities. The kit comprises a lovely orb, easy-to-care-for succulents and stone, as well as layout and care directions. I think even I could become a master gardener!


Whale Tissue Holder, Yellow by Sparkly Pony – $39.99

How adorable and whimsical is this facial tissue dispenser? This handmade wooden whale will surely add charm to any powder room or children toilet. (Maybe I’ll even order an additional one for my son’s toilet.)


Salt for snow Anchorage and Pepper Shakers by RouDesigns – $22

I love these shakers. Made from white smooth ceramic, they also comprise rubber stoppers at the base. I’d personally keep these in my table constantly; they’re the great little tabletop accessory.


Monogramed Caviar Tray by Jill Rosenwald – $200

Destined to be a classic, this elegant monogrammed tray offers beauty and function. I wish I’d discovered this tray last year, as it would have been a perfect gift for the ladies that hosted my baby shower.


Magic Egg Yolk Candles by Kittredge Candles – $6

There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting candles as gifts. These true to life”eggs” make for a great conversation piece.


“A Macaron a Day” 8 x 10 print by Lucile’s kKitchen – $19

A macaron per day? Do not mind if I do. That is a limited version 8 x 10 print from an original watercolor and ink illustration, and could be excellent for any hostess having a sweet tooth.


4pc Superior Servers Set by Ladies & Gentlemen – $140

I really like the retro feel with a modern twist of this 4 piece over-sized server set. Perfect for serving baked sandwiches and dishes. Your hostess will love it!


Brand New Porcelain Coyote Skull by Beetle and Flor – $125

I really like skulls and I love gold. This ceramic coyote skull with gold teeth is perfection — Ideal for a coffee table or a little entry table.


1890s Antique Soda Bottle Candle by Pollen Arts – $23

Do you love antique bottles as much as I do? Then this antique bottle–shaped candle is the best gift for you.


Tree Stump Place Card Holders Set of 4 by Michiko Shimada – $24

This tree stump place is intended to be used as place card holder, but I’d use it like a photograph holder instead. You can even take some pictures of you and hostess and include them on your gift — genius!


Russian Doll Matryoshka Lavender Bag – GBP 6.25

This Russian doll lavender sachet is filled with all the best dried French lavender and is small enough to tuck away in a lingerie drawer or hang out of a door cupboard. Your hostess will love the fresh and floral odor of her clothing.


Buckley Chevron Mug – $80

Your hostess — or you — can have a piece of the design world. This mug was originally created for interior designer Erin Gates. In my opinion, your dawn has just become immediately chic!

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