Month: December 2015

How to repair a 6.5 HP Yard Mower Rip Cord

The rip cord, also referred to as a pull string starter, on a 6.5 horsepower lawnmower engine turns a pulley, which engages the clutch and flywheel to begin the lawnmower engine. Every time you pull on the lawnmower engine rip cord to begin the engine, it rubs from the rewind starter assembly starter cord eyelet, which creates friction which wears the rip cord as time passes. (more…)

The way to Replace the Beginning Rope for a Craftsman Trimmer 753-05769

Several models of two-cycle Craftsman trimmers use part number 753-05769, an original equipment manufacturer starter assembly. The assembly contains a pulley and spring system connected to your starter rope. The entire assembly could be replaced, or only the rope could be replaced while the assembly is otherwise in good condition.

Unplug the spark plug boot and cable from the spark plug in this Craftsman trimmer. (more…)

Outside Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning Systems vs. Central Air Conditioners

Central air doors and wall mount components are two major options for keeping your house cool as the temperatures climb. Determining that is the very best choice for your house depends upon your personal cooling needs, budget and also the kind of space you’re cooling. Understanding both the advantages and pitfalls of both cooling solutions are able to help you make the ideal option for your house. (more…)