Christmas décor does not have to be the traditional reds and greens and jingle bells of decades gone by. You do not have to abide by the exact same old designs year after year to observe the traditions of the past. Try colours, new techniques and give your house a holiday appearance that reflects you.

Ditch the classic red and green. Forget the dull decorations. Try something new. Let your tree dwell!

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Inject a little life in your area with wild rainbow colours, white branches and lime-green paintings of miniature trees.

Amy Renea

This year my tree moved from a classy show of strand after strand of white lighting into a menagerie of strands. After finding a free box of coloured twinkle lights last summer, I knew I needed to go a little more bold and mad with my tree this year, and it starts with the twinkle lights. Bring the red and pink and purple and lime!

Amy Renea

Another inspiration for the color theme of the tree was an old blouse which had the best colours and the worst match. A couple of cuts of the scissors, a little hot glue and ribbon, and that I had a selection of fairly sweater-wrapped ornaments. They motivated the purchase of more hot pink and lime green ornaments to create my tree live boldly.


Maybe you want to go a different route and ditch the conventional 3-D tree altogether. Merely run a tree outline and insert your introduction bundles to lines strung between the illusory branches.

Flüff Designs & Decor

Perhaps a tree seems out of place with the kind of your house. For a modern alternative, try out a cluster of bamboo filled’around with bunches of greenery. Decorate (or not) as you like.

Kootut murut

Maybe you reside in a very small space a conventional tree could overwhelm. Go ahead and ask for a bough in the local tree farm. (I managed to evaluate several boughs at no cost in the cutting station at Lowe’s this year. Just ask first!) A tiny bit of water and some candy treats create the perfect nest for the Christmas Bough Tree.

Holly Marder

Skip the greenery entirely and make a”tree” out of weathered strips of wood to get a shabby-chic color-blocked tree. Accent the appearance with a color-block garland and collection of white owls to get a straightforward, pulled together look.

When crafting your decor A tree shape that is timeless is not your only choice. This dress form in the Atlanta Home Show is a festive option!

Patricia Benson

Love ornaments, but can’t fit them all on the tree? Hang them from the ceiling! Go bold with big ornaments and stagger the heights. If your ornaments are small, be certain you have a mass level to hang or they’ll look absurd. Bear in Mind, be BOLD!

Amy Renea

Tell usHow are you going to put in just a little boldness and individuality to your Christmas layouts this season? Are you going to put in a dose of unexpected color? Are you going to make warm sweater-wrapped ornaments? Can you ditch the tree altogether?

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