While we all enjoy staying in a clean and tidy environment, sometimes the amount of time it takes to keep it that way can be discouraging. However, there are certain cleaning methods that anyone can employ to fast-track the learning process and get more done in half the time.

Below are our top tips to help you get your house cleaning services Long Beach CA done in a jiffy!

Have a Plan

Have a systematic order that you follow to clean your house, and make this your routine every time you’re doing Long Beach cleaning service.

Clean Everywhere

Instead of cleaning haphazardly, start from the top and work your way down, so that you don’t get any of the dust from the ceiling and surfaces onto the floors after you’ve cleaned. Similarly, go from left to right so that you go full circle and don’t miss any spots.

Squeegee Windows

Use a squeegee when cleaning windows for a truly flawless finish.

Have All Your Tools Ready

Be sure to collect all the tools you’ll need so that they’re on hand for when you need them during the house cleaning Long Beach process.

Get Proactive

The most efficient way to keep your house clean is to put preventative measures in place, like spraying your shower with a shower cleaner each time you shower to prevent dirt build-up.

Dust without Spraying

Instead of spraying before you dust, use feather dusters instead to remove dust from your surfaces.

Cut Through Kitchen Grease

Citrus based cleaners are a great way to cut through kitchen grease, but for really tough grime and stains, you can create your own solution of baking soda with water which works great to clean away stubborn dirt.

Lemon Cleaner

Lemons are an acid fruit, which makes them very effective at removing ugly rust stains or dirt on floors, driveways, patios, and porches.

Battle Perfect designer bathroom suites Pittsburgh Mold

Pour some hydrogen peroxide into a trigger spray bottle and spray the affected area in your Concepts for designer bathrooms Pittsburgh or kitchen. Leave the solution on for at least five minutes and then squeegee it off.

Deal with Mineral Deposits

Wiping your water fixtures and faucets with some water and white vinegar is very effective at removing mineral deposits and it won’t scrape or damage them like brushes and pads do.

Keep your Stainless-Steel Shiny

Using a cloth with mineral oil, wipe any fingerprints, watermarks or smudginess that might be on your stainless steel fixtures and enjoy the shimmering finish.

Use Magic Erasers

Have a magic eraser on hand to remove stains and dirt on your walls, floors and surfaces, regardless of whether they’re made of wood, tile or laminate.

Clean your Microwave

Clean those stubborn stains off your microwave by boiling a cup of coffee inside the microwave so that the resulting steam can loosen up the stains. You can then wipe them off with a damp cloth to finish up the job.

Vacuum in Rows

When vacuuming, systematically go from one end of the room in a straight line, and repeat the process until you’ve finished the whole room.

Do Regular Speed Cleaning

Apart from giving your house a thorough clean every now and then, it’s important to have frequent periods of speed-cleaning sessions, so that you maintain it well and reduce the amount of cleaning service Long Beach required for your next deep cleaning session.