The first months of the year are always a great time to plan and execute the Mesa painting that you’ve been discussing during the winter holidays. Or perhaps you’ve reached a certain stage of your life where you’d like to make some modifications to your home in order to make it more comfortable and responsive to your changing needs now that the kids have moved out.

Regardless of your situation, we’ve compiled a useful guide of the most prominent design trends to look out for this year, which you can use as inspiration for your own upcoming Mesa painters.

Increased Functionality

Unlike previous generations, modern retirees are opting to say put in their homes instead of scaling down or moving into retirement homes. This is largely made possible by increasing the home’s functionality, which you can do by removing the curb on your shower, using a handheld showerhead, or making your vanity wheelchair accessible for ease of mobility. Some homeowners have even found that a wide entryway into the master Perfect designer bathroom suites Milwaukee not only creates the illusion of more space, but it also makes it easier to access. Making these small changes can really increase your home’s functionality while adapting the space to work for your lifestyle.

Open Shelving

Open storage is a growing trend that can be applied in any area of the home where you have storage cabinets. For example, you can incorporate a few open shelves to your kitchen cabinets to display decorative items like books, pretty dishware and flower pots, whereas having open storage cabinets in your pantry will make it easier for you to see what you’re looking for, and may even inspire you to keep things more organized. The benefit of open shelving is that it creates interest while making the space look larger than it is.


If you think wallpaper was acceptable in the 80s and not in 2018, then boy do we have news for you! Designers highly recommend the use of wallpaper print to add a splash of color on one side of a room, or to create interest in an otherwise dull space. Plus, with all the available color and print options, you can literally go wild with the colors. Just be sure to select a print that compliments the overall theme and feel of the space for a visually appealing design.


The mudroom has its origins in rural Scandinavia, where it was, and still is, used as a way to keep house floors clean after coming from the muddy outdoors, hence the name. These days, the mudroom is often used as a laundry room and as an alternative entryway to the house. Some homeowners even use the mudroom as a space to keep extra book bags and sports equipment and gear.

Ceiling Treatments

Ceiling treatments are all the rage with this year’s painters Mesa, AZ, and are often used as a way to add charm and dimension to the space.