Standard-issue dorm room decoration will consist of cinder blocks, utilitarian furniture and perhaps a security window to the exterior world (if you’re lucky). It is depressing, to say the least. Banish those back-to-school decoration blues with these colorful essentials! — Capree from My Adventure is Your Advantage


Glass Magnetic Wipe Boards – $22.95

Make passive-aggressive notes more attractive for your roommates with a colorful memo board.


Stenklöver Duvet Cover and Pillowcases, White/Red – $19.99

Polka dots are a certain way to bring some cheer to your white-walled dorm room.

Nanda Home

Tocky Clock, Red – $58

This clock rolls off as soon as the alarm sounds, forcing you to get out of bed — and be on time to get this 7 a.m. course!

Kate’s Paperie

Paperthinks Recycled Leather Notebooks, Slim, Lined Page – $6.95

When you’re not actually studying or taking notes, these notebooks will look awesome simply sitting on a shelf. Hopefully, that’s not all that they do, naturally.

Marais A Side Chair, Yellow – $145

A bold yellow will surely keep your mind stimulated during late-night study sessions.


Malin Tråd Rug – $199

If you can’t paint your walls, then turn your floor into a canvas with a bold, graphic rug.


Dave Laptop Table, White – $19.99

This simple notebook desk may be white and dull, but some fun contact paper will liven up things in a jiff.


Hadley Mod Throw – $69.95

Whether you’re cuddling or studying, this blanket will keep everybody involved perfectly comfy.


Ikea PS 2012 Rug – $149

More polka dots — you can never have enough, I say.


Paper Pots – $39

One thing is sure: You may get a chilly during finals week. That’s just the way these things operate. Be prepared with an wonderful tissue dispenser.


Canvas Storage Bins – $36

Keep pens, pens and other odds and ends organized with a few sharp-looking canvas containers.


Lumi Source Woopsy Lamp, Yellow – $32.99

Who says job lighting has to be dull? I really like this lively spin on a dorm room essential.


Green Bullet 1.3-Gallon Trash Can – $16.95

This soothing hue will calm the sting of those seemingly endless term paper adjustments.


Sunnan Table Lamp – $19.99

As you’re in course, these lights are working hard for their energy: Solar panels charge throughout the day so that you may burn the midnight oil afterwards.


Lappljung Rand Duvet Cover and Pillowcases – $19.99

Color and routine, kids — that’s how you’re going to keep that dorm room from feeling like some kind of higher education prison. I guarantee, it is going to work.


Polka Dot Wall Vase – $22

I adore these wall scatter vases so much! They’ll bring the space.


Magenta Tape Dispenser – $12

This tape dispenser can be found in a whole group of colours, so select your favorite and begin taping a few things.


Fleet Hot Orange Chair – $149

Fact: This stones. Fact: Your dorm area will not be complete without a bold statement seat.


Room Essentials Fast Dry Stripe Towel Set – $15.99

Avoid embarrassing laundry mix-ups with bold stripes and strong colors. Plus, c’mon towels are dull.


Colored iPhone Alarm Docks – $30

A charger alarm clock that is smartphone? That’s right genius.

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