In the event you are fed up with the same-aged leafy salad, have a step in time and increase miner’s lettuce (Claytonia perfoliata or Montia perfoliata). A native-plant in the United States, it was an invaluable food resource for miners. Miner’s lettuce is a cool-season plant Phoenix Fahrenheit. Sow seeds 30 days prior to the first frost. Until -spring, sow sets every two months to get a continuous harvest.Then, for those who have not had your fill, sow seeds until early winter in the fall.

Turn the soil bed 6 to 8″ deep in late-winter, mixing in 2 to 4″ of compost. Miner’s lettuce grows in partial shade, partial sun or full sun. In climates that are warm, though, shade is preferred by it.

Rake the soil to produce 1/4 inch grooves for sowing seeds. Sow seeds therefore they’re about 1/2 inch apart with rows being 8″ apart Use the back of a hoe or a shovel to protect the seeds

Water the seeds with 1/2 inch of water. Keep the soil moist and assume germination within two months. Miner ‘s lettuce therefore the most healthy seedlings are roughly 4″ apart.

Continue to water miner’s lettuce one or twice a week and during warm, dry climate. Harvest leaves at any stage, including after they flower. The flower is edible.

Add one to two inches of mulch, like leaves or compost, around the young crops. Mulch conserves water, prevents weeds and gives sufficient nutrients because of this plant Fresno that is native to prosper.

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