Giardia is an intestinal parasite that causes diarrhoea in animals and people. Soil can become when afflicted people or animals defecate in the region contaminated with giardia. Water composted manure to the soil or contaminated with giardia can cause contamination. To eliminate giardia, improve the the temperature of soil that was contaminated for a week to between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit using an easy process called solarization.

Use two layers of clear UV stabilized plastic sheeting having a thickness between 0.5 and 4 millimeters.

Cut the plastic using a pair of utility knife or scissors. Use it to be secured by a bit of plastic big enough to entirely cover the required area plus an extra one foot on all sides to the floor.

Lay out two levels of plastic on the the goal region.

Secure the plastic to stop the wind from blowing it away or tearing it. Use a shovel to bury the edges of the plastic in trenches that are little at least the or 5 inches deep. Place rocks over the edge for extra fat in locations that are windy.

Wash your hands carefully to prevent ingesting the giardia.

Temperatures high enough to destroy giardia by leaving the plastic to eight months in fall or the spring and four to six months in the summer.

Check the temperature of the soil using a soil thermometer to assure the soil reaches a temperature between 86 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit for a week.

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