For those that grow their own fruits and veggies, no garden Flagstaff is complete without a couple of tomato plants. Tomatoes are vulnerable to diseases that damage a harvest if left untreated and various pests. From building on tomato crops, copper sulfate, a quickly accessible fungicide and bactericide, stops several fungal illnesses. When combined with with water, ions which can be toxic to fungi but fairly risk-free for the crops are released by copper sulfate.Copper sulfate in the period to prevent tomatoes that are dropping to surprise illness.

Plan to spray tomato crops with copper sulfate fungicide on a day that is great, relaxed. Do not use copper sulfate on a rainy or really windy day.

Put on a long-sleeved shirt, pants and eye goggles before spraying copper sulfate. This chemical can cause eye and skin damage.

Fill a hand sprayer with 4 teaspoons of copper sulfate and 1-gallon of water. Mix carefully.

Attach a hollow-cone nozzle to the hand sprayer for program outcomes that are best. Hollow-cone nozzles spray medium-good 0.01-inch droplets that protect the plant Phoenix completely.

After transplanting them into your backyard tomato crops with copper sulfate two to one month. The tops and bottoms as well as cover the plant Phoenix stems using the spray of leaves. The fungicide AIDS in preventing leaf mould, nail-head rust spot, blight, Anthracnose leaf spot and Septoria.

Repeat the copper sulfate program again every seven to 10 times. You may need to use the fungicide frequently in wet or humid weather.

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