Rattan is the name for a selection of palm species used in artwork, that is created in a weaving style called wicker. As a pure material rather than artificial, the fibers sometimes dry out and crackle or squeak when subjected consistently to indoor heat or direct outside sunlight. Maintaining your rattan clean and conditioned prevents squeaking and deterioration.

Keep It Moist

To alleviate the annoying noise of creaking and crackling when sitting on your rattan chairs or sofas, prevent the fibers from drying out. Wipe down the rattan one time a week if possible, with a clean, damp cloth and a mild household cleaning product. Light spritzing is acceptable, but excess water can cause warping or weakening of these fibers and a buildup of mold from the cracks and crevices of the woven rattan.

Cover and Protect

Most rattan furniture is treated with a protective coating after the manufacturing process, but the layers can wear off with time. This exposes the fibers to dryness and heat and can lead to squeaking. Use a pure lubricant like lemon oil or boiled linseed oil periodically to recondition your own hair, and periodically apply a new coat of varnish, shellac or a comparable sealant.

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