ICFF 2012 Report: New Wallpapers From Tracy Kendall

For London wallpaper designer Tracy Kendall, virtually anything can inspire a new layout. Plants, found items, people, puzzle pieces, embroidered words, buttons and pockets filled with vintage playing cards have all been discovered on her wall coverings. Two new prints made an appearance at the 2012 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York, such as a drapery-inspired wallpaper created by stitching custom fringe to newspaper.

Another, an advanced outdoor background, was made for backyard designer Can Quarmby and the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show. “It survived the rain and wind of an English summer flower series,” Kendall says. “I hope the U.S. marketplace will love it too.”

We caught up with Kendall at the ICFF to find out more about the inspiration behind her unique designs.

Tracy Kendall Wallpaper

Q. What is the largest priority in your layouts?

A. To make something which is beautiful but that may also be utilized as a merchandise, as background, pasted to the wall by a entire stranger — it’s not art.

Afterward, also something that increases the space it’s in, doesn’t take it over so there is no visual space for some other things. I love it when customers hang paintings or mirrors in addition to my background; it adds to it.

I like a flexible layout, one that the client can ask to be made in another color so it fits in with their inside, that I can change again so it fits to your client rather than simply being a layout within a colorway. And that is it. I love change.

Tracy Kendall Wallpaper

From old playing cards to puzzle pieces, Kendall uses just about every material possible within her work. For this customized newspaper, she put small puzzle pieces on the roll using the same plastic ties that attach price tags to clothing.

Tracy Kendall Wallpaper

Two new backgrounds were all the decoration Kendall needed inside her booth this season. On the left is your new drapery-inspired newspaper, also on the right is your new outdoor background.

Q. What iconic designer would you love to utilize?

A. Easy — Ingo Maurer. He is just such a genius. He’s actually just developed an LED background with a German company, which seems amazing.

Q. Your go-to location for inspiration?

A. I don’t have one go-to location, but I’ll often visit flea markets, antique shows and just pick up things. I simply brought an remarkable ledger from the 1930s with page after page of their weekly payroll all neatly hand-written out and added up. I have but it ticks all my boxes. It’s variants when people have sick days, leave the job, get a pay rise — the things of daily life. I love it!

Tracy Kendall Wallpaper

This outdoor background is intended to be durable. The waterproof, fadeproof and mildewproof paper is securely sewn on a durable foundation paper that may be nailed or stapled onto an outside surface.

Q. Do you have a favourite piece of furniture?

A. Most of mine is outdated and secondhand and doesn’t have a name tag, but I really do have a lovely office desk created by my friend Jennifer Newman. It’s plain, thick walnut for the top with glowing yellow metal legs, and it’s teamed with a vintage Eames office chair — the only one I can manage to sit all day in.

Tracy Kendall Wallpaper

Some of Kendall’s popular papers feature various sayings and quotes, painstakingly stitched into a sturdy base paper.

Q. What person’s house do your goods belong in?

A. This has been a hotly debated question. I kept coming up with areas: Versailles, 10 Downing Street, the White House. Then the discussion moved on to films: High Society and most of the James Bond films. Then it moved on to appearances: William Morris’ home and Karl Lagerfeld.

I Really like a challenge. I really like the concept of stepping outside my comfort zone and seeing if I can live up to these kinds of areas and people.

So, I’ve settled on the current James Bond — either the fictional one or Daniel Craig. I’m sure a home call or two will be required for that background!

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5 Homes Full of Far Eastern Influences

What do you think about when you think about Asian design? Obviously, many different countries make up the diverse continent and there’s a vast array of styles beneath the vast category of”Asian.” However, there’s a certain uncluttered simplicity, balance and serenity inherent across international boundaries, and the West can’t seem to get enough of it. Here’s a look at five spectacular homes that were heavily influenced by Asian strategies to style, each one mixing inspiration from the Far East in addition to its own region.

Maria Teresa Durr

An oversized pot from Thailand lets people know this Miami home has off-the-beaten path openings in store.

Maria Teresa Durr

Furniture and art brought back from Thailand mix with organic fibers on the floor and walls. The subtle colour palette keeps things comfy.

Maria Teresa Durr

Exotic materials include to a Thai-Miami tropical mixture texture.

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Webber + Studio

In Austin Texasthis home by Weber + Studio Architects combines the common regional modern components of limestone along with a metal roof with touches borrowed from Balinese architecture, like the dark siding and pavilion style.

Webber + Studio, Architects

On the second level, stair railings resemble shoji screens.

Webber + Studio, Architects

Cooling colors and substances continue inside, committing to the tropical and exotic feel of the home.

Watch the rest of this home

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

The magnificent views from this Malibu home look as though they stretch all of the way to Asia.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Interior designer Tracy Murdock incorporated many Japanese bits on the California coast. For example, this eating nook gets the Zen feel of a Japanese teahouse.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Calming affects from Japan extend into this restful bedroom, such as shoji screens and closely styled views of nature.

Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

Inspired by a hotel lobby in Thailand, Designer Supon Phornirunlit brought home the idea of a reflecting pool to his home in Washington D.C., furnishing most of it with smart inexpensive regional finds. By”neighborhood,” I mean that the closest IKEA and Pier 1 Imports.

Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

In addition, he brought back a gorgeous silk duvet, hand-painted Buddhas and temple doorways to provide this guest space.

Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

The ease of Asian style together with his keen graphic design eye and love of pop art is reflected in all of his baths.

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Jordan Cappella

When interior designer Jordan Cappella was tasked with designing the interior of this sleek and initially rather cold pre-fab in Venice Beach, he switched to Asian influences. A welcoming Buddha sets the tone in the front stoop.

Jordan Cappella

Inside, a mix of mid-century modern, contemporary and Asian accents and furniture warm up the interior. It’s a true mash-up; the stool is out of Bali, the front of this triangular pillow is covered in bits from a traditional Japanese obi, along with also the back of the pillow is covered in what Cappella calls”a very cheap Chinatown cloth”

Jordan Cappella

A Kirei wall (plywood made from reeds) gives a background for a Chinoiserie chest along with a hand-carved one-piece bit. Cappella loves to combine substances, metals, eras and styles, therefore earning art from Vietnam, fabric from Japan and furniture from Bali is all in a day’s work for him.

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9 Elements of Asian Style
Insert Asian Flair For Your Home With Tansu Style Cabinets
Book Tour: Exotic Taste — Orientalist Interiors
Design Option: Japanese Shoji Screens
Global Icons: The Chinese Garden Stool

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Guest Picks: 20 Gifts to Tickle Your Funny Bone

I wouldn’t always use the word”tacky” to describe my handpicked choice of that is gift-able. Wait . Yes, I would. They are tacky. Delightfully tacky and tasteless and campy, and you also know someone whose home will be better . — Ellen from Nouveau Stitch

Mookie Gifts

‘A Christmas Story’ 40-Inch Leg Lamp

We’ve got these in our home. You ought to have seen the faces of those five exchange students we had here last week. They eventually relaxed once they understood that the leg wasn’t real. It is impossible to explain to those who don’t know a”major award” when they see one.

Fred Flare

Buddha Butter Dish – $26

You’ll no longer have to remind hubby it is time to hit the treadmill. Just set this butter dish in front of him and silently gaze back and forth between the him and dish. He’ll find the message.

Fred Flare

Fred & Friends Wine Monkey – $15

What greater way is there to introduce a bottle of the best 2-Buck Chuck than put in the hollowed stomach and brain cavity of a sock monkey? Both were made for one another.


The Jesus Toaster – $27

Perfect toast each time. Every time.


The OCD Cutting Board – $24.99

When Martha says to make those carrot strips two inches, by gosh, they had better not be 2.1 inches!

Fred Flare

Cardboard Buck Jr.. Trophy – $32

No live animals were hurt in the creation of the piece. Deer-cardboardery, while previously known as a lost art, is alive and well and kitsching it up from the den.

MoMA Store

Wine Glass Lampshades – $16

They’re glasses — no, they’re lamps! They’re glamps!


IPad two Cat Felt Sleeve by Boutique ID

Hissssss, I said it is my iPad. If your good arm means anything to you, I would suggest you move along.

Fred Flare

IMM-Living Aphrodite USB Hub – $46

Aphrodite, greek goddess of love, beauty, joy, procreation and the million digital gadgets in my desk.

Mookie Gifts

A Fragile Dog Funny Doormat – $18.99

Therefore it would behoove you to slowly back away from the door, unless you have something especially meaty in that present bag.


Hand-Embroidered Region Pillow – $149

Have you got a relative who won’t get with it and use a GPS? Bring them into the 19th Century for this GPS pillow. That is right, a global positioning system that not only gets them within 500 miles of the destination, but also supports the spine while they’re sleeping in the rest stop.

Mookie Gifts

High Heel Cake Server – $16.99

Shoes and pie — just two things I never believed should be used together. Better the kitten heel than the penny loafer.

Fishs Eddy

Rush in Grease Spoon Rest – $11.95

The squeaky wheel, or in this case the spoon rest, gets the grease.


Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag – $16.25

Why invest in Baccarat crystal when a faux-baggie is going to do?


Paper Pots – $39

These pots are for when the toilet paper absolutely, positively shouldn’t be viewed with the naked eye.


Face Mug – $18

Oh dear, Mrs. Fields was reading those cross-marketing books again. What’s next? Cookie dough antacids.

Fishs Eddy

Strip Tea Glasses 13.5ounce, Set of 4 – $22

I really don’t think this is what the Victorians had in mind when they talked bringing a Pole to tea.

MoMA Store

Tim Burton’s Playing Cards – $5

Add these to your weekly Texas Hold’Em marathons and introduce some melancholy into the mix. Your visitors will be too depressed to ante.

Fred Flare

Kit Kat Clock – $60

This is a funky and retro clock with cattitude. It was likely invented by cats whose caretakers had missed one a lot of 6 a.m. feedings.

Lamps Plus

Pinguino Black And Yellow Accent Lamp – $89.91

Penguins mate for life, meaning you’ll need a set of these lamps.

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Guest Groups: Versatile White Serveware

‘Tis your season to party! If you are planning on hosting a holiday gathering, do not miss your serveware. White serving pieces are as versatile as they are practical, and will be the base of any well-styled party table. They work with any decor and every event, so you’ll be sure to bring out them over and over again during the year. Beth in The Modern Home


Cuatro Platters – $1.95

Cuatro platters are entertaining all-stars, and apparently I’m not the only person who thinks so. Great for serving and dining, these puppies scored an impressive five stars out of 177 testimonials on CB2.


White Curve Server – $3.95

Purchased in multiples, this server lets you design any tablescape you can imagine.


Rainbow Hors D’oeuvres Establish – $44

These arches readily add style and interest to the buffet table.


Dome Bowls – $3.95

I really like how slick and minimal these bowls really are. They’d look fantastic holding only about anything.


Ceramic Soup Spoons – $9.50

Ceramic soup spoons are perfect for individual appetizers and result in a nice screen.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Libbey® Only Tasting Round Tasting Bowl – $19.99

Here is another wonderful piece for individual appetizers. These mini bowls are slick and contemporary.


Footed Serving Bowl – $39.95

This footed base is a versatile bit. Use it for serving or for a centerpiece screen.


Rectangle Rim Platters – $9.95

Rectangle rim platters are a timeless piece for entertaining. Simple and flexible, they maintain anything from appetizers to main dishes and work well with any style. I certainly have these in my arsenal.


Nagoya 3-Part Server – $14.95

This fun collection includes two plates and one bowl that fit together like a puzzle.

Bed Bath & Beyond

BIA Cordon Bleu Swirl Dish – $5.99

This swirl dish could result in an intriguing food screen.

Bed Bath & Beyond

BIA Cordon Bleu 5″ Divided Dish – $4.99

This 1 kinda looks like a dog bowl. However, in the event that you’re able to get past that, it could be great for serving condiments.


Cheese Markers, Set of Six $9.95

Like cheese? I do! These markers make it easy to identify different cheeses — or any cuisine — at the table. They’d make a fantastic hostess gift.

Beth Young

7-Piece Finger Food Set – $39.51

I’d omit the steel tray in a buffet setting, but otherwise I really dig this set from Blomus.


Cheese & Cracker Server – $24.95

The raised center of this dish makes for easy access to cheese, etc..

Emmo Home

Alessi La Stanza dello Scirocco Fruit Bowl, White – $70

Set your rolls into this artsy ultra-mod bowl, and you are bound to begin a few conversations over it.


Swoop Bowls – $4.95

These bowls are just another Crate & Barrel favored you are bound to find lots of applications for.


SKYN Serving Plate – $19.99

This serving plate from IKEA has fitting bowls that are almost identical to the bowls listed above. Surprisingly, the purchase price of the bowls is significantly less expensive at Crate & Barrel.


Cookie Tray – $151.88

The cookie cutter tray by Stina Sandwall is perfect for serving up all sorts of fairly treats.


IKEA 365+ Serving Bowl – $4.99

It’s hard to beat the purchase price of this serving bowl from the IKEA 365+ series — or the design for this issue!

Roselli Design

Square Porcelain Display Riser

Roselli has, without a doubt, the best looking cake racks on the market. The square is my favorite, but the round and coupe risers are simply as sweet.

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8 Colours for North-Facing Rooms

If you have ever painted a room that faces north, you might have noticed that the color didn’t quite look as if you expected, especially if you used a lighter colour. That is because north-facing rooms get very little direct sun, if any. Also, the organic light that does stream into the space is often a cool, bluer light –not the warm glowing type. This can have a massive impact on color and leave your paint job from the shadows. With all that, north-facing rooms may still be inviting and warm, if you’re willing to use colors that are more saturated and vibrant.

8 Colors for South-Facing Rooms | More about picking paint

4R Builders.

Using orange provides a warm and also a festive touch to a north-facing room. A crisp color of orange makes a fun and unexpected color choice for a mud room or laundry room.

Attempt: Knockout Orange 6885 by Sherwin-Williams

Heather Knight

A shaded room will never win against yellow in its saturated form. Start looking for a deep yellow that’s gold and green undertones for its biggest effect.

Attempt: Funky Yellow 6913 by Sherwin-Williams

Mark pinkerton – photography

Periwinkle is considered a color that was cool, but its purplish undertones add just enough heat to make it work in a space with sun. Additionally, it is a good idea to pair cooler hues with warm finishes, such as the hardwood floors in this space.

Attempt: Anemone 590B-4 by Behr

Walden Design Group – Cynthia Walden

With its warm, garden green wall color and sexy pink cloth, this woman’s room has excitement and energy. A punchy color combo is the best answer for a space that doesn’t have a direct hit from the sun’s yellow rays.

Attempt: Hidden Meadow 410B-5 by Behr

Shoshana Gosselin

Chartreuse is a bold color choice, but in a shadowy space, it is tempered enough to not look so overpowering.

Attempt: Nervy Hue 6917 by Sherwin-Williams

A cherry color echoes a beautiful sunrise and will add a natural warmth into your north-facing room.

Attempt: Funky Fruit 2015-50 by Benjamin Moore


Using fuchsia can be frightening, but if you like pink, then it is best to use a vibrant tone in chambers with hardly any sun. Pairing pink with white and black produces a very glam look.

Try: Hot Lips 2077-30 by Benjamin Moore

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

Imagine if your favorite color is blue? Can you still use it in a north-facing room saturated in cooler sunshine? Yes you can! Just remember that glowing, soft blues may turn out looking dull or gray. Choose a warm, mid-tone blue that is more vibrant than what you could possibly be accustomed to.

Attempt: Rocky Mountain Sky 2066-40 by Benjamin Moore

More: Past the White Ceiling: Using Shade Above

More Shade: Yes You Can!

8 Colors for South-Facing Rooms

More about picking paint

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In the Runways Home: Pastels Spring Back

Among several trends coming up for Spring 2012 are the pastels that made a loud splash during Fashion Week. Big names in fashion, such as Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein and Diane von Furstenberg, are earning such pretty shades to substitute the loudly neons and prints that have been ruling the runways, making way for a more tranquil aesthetic.

Since there’s not any better place for tranquil than the house, let’s explore some approaches to translate this tendency into insides. Many of the ideas require only a bucket of paint or exchanging several knickknacks. If your house could use a light and airy spring refresher, keep reading to adopt a world of pastels.

Jeanette Lunde

Sometimes all a seating arrangement needs are a couple pastel pink accent chairs. Treat yourself to something fresh, or paint everything you presently have.

Sophie Azouaou

For a truly calming bedroom, pastels are the thing to do. Eliminate visual competition by focusing on just two shades, such as seafoam white and green. The softness of the pastel dominates the distance. Discuss soothing.

Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC

This is just another example of the idea, in pinks with a black accent. The black adds marginally more measurement, which makes the space feel equally relaxed and balanced.

Amoroso Design

Do not want to the pastel to feel to romantic or soft? Choose a color that feels crisp, such as this minty blue-green. When mixed with modern accessories and sisal runner that this stairwell feels anything but traditional.

Life in the Fun Lane

Take it a step further by refinishing a piece of furniture at a pastel. This dresser keeps its feel while appearing fresh in a shade of green. When paired with the ocean artwork, the whole vignette is your image of aesthetic serenity.

Design House

Give a side table a fresh character by covering it with a pastel tablecloth. Both feel and the colour will provide it an upgrade.

Layout Shop Interiors

Further contemporize that your pastels by punctuating them with bold colors; the contrast of soft shades against glowing neons is unexpected yet definitely chic. Try accenting the light using a brighter colour of the color: this pink bedroom feels stylish and young with accents of magenta throughout.

Zimina Inna

Another idea is picking a complementary colour to accent the pastel. In this bedroom, light purple takes centre stage when juxtaposed with orange.

Elad Gonen

Paint something unusual with pastels for a surprise twist on the fashion. It is not often you see closet doors painted with stripes in soft blues and yellows, but the look is whimsical and fun.

Elad Gonen

All you need is a dose of pastel to provide a fresh update. Consider your island : how much livelier will your kitchen feel if it obtained a color makeover?

Dreamy Whites

Swap out your bright or patterned bedding for a serene pastel set, whether it be a dust ruffle or merely of the sheets. Both the rest of night and your bedroom will look peaceful.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Soften your settee or couch with accents of pastel throw pillows. You can intermix them with bolder colors, or do an dab of pastel. In any event, updating your aesthetic in ways to can change again after and you are going to be embracing the tendency.

More: Inspired by Peeps: A Sliding Scale of Pastels

How to Choose the Ideal Pink

Hot Ideas for Cool Hues

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How to Choose and Install Windows

There are many aspects of your home that are central to its beauty and livability. However, windows are absolutely essential. They play many roles, with the first one being ventilation. Windows provide the required opening for air to flow in and out of each room and keep everything cool. Windows are also an essential part of the exterior design. How the home looks from the outside will largely depend on how well you install your window installation and their unique designs. But buying quality windows for your home is never easy.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:


As you know by now each window plays a role in ventilation. But sometimes you may not need this. There are other more advanced methods to ventilate your home. In light of this, some homeowners may prefer aesthetics over ventilation capability when they chose a window. There are many window repair designs that are simply in the market for aesthetics. They are beautiful, elegant, and extremely stylish. If you don’t mind finding other ways to ventilate your home, you can consider them.


The window you are planning to buy will be an external feature of your home. This means that it will be exposed to all the weather elements in your town or city. Before you buy, you must consider the weather conditions in your area. For example, there are some windows you can’t install in areas that have high levels of humidity and temperature. In areas that experience storms and tornadoes on a regular basis, there are specific window brands that you can install. Ultimately, your decision must be based on existing weather patterns in your town.

Energy Efficiency

Considering energy efficiency is a new trend but it’s very important. Increasing awareness on environmental sustainability is pushing people to consider sustainable ways to use energy at home. One of the most important considerations for homeowners is to adopt building trends or technologies that help them save energy. The windows you buy will have a massive effect on the efficiency of your home. An energy efficient window should provide proper insulation in winter and allow for natural ventilation during warm summer months. The great thing is that you can easily find highly energy efficient window brands on the market today.


Finally, you also need to consider the installation process of each window cleaning you are about to buy. Ideally, you should get windows that are easy to install. Installation can cost a lot of money. Complex window designs that require special expertise for installation will cost more money. If your budget is tight you may consider other simpler designs. Either way, pick a window that can be installed easily.

Buying the right windows is easy as long as you understand what to look out for. The simple considerations above are all important for any homeowner. However, try to learn more about available window brands and how they can complement your home’s architecture or design.

5 Ways to Insulate Windows Yourself

One of the most common ways in which heat and cold can enter or escape from your house is through window cleaning. That’s why it’s so important that you insulate your window frames in order to keep your energy costs down.

1 – Window Film Insulation

This is not the same as reflective window film.  The window film has a double-sided tape. Use a blow dryer to blow over the film after you have attached it to the window. This ensures that it sticks on tightly.


It lowers the u-value of the window, meaning greater energy efficiency.


The film might strip the paint off your window frame when you remove it.

2 – Caulking

Use caulk to fill in window spaces that are smaller than ¼ inch. Use paintable water-based latex caulk in such a case. Otherwise, use silicone-based caulk on glass and metal-based surfaces.


It’s cheap


Doesn’t look good if you don’t pain it and you cannot paint silicone caulk. You will need to keep reapplying the caulk from time to time, especially if the window expands and contracts a lot.

3 – Weatherstripping

The fixed parts of the window can be filled with EPDM, foam or felt weatherstripping while the movable parts can be filled in with weatherstripping from time to time.


Easy to use and doesn’t leave any marks or residue when it’s finally taken off.


In case you apply it on window parts that are movable, you will not be able to open or close the window installation.  To open or close the window, remove the weatherstripping, close or open the window and then apply the weatherstripping again.

4 – Spray Foam

Spray foam is best used if you have large gaps or cracks on the window. This is because it might be more disastrous to get rid of the plaster and drywall to try and fix the problem. Polyurethane is spray foam that expands.


It makes it easy for you to access areas that you would otherwise not have been able to access by hand. This is because you will use a long nozzle to spray.


It can be hard to just let it stay in the area that you have sprayed alone. This is because the foam expands and it might overflow to other areas, such as the wall and floor.

5 – Thermal Curtains

These window treatments provide extra insulation. They are available in two forms: side drawn curtains that are thick and vertically drawn pleated drapes. These curtains are much thicker than what’s normally used on regular window repair. They have tie backs that hold them against the wall to prevent air from getting into the house.


The US Department of Energy has certified such window treatments as being quite effective at providing insulation. To keep the house cool during hot months, use curtains which have white plastic backings.


The curtains only work when they are drawn. The heavier the drapery, the better. Vertical blinds might not be so effective.

When Do You Get Escrow Refund Checks?

Many homeowners with active mortgage accounts have an escrow account with their lender. Your lender quotes how much you have to pay into escrow monthly at the beginning of each year. Sometimes the lender can overestimate your entire costs for property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. If this occurs, the lender owes you a refund at the end of the year or beginning of the following.


As a homeowner, you have the responsibility to pay real estate taxes and homeowner’s insurance as well as your monthly mortgage payments. If you do not pay these punctually, the tax collector can record a lien against your property or even the insurance company could drop coverage. Your mortgage lender doesn’t want either of those situations to occur, because it has an interest in your house before the loan is paid in full. Many lenders require their borrowers to utilize an escrow account. Every month you pay into the account. The money is saved before a tax or insurance payment is due. At this time, the lender pays the invoice directly on your own behalf with the money from the bank account.


Your mortgage lender calculates how much you must pay into your bank account each month. It takes the total annual amount owed for taxes and insurance and divide by 12, to reach the monthly payment. It can get the billing information in the tax collectors and insurance companies to produce a good estimate of the grand total. Most lenders will collect additional to save in case the invoices tend to be more than anticipated. However, by law it’s only allowed to accumulate to two month’s worth of additional payments.

Escrow Adjustments

Your escrow account is reviewed to year to find out whether any adjustments are necessary. At this time, the lender also complies a report on the entire activity for the past year. This will include payments into and out of the accounts. The lender sends you a copy of the statement each year.


If the lender overestimated your annual bills, an overage will occur in the accounts at the time of the annual adjustment review. Your lender is required by law to refund the amount. If the overage is less than $50, it can be used as a credit on the following year’s escrow payments. If the overage amount is over $50, the lender should issue you a check for the entire amount. You should also keep track of your escrow account. If your records do not match the annual statement, contact your lender to discuss the discrepancy.

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How to Turn Stain Veneer Into a White Distressed Finish

It is all too simple to damage an older piece of veneered furniture if you try to refinish it; veneers are thin and easy to sand through, and that can be a problem when the piece has dulled with age. An alternative that can turn a throwaway to a conversation piece without the risk of damaging the hairline would be to paint the surface white and distress the end. There is more than one means to try it, but a simple method uses flat white latex paint or wood primer. Other colours used as highlights add to the distressing outcomes.

Start the restoration by eliminating all of the hardware in the veneered piece, having a screwdriver to remove drawer pulls and door hinges. Cover the floor with plastic sheeting and provide ventilation by opening a window, using a fan or both.

Wash the veneer with a solution of 1/2-cup trisodium phosphate per gallon or warm water. This eliminates greasy deposits and also dulls the aged end, which both enhance paint adhesion. Wipe the piece dry using a clean rag.

Prepare a painting solution. If you want to create an opaque white end, the best plan is to apply a coat of wood primer followed by a couple of coats of white paint. If you prefer a pickled appearance, mix flat latex paint or primer having an equal quantity of water.

Apply primer and paint — if that’s the option you choose — using a paintbrush. Permit each undercoat dry; then sand it using 220-grit sandpaper before applying another coat. If you opt for a pickled finish, brush on the paint mixture having a paintbrush and wipe immediately using a rag. This technique allows paint to gather in pores, cracks and crevices and leaves a milky finish on the rest of the surface.

Distress the end after it dries. Among the many approaches you can do this is to hit the surface using a chain, pound it with a hammer or make tiny holes with a hammer and nail. You can also use sandpaper to remove paint in specific areas to make the end look worn.

Highlight the distressing effect by mixing a glaze, using water-soluble glazing compound and universal pigment. Using a glaze that is the identical shade as the exposed wood inside a closet or on the bottom of a table helps make the piece appear worn.

Apply the glaze using a rag, then rubbing it to areas where you desire the most shade highlighting. Allow it to dry; subsequently shield the finish by brushing on a single coat of satin polyurethane.

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